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  1. roofus


    Maybe they're made of liquid metal like that dude in "Terminator 2" that was trying to kill John what's his name and Arnold.
  2. roofus


    Unlike you, I have a pair! You are wrong! Sure you can heat the frames up and pull out the lenses but try and put new lenses back in . . . not a chance! I will take them to my optometrist next month when I get my eyes checked and report back but I know what he will say. . . . .
  3. roofus


    I am pretty sure you can't swap out the installed lenses for prescription ones. The existing lenses seem to be completely sealed in.
  4. roofus


    They are definitely for posing not for Wearing and using!
  5. roofus


    I feel the same way. These eyeglasses are too heavy and with the slippery nose pads, they will continually slide down your face; if it's warm and you are sweating, it will be worse. I wear eyeglasses so I was thinking that I would replace the lenses of the Acronym glasses with corrective ones. I have done this with frames from Ray-Ban, Hugo Boss and TAG. That doesn't appear to be possible with these. Build quality is only fair compared to other companies.