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  1. 3D printed UAs -
  2. You don't survive as business making high end products for nearly 25 years with NO marketing/advertising if you're not tightly controlling your stock. It's pretty much that simple. If you think their business model has changed just because they appear to be more popular now than they were a few years ago, i think you'd be mistaken.
  3. ILE do a few xpac attachments like this: And Cordel Cycling make quite a few of their stuff with Xpac as an option. If you ask them, they may well make you a custom order.
  4. It clearly says Interest Check in the descriptions. Just make him an offer if you're interested in something.
  6. You're supposed to nonchalantly tap him on the shoulder and say 'Nice Jacket bro'.
  7. Holy shit they sold out fast. Will you be doing another run on them Dani? Awesome piece btw!
  8. That just means they're not making bags available to retailers though, it doesn't mean there definitely won't be bags from Acrnm direct. With all the TS lately, there must be more attachments coming, surely?
  9. Yes. We just don't know what it is yet.
  10. Some ideas:
  11. Ok, i'll play. Greg/London UK I somehow ended up here from the simple fact that it rains a lot in the UK and consequently i developed an irrational hatred of getting wet legs when the rain soaked through my trousers. Many years later, spending £600 on a new pair of pants every 6 months somehow seems normal and i can't leave the house without being encased in various water resistant materials. I somehow manage to justify this to myself, my family, my friends and anyone else who mentions the phrase "they cost how much?!" by pointing out the resale value of said garments and their durability while simultaneously decrying the global implications of fast fashion. And i have a penchant for cephalopods.
  12. Speaking of TS, is it just me of does the TS strip on the P23s feel like it's on the wrong way round. It always feels weird when i attach stuff because they go against the line of the pants rather than with it. And i really wish someone would come up with some decent Molle pockets... like the cargo pockets on the P10A but Molle attachable. And preferably not in a crazy shiny foil that make you look like you've attached your wife's makeup bag to your leg. Dani - if you ever get the inclination and the time...
  13. Dude you actually look like you've been sent from the future to kill something. Which is a compliment.
  14. We are entering the realms of orthographic cosplay
  15. Exactly what I was after! Thanks so much dude!