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  1. WTS j70-bu white large 8,5/10 worn a few times fullset 600€
  2. J1, but it’s just made out of Velcro
  3. Missed opportunity to drop a refined and reworked version of the j1(00) imo
  4. DeadHype


    EU, Germany: https://a.plus/collections/acronym
  5. prices dropped J90-ss, schwarzrot, large added 9/10 fullset 500€
  6. Prices reduced, offers welcome also looking for a all black 3a-6ts p15 added
  7. WTT my p41-ds, raf, XL brand new, full set for your p41-ds, schwarzrot, L/XL HMU
  8. WTS: j1w-gtpl, ranger green, large 9/10 SOLD v5-px, large 9,9/10 700€ j87-ws, medium 9/10 SOLD p15-ds, black, XL 9,9/10 600€ Located in Germany, might be interested in trading for: j120-gtpl, schwarzrot, L j33-e, alpha, L/XL cp4-ws 3a-6ts-cr acr ds button Shirts, black, achwarzrot, L Few other bits and pics here: https://www.kleinanzeigen.de/s-bestandsliste.html?userId=24345307&utm_source=copyToPasteboard&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_medium=social_profil&utm_content=app_ios
  9. WTS/WTT SOLD: p10a-e, black, XL 9/10 worn a handful of times, fullset j70-bu, white, large 7/10 worn with signs of wear, probably like new after a cleaning I would love to trade one of the pieces for a black la6 in large, but sure about what alteration I like the most. Lmk if you are interested! BIN price, 500€ each
  10. @Davidwyh1998 I am also wearing my j87-ws straight since I picked it up last year in different setups, by now I didn’t need another shell. This was my first ws piece and I have absolutely no complains about the jacket and material so far. It’s just a little flimsy and it appears to be delicate. Stotz is just more durable and comfortable when worn directly on skin, you won’t get any issues like delam, definitely more mid season and summer friendly than ws.
  11. And actually you got a point @brainerd666, why not releasing some classic cuts in Stotz? I mean the could have added the spikes to that too to give it the cool techno Berlin vibes.
  12. @brainerd666 I want to strongly believe the collar has some structure, fingers crossed. At least with the hood rolled in.
  13. I am still in for the 36, anyone else too?
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