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  1. IC: J1TS-S Olive/Black in Large, worn once. J29-S Black in Large, condition 8.5/10 3A-6TS X-PAC condition 9/10 SS-CP2 Black in XL (i'm a Large and it's a good fit for me), condition 10/10 WTT: DS-SL1 (Dryksin sleeves) my medium for your large WTB: P17-DS (large) Would prefer trade offers on the ICs Based in the UK, can ship international tracked no problem though. PM me for deets/pics/etc.
  2. If you think the majority of people that buy Veilance are on or around this forum, I think you'd be very much mistaken personally.
  3. Someone reliable who has both told me that they fit exactly the same.
  4. P23 vibes from Y3 in the upcoming FW Collection (unless they are separate leggings or something)...
  5. That depends on the shoe you're wearing them with, but yeah I do if it suits the shoe better.
  6. I'm pretty sure they changed the front belt loop to full size on all their pants somewhere around 13/14, can't remember the exact season though.
  7. Q1 - do they smell unpleasant? Q2 - are they dirty? Q3 - has the functionality (e.g DWR) stopped working? If the answers are no, you don't need to wash them. If an answer is yes, apply the least possible damaging technique to remedy. Least being a spot clean with a towel and warm water, worst being a full machine wash. Quite literally the worst thing you can do to shorten the life of your clothes is to wash them regularly. Somehow people got into the mindset that they should wash their clothes all the time, or that their clothes are dirty if they no longer smell of some kind of citrus flavoured washing detergent, which is kind of crazy really. When you're buying materials that are dirt resistant, odour resistant, etc, there's very little need to wash them with any regularity at all, they'll look after themselves.
  8. You can't have had those pants more than a couple of months and you're washing them already? I've only just washed my LA3-DS and KA3-DS for the first time and they're about 4 or 5 years old now. You do know you're buying $1000 pants made out of advanced materials so you don't have to wash them every week don't you?
  9. Y-3 Military Space Pant? ACG Wovens?
  10. You should see my vinyl collection...
  11. It's just a fanboy/collectors thing. like having the original box with a pair of sneakers. And it's nice to share with other fanboy/collectors
  12. Anyone know if there are any euro stockists still to drop?
  13. I've only ever seen one Acrnm tee i'd ever buy for the design.