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  1. Dolphinski


    Unless you haven't included them, looks like you should try some midlayers and shirts.
  2. Dolphinski


    The first piece I have with removable sleeves is the PL-J1 I think. Mine still gets tons of wear as winter jacket and summer gillet.
  3. Dolphinski

    Urban Techwear

    I'm a big fan of Vollebak, i think i've mentioned it before on this thread. I've had some great experiences with their Customer Support team and their returns systems is fantastic. I've got a few pieces by them, most recently, the indestructible puffer jacket. It's a fantastic piece, the material is insane, has a beautiful shimmer to it and it's so cozy for the winter. The material is actually self healing as I discovered when a friend asked me to prove that it was actually indestructible... i stabbed it with a razor sharp steak knife, which made a tiny hole and when i rubbed the material together, the hole completely disappeared! Crazy. The only negative is that the snap fasteners are a bit hard to click into place but other than that it's a great piece.. Here's a pic of it anyway.
  4. Dolphinski


    I don't know exact measurements but the P14s are definitely the longest i have. They're designed to be worn higher up the waist but i wear them on my hips and roll the bottoms. I've worn my P14-CH in melange so much, they've actually started wearing through on the knees. Closest pants you can get to jeans made by Acrnm imho.
  5. Dolphinski

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Happy New Year guys. FS: GT-J29A - Size XL but fits L (I am large in everything Acronym and the L was too small for me). Practically a 10/10, only every worn twice since I bought it new from mothership and kept perfectly, no marks stains, nothing, labels look brand new. Full bag, spec sheet, and receipt from Acrnm. Asking original 2013 Acronym retail for it - €1200 / $1350 including worldwide tracked postage. P15-S Black size L - Well worn but still in great shape but some fading in places, 7-8/10. Bag and sheet. €400 / $450 including worldwide tracked postage. Happy to provide pics on request, just DM me. Also might consider trades, just drop me a line. Might throw a couple of other classics up as well as I'm having a bit of a clear out.
  6. Dolphinski

    I WEAR JIKA–TABI [地下足袋]

    I've got Nike and Maharishi ones.
  7. Dolphinski


    Maybe i'm not sure what you mean but they already dropped.
  8. Dolphinski

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  9. Dolphinski

    The Great Outdoors

    I know a few of you guys do some hiking, mountaineering and exploring so has anyone got any recommendations for decent techwear for outdoor pursuits? Could be clothing, bags, equipment, etc. Also, do you guys prefer synthetic or natural base layers?
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