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  1. That J104-WS is probably the best jacket I've seen for quite some time.
  2. I just like that we get to have this same conversation every few years. Have we done the Johanna F Schneider bit yet?
  3. https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/15285/ng1ps-black
  4. Absolutely not. You pay your own return fees. "The customer is responsible for all expenses incurred through returning the goods, where the delivered item corresponds to the ordered item. Otherwise, return postage is free of charge. The refund is made within 30 days of receipt of the return."
  5. Again, you're making assumptions. You don't know how many they've made of each and you don't know what success looks like to them. And you definitely can't guarantee selling out a J1A in pink. Look, I'm not trying to argue with you for the sake of it, just saying that Acronym's about the long game. We were commenting about the same thing on here 10 years ago.
  6. You're thinking Acronym base their success on how quickly they sell out of a particular piece? That seems like an incredibly flawed assumption. I'm sure they're surprised/happy when that happens, but I'm also sure they're not taking that into account with their strategy either. You don't survive 20 years on word-of-mouth advertising by pinning your hopes to a small percentage of your catalog.
  7. It was how you cinched the waist in. Without them, you would just have a ton of folded material under your belt because they are so wide waisted. So yeah, utility.
  8. We’ve discussed this many times on here over the years but my opinion, as someone who is still wearing an original DS-KA3 and LA3 and literally lives in DS all year round, you just don’t need to wash it very often. if it doesn’t smell, doesn’t have stains and just isn’t dirty, why would you put it through the stress of being washed? This isn’t upland cotton, it’s one of the best technical materials on the planet. I mean it’s totally up to you, all I know is that I’m still wearing Dryskin that’s 15 years old and it’s still in near perfect condition. If you want to shorten the life of your garments by washing them every wear or two, that’s fine too. From the Schoeller website: A multifunction high-tech finish with a high comfort factor, developed by schoeller®. Stays dry on the inside, dry on the outside and dries in an instant. Textiles with the multifunctional Feelgood Technology 3XDRY® from schoeller® ensure a high degree of well-being, simple care and lots of comfort. They transport moisture quickly across the whole body from inside to outside. The body stays comfortably dry, even when playing hard. Clothing always look spotless, because virtually no sweat marks or outlines are able to form. Bacteria that cause odor are also stopped. Virtually windproof and extremely water repellent fabric with the unique Moisture Management System for the ultimate in comfort. www.schoeller-textiles.com
  9. If you think you ned to wash Dryskin every time you wear it, you probably don't own any. I own the original LA6-DS from SS16 (I'm actually wearing it as I type this), and I've probably washed it a couple of times a year at most and it's still in near perfect condition (just a little pilling on the back) after regular wear over the last 7 years. It works perfectly for both informal and formal occasions and is one of those pieces that always gets a few comments. The way it's going, I'm expecting it to hold up for at least another 5 years of wear, hopefully a lot more.
  10. The J47 is easily my most worn Acronym jacket ever. If i want to go to the office in 'office casual', it works perfectly, the 28 and even the 47a look cooler way on the street but neither have that versatility imo. The chest pocket is always handy (and surprisingly roomy too), and the collar really helps the with transition between the informal and formal appearance. It's definitely not the flashiest or coolest jacket in my collection but because of it's chameleon-like utility, it's the one that I reach for most.
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