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  1. eddyraddish

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB p30a-ds in Medium, can trade J16 (8/10) +$
  2. eddyraddish


    bought a pair only to email back and return/cancel. the waiting all day made me antsy... glad to see similar reservation here.
  3. eddyraddish

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    thank you... edited. I included the shipping cost as I will incur another such cost when i order the alpha green.
  4. eddyraddish

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS brand new, never worn P10A-E in M - $1200 that i just received and opened today. I love the fabric and fit. Unfortunately I thought I ordered the alpha green but clearly took delivery of a black pair. willing to sell at cost (got the duties lowered ) thanks to the wonderful info on this site. FYI my negative rating is due to my ignorance of how to use this site... so my apologies if I am doing something wrong again.
  5. eddyraddish


    Do we need to know what the updated codes are? Im anticipating a frustrating conversation.
  6. eddyraddish


    thanks so much for this... does UPS have a known customs desk number to call? i paid customs before but have gotten lucky to avoid it on J73 earlier this summer... (UPS just left it in front of door...)
  7. eddyraddish


    so now that i bought the most expensive pair of cargo pants(P24A-DS) how do i avoid customs? or are the proven codes?
  8. eddyraddish


    cool. thanks for sharing.
  9. eddyraddish


    forcing in that they may be too short? or hang somehow not as intended... i guess if i had both M and S to compare this would be less difficult to figure out.
  10. eddyraddish


    can someone give me some fit guidance? Im 5'8" 150#, my waist is a 32. i have p10's that fit great in a M. But scrambled to get p30-ch second hand in a Small. They kinda fit but not sure if Im forcing it. thanks