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  1. $2700 to buy or sell? I would imagine someone with a lot of spare cash might pay that for the duotone if they really wanted it but the black release from FW1314 is only worth half of that at most (imho) if it was BNWT. Obviously ymmv.
  2. Because the J36 is one of the really great examples of form and function working together beautifully. Very clean lines, great fit block with the added extras of fidlocked flak pocket that is practical yet doesn't make the design look messy and a fast hood for different looks. Go duotone on it and you have arguably the most sought after jacket in Acronym's history.
  3. Went to Descente in London again yesterday, some really impressive stuff in there again. Escape zips everywhere, some really nice kagool/anorak type shells with dual interops style zips with escape zips so you just tug down on them to pop the interops. There was also a fantastic bonded/laser welded short sleeve shirt in an amazing material that was like a really stretchy but shiny windstopper. I don't know if all their materials are propriety, and i don't know how they perform but damn they look great. There was a softshell that looked exactly like a hardshell as well, i was totally confused when i felt it. If you're ever in London, would highly recommend checking out the new collection.
  4. Grailed says Used - around $300-400, BNWT have gone for $500-$600.
  5. Don't mean to be rude but that looks too small for you.
  6. Only when appropriate. There are plenty of other things I like saying with greater frequency but we'd veering greatly off course by discussing them here.
  7. Actually I would sooner buy her a few boxes of Krispy Kremes than take a pair of P10s to be tailored.
  8. ^^ Occam's razor
  9. TTS on the 61 for me. It is a bit roomy but great for layering under. Favourite jacket of the season for sure.
  10. I'm not sure which is more disturbing, the snake trying to lick her breast or the Barberella style eye make up.
  11. I'm folding into the pocket size and then stuffing a bit to get the zip round. I'm sure there's a more elegant acronymjutsu way of doing it though.
  12. Same here, I prefer the J61 to the J1TS tbh (I got both). The waist cinch gives the jacket a totally different vibe from the back while keeping the front looking exactly the same. Really great piece, perfect summer raincoat. And it looks cool as hell packed into a tube.
  13. In Sean Spicer-esque style, using the powers of deductive reasoning, he saw that the J1A video had been posted back up on the Acronym site after being recently taken down and came to the completely speculative assumption that there maybe a restock. Alternatively, someone at Acronym may have just realised that they accidentally took the J1A video off the site when they put the new collection up and restored it to it's former glory.
  14. ^^ LOL. Also, WTT my Casio calculator watch for your Rolex.