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  1. 10 times the price just to look like Guerilla Group lol
  2. My wardrobe is mostly Acronym and Boris Bidjan Saberi mainline. Pairs well.
  3. > two hours to sell two sizes for one piece Acronym in its prime sells out all sizes, for all pieces, in 10 minutes or less
  4. E shitposting on Insta about how fashion industry is producing too much waste, and he's releasing these crap that nobody wants to buy lol
  5. J47s have such tiny hoods though, barely shields me from the rain
  6. I live in the UK and wear DS pants out everytime it rains, which is all the time. Even if it gets soggy and droopy, it dries out really quickly as you keep moving.
  7. 5'10 squat legs, calf issues with medium P10 wearing medium P23
  8. Is the SS as warm as the PS?
  9. P23a coming in to retailers now
  10. Retailer drop for P23a delayed to January?
  11. Comparing P30A 1.1 against the P31A, they fit the same and just fine.
  12. Finally J1A sized for Asians
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