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  1. hentaiyarou69


    Thanks guys! Edit: Another question, anyone knows the lay-flat width of P10A-DS's thigh area?
  2. hentaiyarou69


    I've actually looked at J1A-GT size chart vs J47A. From what I found, it seems like the shoulder and sleeve measurements for a medium J47A is the about same as a large J1A. But if I remember correctly, the shoulder measurements on the chart is the length from where the sleeve begins to the collar. So it doesn't really say if the overall length of the sleeves when I'm wearing it will be longer if I size up from a medium J47A to a large J1A. Wondering if anyone who has both for a reasonable amount of time can comment on the difference. Edit: another reason why I think the size chart is confusing is that I've read posts of people saying the J1A is roomier around the chest but the measurements I found is 59cm vs 61cm for J1A vs J47A
  3. hentaiyarou69


    Can someone comment on J1A-GT 2.2 sizing vs J47A-GT sizing? Basically my J47A fits nicely around the chest and tummy but the sleeves are a couple of cm too short cause of my broad shoulders. Also, I find the hood to be quite tight. I'm currently wearing a size M J47A, would a size L J1A-GT give me a bit more sleeve length and hood size?
  4. hentaiyarou69


    Probably a dumb question but do the mezannine pockets on the P32s fill up with water when it rains?
  5. hentaiyarou69


    Damn the P30A went quick
  6. hentaiyarou69


    Slinging the jacket in the external config gives a nicer silhouette than the internal.
  7. hentaiyarou69


    I'm actually king manlet, so maybe an S? Hmmm
  8. hentaiyarou69


    Anyone knows how the P30 fits? Which size should I shoot for if it drops, if i wear ACG size S bottoms?
  9. hentaiyarou69


    I'm totally not giving you evil looks at all
  10. hentaiyarou69


    TFW you're an Asian hype kid who's living in Europe
  11. hentaiyarou69

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Same price as online, with a bunch of kids running the store who cares more about screwing around than attending to customers.
  12. hentaiyarou69

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Wait for them to show up for 3000 euros on Grailed
  13. hentaiyarou69


    Mate I was awake at 2am - 3am when it was dropped but wasn't keeping an eye out for an unexpected ninja drop. Also I just bought a J47A off someone a couple hours before the drop
  14. hentaiyarou69


    WTF isn't E based in Germany? Why the 3am drop?
  15. hentaiyarou69


    For most brands, I usually Google the product designer ID, then look for Japanese websites because its their custom to do actual product measurements before listing on their website (since in Japan they don't have to take returns). This way you get a sense of the fit.