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  1. Looks like S18/S19/S8 in DS but could also be this season's S18-AM, hard to tell the material exactly from the vid.
  2. Can't speak for the new gen but the original GT-J28 is definitely a roomy jacket. Shoulders are TTS though so you may get shoulder pinch if you size down.
  3. I mean in all seriousness, the pricing is a completely moot point. It's never going back down, it's only going to go up every season. Whether it's the rising cost of materials, labour costs, transportation or just a drive for higher profits, absolutely no amount of debating or discussion is going to change that. With Acronym, it really is as simple as this: you're either in or you're out. And that's not even to say purely financially, as you can easily flip your purchase and get the money you spent back, it's a mindset... i am willing to pay whatever it costs to own this piece of clothing.
  4. Don't size down on the 23s unless you have short legs. I tried it and it didn't work at all, the hem was too high and squeezed my calf when I sat down. No problems when I went TTS.
  5. Yep, the 28 hood has always been like that. To be honest, i prefer the Fast Hood™ on the 32/36/47/etc.
  6. Highly unlikely we'll know about bags/mods/2nd drop info until they drop, unless E lets it out.
  7. Big zips on pockets are like vaginas with teeth. I don't like putting my hands in either of them tbh.
  8. There's no Mykita store in London. DSM have a few but you're better hopping over to Berlin and checking the full collection at the Mitte store. Really friendly and helpful service too.
  9. Beautifully future retro.
  10. That was fucking awesome bro!
  11. I've got Functional Clothing Design by Watkins & Dunne, really interesting read.
  12. That's hideous.
  13. ^ would be tempting if they had a white sole.