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  1. Dolphinski

    Byborre textile tech style

    It's not though is it? It's about 2% easier. What a difference a simple filter would actually make.
  2. Dolphinski


    For anyone interested, I sized down fine (I'm TTS large and bought a medium) on the S24, no issues with the shoulders. For reference, I can't size down on jackets at all as I have pretty big shoulders.
  3. Dolphinski

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    ^^^ Best shorts EVER.
  4. Dolphinski

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: P10A-E Alpha Green in Large. I've got lots to trade if anyone has a pair they're willing to part with?
  5. Dolphinski


    Not one for IP theft but [here's some IP theft news]... With respect, this is kinda like going to an art dealers and telling the people there that there's some guy down the road that will do a half decent copy for a fraction of the cost. People are here because they buy into the whole Acrnm deal, and they want the real deal. Maybe you'd be better posting something like that on the Fakronym thread or somewhere where people aren't quite as invested in whether they are purchasing an original or not.
  6. Dolphinski


    I'd kinda like to see how that works as a fit, getting nice lunar vibes from that combo.
  7. Dolphinski


    One of the first times I wore my white GT out, a girl gave me a hug and got make up on the collar that I've never been able to get out. And yeah, it's pretty much impossible to keep it clean for long if you actually want to wear it. As good as it looks, I'd never buy it again personally.
  8. Dolphinski


    Unless you haven't included them, looks like you should try some midlayers and shirts.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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