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  1. off-world


    Same, really do use the sling a lot and love that it's there when I'm hot. Exterior vs. interior is a tough call. I prefer exterior personally, but when in Ldn for example I'm conscious that some drunkard might find it irresistible to yank, or it'll get snagged on something like a door handle Inspector Clousea style lol Gravity pockets, I'm glad they exist but they don't get much use if any. I used to put an oyster card in there, but don't use one anymore. TBH with all those features, escape zip, force lock etc, I can't say I use them much but I'm glad they are there, because they look cool to me and it's nice to have the option of use.. Be cool to see some new modern day features also, air pod specific mini pocket on chest / chest interior would be pretty sick
  2. off-world


    Would have been sick if the frames came in RAF lol I like them a lot but can't drop that amount on a pair. Shades are so easy to lose or break. Personally I think some Oakleys are cool, super affordable and a pretty good aesthetic fit with acrnm.. Sidenote: Love the snippet of music in the vid.. can anyone point to a longer version? searched Ian Wang music but couldn't find The music in the vids is always killer
  3. off-world