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  1. WTT/WTS —— p38-e olive black XL fullset BIN: 1600€ add shipping as required. Pants are worn, washed and fullset. Condition 9,5/10 —— p10a-e black XL fullset BIN: 650€ add shipping as required. Pants are worn a few times, nothing else to mention. Condition 9,5/10 —— j61-gt L fullset BIN: 1200€ add shipping as required. Condition 8/10 Jacket is in pretty decent condition for it’s age, from the outside it could pass as new, inside there are around 5 spots wich needed to be retaped, nothing major. All spots are smaller than 1cm, mostly smaller than 5mm. —— I can provide closeups of any spot needed. Lmk if you need anything else. Here are my wants, I am just interested in items in 9/10 or better condition for this. hmu if you want to find a deal: 3a-mz3/5silver 3a-5tsr 3a-9ts kr-sm1 j1w-gtpl backer gray/schwarzrot M/L j28-… L/XL j33-e L j56-s/gt L/XL j61-gtv L j68-pl L j83-ws L j99-ws backer gray M/L j99u-ws M/L j120-gtpl schwarzrot/backer gray L la6k-ds L la6b-ad M/L T6 white, L Any oldschool T-shirts in L s26-pr coyote L p32-s XL p37-ds XL p38-ds raf L/XL p41-ds schwarzrot XL p50-e XL A4 Sticker sheet, complete
  2. @roofus I am in Germany, on every person in Germany there has to be at least one extinguisher. Thats the law and as a good German citizen I stick to it.
  3. This is large on me, it’s quite boxy but if you want to layer you should be good. Also with a thin longsleeve or sweater it will work out. I am really curious how the material will develop with wear.
  4. Isn’t the schwarzgruen ment to look like worn out black items from the early days?
  5. Speaking of that, would be cool to see a new 3a-9ts
  6. Btw, any stotz pieces rumoured?
  7. The thing is, can you operate acronym at the current scale just from the OG heads?
  8. Also, just rereleasing popular items seems like a dead end to me, they will loose their appeal if there is a over supply. Yet, they are doing so with the upcoming j36, just with a twist. I think trying new stuff is necessary, it would make more sense to keep an eye on the details that worked well.
  9. Imo they made their promise come true with sorting out retail partners, seemingly they got a pretty strict policy if you want to keep the account as a retailer. So that’s maybe playing a role on havens end of stocking it too. And are there really people outside of the whole acronym bubble who think, yeah I just spent 1800$ on a raincoat while window shopping? Yeah, the bold graphic stuff might work for some people, I personally enjoy the understatement and streamlined designs more, imo the designs speak for their own on the older stuff, so no need for bold graphics or super oversized fits. On the other hand I enjoy pieces like the Leo print NG and the p30a-l, it really depends on how you blend it into fits. Let’s see how this season is going and who is still stocking by mid next year. I will definitely check out the j70-bu in person, would be also interesting to see how the fit of this develops with the wear of the material.
  10. In the end it’s a business, if they don’t sell their stuff the will propably cut the super loud graphics.
  11. @leg yeah got you, old acronym is in some terms better, I am personally stuck somewhere around 2017 with the stuff atm. There is a lot of stuff I personally don’t like from the past two years at least, yet I am still into the brand as there are constantly interesting pieces dropping. Maybe it’s kind of tricky to just drop nice pieces at this scale they are currently operating, I don’t know.
  12. WTS/WTT Downtowns EU 44 looking for EU 44,5, white cw 100€ Located in DE
  13. All Spikes will be removeable by Velcro, so if you don’t like it just don’t attach it. I am really looking forward to add some ACRONYM branded spikes to my collection tbh. Not sure if it will be the j36 or the j1w for me, both got their pros and cons. For the pants, you can just switch the quick release if you don’t like the spikes. Afaik this will be the only spot where they are attached, also with Velcro. For me the 24 stuff is definitely more interesting then a lot of stuff from the past two years.
  14. With the code twg23 you can get an additional 20% off on all acronym pieces at a.plus shop, keep in mind the import duties for shipments outside of the eu as the shop is located in Germany.
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