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  1. Another new to me pair of vintage Justin's boots.
  2. Second pair are also Chippewa's. Western work boots in size 10 D. Very thick Vibram soles, made in USA, very rugged build. Very little wear, tons of life left in soles, and the uppers are practically perfect. Really love these boots but they are just too loose. Again, all reasonable offers considered.
  3. Will be throwing these boots on the auction sites in a few days but I thought I'd offer them up here first. First pair are Chippewa Engineer boots (short) in size 10 E. Steel toe, Vibram sole, made in USA. Practically brand new, only worn a few times. Just a bit too roomy. All reasonable offers considered. Will consider trade for similar boots in 9.5 D
  4. Feeling like a character in a Wes Anderson movie. All vintage except the hat and the Mister Freedom Outlaw in deadstock Cone Mills. Boots are Justin's.
  5. And some Vintage Justins. Obsessed. And another pair is on the way (last shot)
  6. Vintage Chippewa with homemade bootstrap and some wide leg LEE jeans.
  7. Drove down to see the eclipse in totality in Salem, Indiana last week before adventuring in the Great Smoky Mountains for a few days. Any pictures you have seen do not do this celestial event justice. If you ever get the chance to see it take it. My camera could not capture it at all but my gods it was fucking spectacular. But I did manage to get a few fit pics. *Big hat *Thrashed bandana bolo *Orphan vest *Levi's LVC "What are Stars" tee *Vintage tea core belt *Turquoise pin *Mister Freedom Outlaw double black *Vintage Sears/ACME Thunderbird Cowboy boots Best I could do with my shite phone. The below shots were taken just minutes apart. Animals got weird. Temperature dropped. Street lights came on. The stars came out. You could hear a pin drop among the people crying and whispering. Her face says it all. Not my photos but this is pretty close to what we saw. Mind blown.
  8. ACME inspired 1950s/1960s SEARS branded "Roy Rogers"? cowboy boots with decorative stitching and red white and blue "Thunderbird" inlays. A bit of a personal holy grail. Years ago in the middle of my previous vintage country/ rockabilly dive I starting seeing mid century ads for these ornate old cowboy boots from companies like Nacona, Miller, and ACME. Very common in the middle part of the 20th century due to the popularity of entertainers like Rogers and the ever present Westerns that Hollywood was churning out, these designs grabbed my attention immediately. After a few lost auctions on EvilBAY and after holding a few pairs of far too gone crumbly examples I had kinda given up hope. Good examples can go for hundreds and they were getting scarcer and scarcer. And then these fell into my lap. Showing some obvious signs of age but the leather is still robust and they are still very wearable. And the best part? They are in my exact size. 🖤 These will get a deep condition and a polish, a toppy for the soles and will only be brought out for special occasions and light duty.
  9. Giant mega post incoming. Variations on a theme this week... 1. Starting with today, Easter Sunday Barlesoni Homburg Late 50s Vanderbilt Wool Coat Fuzzy pink thrifted cardigan Vintage bandana and ring bolo Vintage Lucky rabbit tee Vintage tooled belt with silver buckle Sized up 501 STF Vintage Justin Boots w/ inlays Wool fisherman's cap Lightweight wool cardigan 2005 Culture Pop RIP tee Vintage painted belt with brass buckle Turquoise pin Left Field NYC x Blackblue Vintage Chippewa boots 3. Denim Fishermen's cap Wood bead necklace Orphaned vest R.CRUMB Robert Johnson tee @chicote Vintage polyester slacks Vintage Justin King Features x Bloomingdales Popeye tote 4. Future Monsters x Ebbets Field Vintage Embellished Twin Peaks FWWM tee H&M loose black jeans Vintage Laredo boots with inlays
  10. Mister Freedom Outlaw in Sugarcanes double black 13oz denim starting to show some subtle fading.
  11. New old coat and boots found on local marketplace for a steal. Wool Fisherman's Cap Vintage Vanderbilt wool/cotton coat with western yokes 90s COOP tee Cheap belt Silver pin Mister Freedom Outlaw Vintage Justin Boots with inlay
  12. Various recent boot porn. Vintage Chippewa Engineer steel toe 10EE, a but too wide and roomy, looking to sell Vintage Laredo with cutouts, 9.5d but very narrow, great profile Vintage Chippewa, both 10D Frye Engineer and Chippewa getting some love Vintage Frye pre polish Vintage no name snip toe, my oldest and favorite
  13. After a few solid months of seeing my young adult daughter put on a pair of perfectly loose high waist wide leg black denim I finally folded and got myself a pair. Just cheap H&M, but they are in a decent mid weight 100% cotton with zero stretch and zero fake distress but the real attraction is the cut. To my eye these resemble a very early mid century cut, full leg, high rise, good pocket placement. My son says they look like 50s trousers. Won't replace my regular silhouette but I can see these get a lot of wears. Famous Monsters x Ebbets field cap Killer Klowns tee Fancy buckle belt Turquoise pin H&M High loose denim Chippewa/ Laredo (I think the slimmer Laredo looks better)
  14. Double post. But great trousers Cold Summer!
  15. Big hat Same old vest Vintage Sebring Raceway tee Vintage belt 5EP X StyleForum Vintage MUSA Laredo boots Denim is way slimmer than I'm currently used to but hey in 2007 we were on our way to SUFU leggings.
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