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  1. Hi @Alec Leamas I have both the 11.5 and 13.7, and the difference is substantial. I've had the 13.7 for a few months and never "got it" with them. I couldn't find the cuff or the drape was weird to me. I think it's like @Signet says. They take time to settle. This is not the case with the 11.5 super smooth. The 11.5 arrived and showed me what the drape could become like on the stiffer 13.7s. The 11.5 started like they had been broken in. They feel like I'm wearing heavy linen. The hand is wild and so bumpy - but the bump is subtle enough that it is smooth. It feels coated with ultra fine, mildly crunchy polar fleece. It's really cool, light and probably as light as you can get. Because of the 11.5 I was able to figure out where to cuff the heavier pair, and now these 0105 are my favorite cut at the moment. Unbelievable comfort. The super smooth are almost too comfortable. I've handled a lot of fine denims and I think maybe they remind a little of Momotaro 14 Oz but the Momotaro do not stretch. Raleigh Denim, maybe something similar but the Full Count super smooth is not as tightly woven. It's not a terrible amount of stretch. It does happen in one wear, within the first two steps, and then it seems to plateau. Couple of snaps. Both have been washed twice now. I wanted to get some room out of the super smooth. Even though I sized down to the 29 in the super smooth, they feel looser than the 13.7. I measured them and the 29, after a couple of hot washes measures 30" and the waist 30 in 13.7 measure 31". The super smooth denim gives quite a bit though. I probably could have gone with a 28. The blue on the 11.5 is really deep and smokey. It's not gray smoke, but smoky navy blue. It appears to be deeply saturated. The 13.7 don't have the same depth to the dye, that's the only way I can explain it. From the surface, I can see far more white threads in the 13.7. (Left side is 11.5) (Right side is 13.7) (Left side is 11.5) (Right -top is 13.7) My two cents, get both pair if you can. Start with the 11.5 since it seems newer and maybe not as available soon. Awesome summer weight.
  2. IH dragged me back in with the 1955 and its high rise. I have been spoiled by the Warehouse, OA, and FC denims. The 21 oz used to feel easy compared to UHR and whatnot. Holy smokes, it took 15 days to get the waistband to give in.
  3. @yung_flynn you look totally miserable in that last set. I know that face, and that feeling: "Get me out of these things, damnit. Why am I doing this to myself..." 😂
  4. Wanted to add a couple of lightning strike detail pictures of the Warehouse 1101 Big E.
  5. Some fit pics of the WAREHOUSE Dead Stock Blue "Lot S1001XX (1000XX)" 1946 Model WW2 Model. Last one is a bright, sunlight pic comparing the Warehouse 1101 Big E (left) to these DSBs on the right. Interestingly the Big E are a 30, while the DSB are 29 but seem roomier in the top block.
  6. @indigoeagle this is very helpful. Thank you for sorting these numbers out. Just received the WAREHOUSE Dead Stock Blue "Lot S1001XX (1000XX)" 1946 Model WW2 Model. Bears basically teleported them here to Colorado. After a hot wash, as I do, I found a couple of prominent "creases". Using my washing method. I never get these on any of my jeans. I looked at them more closely and the creases made dark vertical streaks on the denim. This made the crease look darker. Figured it had to be a characteristic of the denim. This is my thigh and you can kind of make out an example of the DSB vertical streak. I'll put some pre as post fit pics later.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, gents! I'll go with a 32.
  8. @Cold Summer I just checked yours out and I'm sold. I did grab a pair of the DSB from Bears when they were available this weekend. Definitely going to need the banner denim but I've learned from ya'll on SF, when that DSB denim is available, you grab it. It's wild that I can get two pairs of Resolute for what I've paid for one pair of IH.
  9. Got some 714s from the Bears fitting. These are signed and I got some stickers and a mug but maybe these are too short. They're settling a bit but I'm worried that even at one factory wash they will be less than perfect with cold washes and hang dries. 29x30. Actual length is 28.5". I'm a 30" inseam.I do tend to cuff this high, so I'm not sure. Opinions?
  10. @yung_flynn thank you for that explanation and the pics. Now I'm definitely going to try the banner denim as well. This is such a nice pattern.
  11. After about 10 years on the heavy stuff I’ve started to dabble in the lighter side. That’s lead me to repros. With the Yen on sale, I’ve been snapping up some likely silhouettes from Full Count, OA, and now with the Warehouse 1101 Big E. I’ll probably add my other pairs to their proper thread but these actually inspired me to finally post something. I found out about these right here. I’m shocked by how much I like them. They may be my favorite jeans of all time. The fading potential is incredible and they fold so nicely. Does anyone know if this is their regular denim with a different dye, or is this something completely different? I may try another pair of 1101 if their banner denim is different. I like the fit a lot. They’re very comfortable for me. These are a size 30. I’ve hot washed them 3x, inside out in a regular washer, and I dried them partially in the dryer. Twice when they got here, and again after I spent a couple days skiing in them. I forgot my base layer. Wore them under my bibs with no issues. They are that comfortable. Shoes are new Moto shells. Took a risk on a size 3 and they fit my size 11 feet perfectly. Prewash pictures at the end.
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