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  1. off-world

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Anybody got a spare 3A-MZ5 in RAF they wanna let go? Newish preferred, but decent used condition is ok. After the 'Right Pocket' if at all possible + RAF only. (got blk anyway) Really wanna attach a Raf one onto my blk 47TS..
  2. off-world


    Agree and wonder how many people realise how cheap and easily available they are. Shame how torturous the 5TS and even more so 6TS are to wear when loaded up though. - As someone said on here years back if you need to carry any significant weight get a decent backpack. Or do some people honestly find them comfortable/practical when loaded up? One thing that bugs me is I love the flak pocket on my 36 and loved it on my J1A when i had that. Aesthetically and it terms of usefulness - So handy. But it's very much going backwards imo to add a fiddly zip on there as opposed to the old style flak which was easily accessible one handed ?? Someone said acrnm hate velcro lol ? But basically they have made a call that the visual look of the pocket is more important than the ease of use I guess. And I do like the modern look of the newer one so whatever I guess.. Will forever make me chuckle that upon seeing my J1A my step dad said "Why the hell would you want a pocket there - Are you a f****** kangaroo?" Prob most used feature is the sling tbh. Don't think i've ever once used the force lock in 11-ish years of having a jacket with it on. Also never once tried interops lol.
  3. off-world


    @AggaCityGang Nice vid ! + that's interesting about compressing the pockets - Do they stay compressed like that pretty well though? or do they pop out relatively easily / over time / after walking about, sitting etc
  4. off-world

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Selling P31-DS Size M Edit: SOLD
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342