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  1. Acronym.

    Always love when people post their acr gear all set up for their everyday whether its bags with old worn mods and patches etc or pieces with TLC and visible time spent in use.

    Compared to Bagjack's belts thats very affordable.
  3. I WEAR JIKA–TABI [地下足袋]

    Sorry to hear that danii, hopefully they'll grow on you, they are quite minimal.
  4. WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Similar fit as my previous but some different styling going on. >>GEAR DESC. /START Coat: Uniqlo U x Jil Sanders Softshell Trench with custom collar zip and jacket sling Mid and Base Layer: Mountain Hardware vest, AOKU 201901 SHARD Tee Pants: 5.11 Tactical Taclite PRO custom Shoes: Rikio Fighter 12 tab Jikatabi Equipment: AOKU 130218 Harness with 061616 061608 Pouches attached, Havona Labs Belt, Casio Protrek PRW 3000, Gerber EVO Tanto Mid, various other items stowed throughout person >>END GEAR DESC. /SHUTDOWN -5
  5. Urban Techwear

    Though the stylist may have been drunk for that shoot, there still looks to be several nice pieces featured there; not a total loss.
  6. I WEAR JIKA–TABI [地下足袋]

    Although I think the five fingers are hideous, the socks that have all the toes separated are really comfortable, I recommend those instead of tabi socks.
  7. I WEAR JIKA–TABI [地下足袋]

    Cool stuff Dolphinski, the olive looks rad. In case you or anyone else wants a pair before the Maha SS18 drop, Marugo has had them out for a while sans olive cw. Heres the shorter version in black, white, and navy, and then the taller version in black or white.
  8. I WEAR JIKA–TABI [地下足袋]

    That was fast! They'll grow on her, they look better once they're broken in too
  9. I WEAR JIKA–TABI [地下足袋]

    //JIKATABI INFO DUMP// RETAILERS/SELLERS: Japan-Zone, Jika-Tabi.com, SOU SOU, Maison Margiela, Assaboots, Ayya Wear, Amazon, Ebay. In my experience Japan Zone has the most to offer in terms of selection, never had any shipping issues either, cant speak to the others as I haven't ordered from them. BRANDS/MANUFACTURERES: Rikio, Suokaido, Marugo, Takesyo, SOU SOU, Ayya Wear, Lafeet, Maison Margiela, Abasi Rosborough, There are typically three different types or styles of Tabi that you can find with the first three makers listed, those being: The traditional and most recognizable style, ranging from knee height to below the ankle, usually very thin soled with minimal padding unless stated otherwise. The Safety Tabi, these are tabi that are outfitted with various levels of protection ranging from a resin or steel toe cap, spiked/reinforced tread, big bulky straps, or all three. The Sneaker Style, much more like running shoes, thicker soles, laces, designs akin to your typical New Balance or Asics. BACKGROUND ON ME AND MY TABI EXPERIENCES/RIKIO VS SUOKAIDO: My first pair of Jikatabi were passed down to me from my Dad (yes seriously he used to wear them for rock climbing and hiking in his teens) I wore them sparingly and not in public. They were from Suokaido and are probably the most common tabi in the US, velcro fastened with a very thin sole, the rubber wasnt flexible and they didnt fit very well in the calf. Eventually I wanted another pair, something with more padding and a more adjustable fit. I bought a pair of Rikio Fighter Tabi and found them to be much more comfortable and well fitted in the leg, the sole was still quite thin so I bought a pair of insoles and cut a split in them to match the tabi design. After a year of solid everyday wear my custom insoles had to be replaced twice, the tread was holding up just fine and so was the stitching but I decided I wanted another pair. The summer rolled around and I bought a pair of Rikio Air Fit Short, these have a padded insole built for shock absorption and comfort. The padding is glued to the sole from the inside and it gives the entire shoe a more rigid fit that forms to your foot and gives you arch support, the rubber sole is soft but strong, it holds up against asphalt but will still bend with your foot instead of restricting it. The most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, I've had two pair in the last 3 years, the first being the initial pair I bought which lasted me 2 years with constant everyday wear, the other is still in near perfect condition after a year of 80% daily wear. CLOSING/SHUT UP ALREADY: Theres many different Tabi to choose from in various colors and styles, I hope this long post will help you narrow down a pair that suit you. Feel free to DM me with any questions or post them here, I'd be happy to help. //JIKATABI INFO DUMP// -5
  10. I WEAR JIKA–TABI [地下足袋]

    //JIKATABI WRITEUP PENDING// You picked a busy day to summon me, I'll make an in depth info dump tonight when I get home.
  11. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    If anyone has any questions about wearing Jikatabi shoes/boots, what brands are out there that produce tabi shoes and which brands are trusted/popular feel free to ask me. I've been wearing Jikatabi for close to 5 years now and have been through several pair and gone between 2 brands, have done lots of long searching the weird dusty corners of google images for what brand makes what and if I dont know the answer to your question I could probably point you in the right direction. Just thought I'd throw that out there since @danii brought them up in lieu of Maha's models. I did it before it was cool ! !1
  12. WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    CONCEALED STORAGE. >>GEAR DESC. /START Coat: Uniqlo U x Jil Sanders Softshell Trench with custom collar zip MidL: Isaora Quilted Button Up Pants: 5.11 Tactical Taclite PRO custom Shoes: Converse x Tekoa Chuck Taylor Boot Equipment: AOKU 130218 Harness with 061616 061608 Pouches and _CODED SIDEARM attached, 160302, Casio Protrek PRW 3000, Gerber EVO Tanto Mid, various other items stowed throughout person >>END GEAR DESC. /SHUTDOWN 5
  13. WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Been a long while since my last post here, had some snow recently, got out and took some shots in it; wanted to share. ..if this post is too big mods come yell at me I'll fix it >>GEAR DESC. /START Jacket: Condor Tactical SUMMIT Softshell MidL: Isaora Quilted Button Up Pants: 5.11 Tactical Taclite PRO custom Equipment: Dakine backpack, Casio Protrek PRW 3000, Gerber EVO Tanto Mid >>END GEAR DESC. /SHUTDOWN 5
  14. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Wheres the zipper?
  15. Acronym.

    Joke around a little in acrhive comments and you'll be blocked. Seems that Blee is a fairly strict comment curator. (Don't worry though, he'll continue to use your jokes after you're gone.)