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  1. drop 3a-1 $950 | others open to offers thx
  2. p26-s $600 la8-ak $675 add: 3a-1 mix ranger green:$1,050 [or trade for black xpac/cire]thx
  3. WTS: p26-s Large black 9/10 no flaws full pack $650 la8-ak Large 8.5/10 couple pulled loops great condition for the fabric imo $700 open to trades in large non-gtx stuff [j56-s etc.) prices include conus shipping and pp f&f add 4% for g&s always negotiable—thx. [more pics in imgur link) https://imgur.com/a/AJ0B6uN
  4. WTS/WTT/drop price [condition etc. in prev post) (L) p23a-ds:$900 | (M)j33-e:$950 | (L)p30a-ds 1.0:$850 | (L)la8-ak:$800 https://imgur.com/a/w9Br9CU
  5. open to sell some & negotiable (f&f including conus ship) p23a-ds: $900 | 33-e:$1000 | p30a-ds 1.0:$950 | la8-ak:$800 Thanks
  6. WTT: p23a-ds Raf New full pk L p30a-ds black 8.5/10 no flaws full pk L la8-ak 8.5/10 L j33-e black 9.5/10 M j29-s 9.5/10 (only for j56-s)full pk L p26-s black 9/10 full pk L For: p38-e L/p46-ch schwarzgrun M/p44-ds grey M/j56-s L/j107-ss L/j83-ws L/s-j8 L/j39-s M/L/p24a-e L/p50-e L or jackets in -E (Nylon)or -ch(not wb) +\-cash depending upon condition etc. USA based— Thanks https://imgur.com/a/VaMKXLV
  7. trade was incredibly painless and would not hesitate for a moment to execute another with @wimcrouwel . Couldn’t ask for a more honest and communicative person to deal with. A++
  8. WTT 9.5/10 p44-ds Medium raf for p44-ds Medium in Gray (conus) thanks
  9. would also trade FOR : p38-e(L) p45a-e (L) and possibly p50-e (L) thanks
  10. WTT any of these [all Large & from non-smoking home]: la8-ak (few pulled threads but pretty good condition considering fabric)| | c1-am [8.5/10] | j44-sd [8/10] | j29-s [9.5/10] | p30a-ds [8.5/10] | | j74-px [pinhead size nick on sleeve pocket and no flaws elsewhere] | non-acr: |Veilance monitor IS SL 9.5/10 | SISP pertex-Q insulated bomber XL 9.5/10 | For: j56-s Large Black [*+\- cash & lmk if you want more detailed pics] Thanks https://imgur.com/a/EfkX4oM
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