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wish i was in



Found 3 results

  1. public denimy

    Denim Videos only

    What's up Sufu! I've been lurking the super denim section for a while now and I finally decided to join since no other forum discusses raw denim as much as sufu. Anyways, I wanted a thread that has interesting videos about denim so people can educate themselves about how denim is made or about brands. I'll start off with a few.... Story of Raleigh Denim: Union Special 43200G: I can only upload two vids I guess.
  2. #GRAY

    Viapiana Custom Jeans

    Viapiana Custom Jean, Just received my first pair of Viapiana Custom Jeans in the mail yesterday. I didn't know a lot before I ordered the jeans but I had high expectations due to how detailed everything looked online, viapiana. This was an amazing process and I got to email the producer throughout the whole process. I started by simply picking out everything I wanted. Denims, Threads, Buttons, Zipper, Patch, and other parts of the denim. Then I measured my favorite fitting pair of jeans. I used his way of measuring to make sure he knew exactly what I wanted. In a week they arrived at my doorstep! I choose these jeans because I wanted something simple, clean and had a lot of small detailing. Also I wanted something that would fit like a pair of my skate pants. I had high expectations and these surpassed it. I am very impressed with everything about what this guy does. My Jeans were: I-103RD (17oz Raw Indigo) Light Tobacco Stitching Copper Buttons and Rivets Veg Tan Patch Fit Pictures Coming Soon...
  3. maxallou

    Full Count Jeans S0105W WWII

    Time Left: 4 months and 4 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • MINT

    Hello there ! I am selling my S0105W from Full Count because unfortunately it doesn't fit to me. It's this one : FULL COUNT S0105W 13.75OZ WWII WIDE STRAIGHT JEAN (RINSED) - size 29/32. I've bought it online from Son of a Stag a month ago at the price of 300£ - 347 euros (I have the invoice). Now it's sold out in this size. The jeans are brand new. It has been worn for a month only and have been washed once by hands. Measurements : Waist 38cm Outseam 103cm Leg Opening 22cm If you have any questions, just let me know ! Thanks, Max IMG_9062.HEIC IMG_9061.HEIC IMG_9060.HEIC IMG_9018.HEIC IMG_9017.HEIC IMG_9016.HEIC IMG_9015.HEIC IMG_9014.HEIC IMG_9013.HEIC IMG_9012.HEIC IMG_9011.HEIC


    Paris - FR