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  1. Adding some WTBs: - J28-K Blue/Purple/Red in M - SK30-DS XL - J55-MP Black L/XL
  2. WTT (Cash can be added on either side depending on factors like condition, what you have to trade, etc): J28-K Blue L for your J28-K Blue M J28-K Purple L for your J28-K Purple M SK30-DS M for your SK30-DS L/XL J28-K Brazil M for your J28-K Red M or J1WB-E M J1A-LP M for your J28-K Red M or J1WB-E M
  3. WTT: SK30-DS, my M for your L or XL J1A-LP M, 9.5/10 condition for J28-K red in M (will consider L + cash) or J1WB-E in M + cash. Not taking pure cash offers atm.
  4. WTB: J28-K red in M/L Potentially open to trading a J1A-LP in medium for it as well.
  5. WTT: my J28k purple and blue size L for your size M
  6. WTB - J28K Red M/L - P30A-DS 1.1 Black M
  7. WTB J28-K red/pink, brazil in medium WTT J28-K purple, blue my size L for your size M
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