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  1. Ponga91

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  2. Ponga91

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J28-K Purple/White colourway, size M - Condition: 9/10 (I would say 9.5/10 but got to low down because of a microscopic cut). - Worn literally 3 times for home-work office-home way by car, never on public transport. - Bought from Acronym site. - Complete of everything: spec sheet, bag, ACR NMN logo tag, no logo tag, forcelock tag, Acronym envelope and invoice, original delivery box. Located in Europe. Payment only with Paypal. Pictures on request, just pm me your email address. 1000€ + 4% Paypal fees (or Family & Friends) + DHL shipping cost.
  3. Ponga91


    Any news on drop 2 date guys? I'm loosing out my calm.
  4. Ponga91


    As Danii said it's surely <1mm. I handle a 1mm polyethylene sheet and it's definetly too strong to bend. Maybe a 0.5mm one.
  5. Ponga91

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    If it's the right thread: FS: Puma Disc Blaze "Venus" x ATMOS 360497-01 Limited Edition UK 9.5 / US 10.5 / EUR 43.5 / cm 28.5 Brand new, nerver worn with OG box http://imageshack.com/a/img921/4396/ihHipM.jpg PM for price and shipping.
  6. Ponga91

    posting images

    Hi all, I can't paste anything in the message board and the URL image window does not proceed. Any help tip? Thank you in advance..
  7. Ponga91


    @Azhe I can't be so much helpful since I live in Europe.. Anyway you can find them on eBay; just type "Grosgrain Ribbon" and even try to add "Berisfords". I just look for those for sale from Europe but there are many from US, maybe you can find something from AU. If you won't be lucky, you can always try in a local sewing or fabric shop, it's a very commercial webbing.
  8. Ponga91


    @Azhe I think it's Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon. Berisfords brand produce an high quality one if you are about online purchasing.
  9. Ponga91


    @Inkinsurgent I was preatty wet inside.
  10. Ponga91


    @Dolphinski If you go downwards in the description you'll find it.
  11. Ponga91


    Has anyone something to say about the water repellancy of the J28-K? I tested it out in the rain and it drained water away for nearly 3 minutes, then it started to absorb it. It dries very fastly due to great breathability wich I'm very happy with; but since it's selled as waterproof, started thinking some treatment steps are missing.
  12. Ponga91


    ^^ Fernando Ruinz is the 1K guy
  13. Ponga91


    After all couldn't he defend himself saying there is no patent over the shape of those ACR or Bagjack items? Just trying to figure it out, I know it's wrong by the way!
  14. Ponga91


    I'm not envying but always just kind of wordless noticing there are people getting 4, 5 or 6 Acronym pieces every season. Just thinking how much I've dreamed about Acronym before finally could afford an item. Don't misunderstand me, not bad words, just reflecting.
  15. Ponga91


    3A-MZ3, not yet available.