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  1. Tender Co. Denim

    I've been going through some old clothes, and rediscovered a pair of barge canvas 134 trews (here they are new). I put these away filthy, so they've gone in for a wash, but I wanted to get a pre-wash photo. Here they are now: post-wash photos later....
  2. Tender Co. Denim

    Thanks for the interest! Yes, if this goes into production I'd certainly hope to make a few for whooperjeans.com, but I can't meet production minimums without a few shop orders. Sorry to be tantalising, this is why I don't normally post anything until it's available. With Tender I have the flexibility to produce everything, even if it's only a few pieces in a particular style, but Whooper is made by a larger Okayama factory, so we need to place a slightly larger order. I really just thought it would be fun to show this to you guys, and also get a record of how it looks brand new, for later updates. The fleece is synthetic- sorry if that wasn't clear. Polar fleece is how I know the slightly clumpy polyester fleece (ie not shaggy or velvety) which I associate with classic 60s-80s American sportswear. It's a pretty exact Japanese repro of the fleece lining used in this era of denim jackets, and is vert good match for the Roebucks jacket this is based on. The indigo doesn't naturally rub against fleece anywhere (except where the buttons overlap at the front), so I wouldn't expect there to be too much colour transfer. However I did notice a really nice blue tinge appearing on the collar where the back of my hat was rubbing against it. This is only from a couple of hours, so it's pretty faint, but it also gives you a better idea of the fleece texture:
  3. Tender Co. Denim

    ^thanks guys! The jacket's cut from the same 12oz Left Hand Twill open end denim as the Hi Tops jeans (here). The body's fully lined with off-white polar fleece, and the sleeves are black quilted satin. It has the same and 'swan stitches' (yellow, white, and black sewing threads) and webbed foot arcuates as the jeans. The fit and construction details are adapted from a ~1970s Sear's 'Roebucks' jacket. I've been really pleased with how warm it is, even though it's short and quite lightweight- the slim fit really traps air in. We've had about 3" of snow over the weekend and it's been great fun to wear in this weather. I've also been wearing it round the house, and some lovely creases are starting to set in the elbows, across the back, and at the cuffs. I'll certainly post pictures as it starts to fade. Whooper's non-seasonal, so garments will be made as they get ordered by shops. I really hope this style will be picked up somewhere. The jeans are gaining a nice little following among some great Japanese stockists, and we're already doing a second production run, so fingers crossed it'll expand and we can continue to try out new designs.
  4. Tender Co. Denim

    Here's a quick WAYWT: 130s and a indigo denim yarn hat (coming soon!) with a new sample Whooper fleece lined jacket just came in, and I'm going to have a go wearing it every day through the rest of the winter to see how it come out. Here are some details:
  5. Evisu is still loved!

    As far as I know Yamane opened a shop in Paris as a side project separate to the deal that became Evisu international. I think the design was done by Evisu JP, and production for everything I've seen is Chinese, although I think there were some crossover dragon jeans that were standard MiJ No2s with Paris branding. The denim is nice- it's quite loose and has a lot of falling slubs, with quite a bright blue caste. I had a Paris jacket which my mum now wears . I think the concept was a bit more Western wear than the mainline- suede patch, skipping cow, etc. Some of the jeans had sort of strap between the back pockets (across the seat seam) with a red woven label- sort of like a cinch, but with no adjuster/buckle, and too low to be useful. Maybe a rodeo thing? or just branding. Paris also had its own (printed) seagull shape- deeper and with more even tops than other versions- more straight-up McDonalds. The shop itself was beautiful- similar feel to the JP stores/Savile Rod. My 2¢... edit- just thought of another thing. The seagulls at least were discharge printed, not plastisol- basically the print design is bleached out of the denim and then coloured in over the top of the bleach with a second print. Evisu intl. printed seagulls (or hand paint) will eventually rub off leaving dark denim underneath, but Paris prints are actually bleached into the fabric. As well as lasting longer (for better or worse) this gives them a slightly ghostly blur/halo around the edge. It was the same on the JP Before Anyone Did Anything Evisu Did Everything jeans
  6. Tender Co. Denim

    more clothes soon, but in the meantime I just received a batch of new soap! Some people may remember I did a small run of soap way back in 2010 (it doesn't feel like 7 years ago!) and I've wanted to try something again for a while. This came about after a discussion with one of the technicians in the weaving factory that produces woollen cloth for Tender. Apparently there's a tradition that wool workers have very soft hands, due to the time spent handling raw oily wool fleece. I did some more research, and after some experiments we now have wool oil soap and a potted salve. Here are a few quick making photos: The soap is poured and set in a long loaf mould: before being cut into bars with a wire: and stamped 'TENDER': soap is wrapped up in white waxed paper for the cypress version, and brown for vetiver: Salves are poured into coloured glass jars with black bakelite lids. Blue glass for cypress, brown for vetiver: more soon!
  7. Tender Co. Denim

    Hot on the heels of great photos from the guys at Good Fishing, yesterday I received a gift in the mail which really blew me away. Every season I send out a box with new fabric samples to stockists so they can get a proper feel of the collection. I never expect to receive them back, but Kerstin, a great friend of the brand and one of the proprietors of Second Sunrise in Stockholm had other ideas! She's hand sewn this quilt, using two season's worth of cut up Tender fabrics, backed with her own hand-dyed indigo vintage linen: it's backed with more indigo dyed linen. Completely coincidentally these are monogrammed KD (Kerstin & Douglas, the other owner of Second Sunrise) and T (Tender). Finally, Kerstin's done some stunning hand embroidery on the back corner: Here it is in on the sofa in our front room: I'm so grateful to Kerstin, and it's such a pleasure to work with her, and Second Sunrise, generally. Even if you're not in Stockholm I really recommend taking a look at their site, they do a great edit of some excellent brands, and do many other really interesting projects with vintage things, weaving, and dyeing.
  8. Tender Co. Denim

    Here you go! https://www.tenderstores.com/product/type-130-tapered-jeans/?variation=13533
  9. Tender Co. Denim

    ^awesome! I'm so happy to see this vest looking so good- it's from the second production, in 2011, and I always really liked it :-) In other news, I received some great images from Vicken & Samuel, co-owners of Good Fishing and Blue-09. These are from a shoot they've done for their Pangaea shirts: Vicken's wearing his logwood 130s, which he's had since 2014, and they look amazing. He kindly sent took some more photos. The textures are so great I'm posting the whole lot: they've obviously faded loads, but you still get the grey tone to the weft, which comes from the logwood. These are among the nicest I've seen!
  10. Tender Co. Denim

    ^you can cut it off with scissors, or if you make a little knick in the edge tight up to the waistband (don't cut the stitches!) then you can tear it off.
  11. Tender Co. Denim

    looking good Niro & Toegun! Fits look great. of course no pressure to anyone :-) but funny you should mention belts- I did want to put up some photos of my own new striped U buckle belt: this buckle is available on plain natural oak bark leather and on plain black stained, but my belt is the striped version. The stain for plain black leather is brushed on by hand, so for these striped belts I had the stain brushed onto the hide in stripes: here's the fininshed skin: as the belt ages the unstained stripes darken, and I'm hoping that eventually they'll barely be visible at all. I'll put up more photos over time...
  12. The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    jumping further off the rails I'd give you Elsa Schiaparelli in 1938 or even arguably Marcel Duchamp in 1913 on with the show...
  13. Tender Co. Denim

    ^ In my experience I find that there is a residual tint, even after lots of washes, but it's easier to see in comparison with a pair of non-dyed jeans. It's also super-difficult to photograph. Either way, looking fantastic Hendsch, thanks for sharing!
  14. Tender Co. Denim

    ^beautiful! I'm saving a new pair from the next Tender production for myself, but in the meantime, my Whooper Backwoods are on loan to a shop in Tokyo (Whooper's really starting to gain a following, which I'm very excited about) so this morning I pulled on a new pair of Greyhounds. Here's the fit: It's been a while since I've worn anything this slim, but it's a reminder to me that if they fit right slim jeans can be extremely comfy. I'm looking forward to wearing these in. The Tshirt, by the way, is a Christopher Brown illustration. Chris was one of my tutors at CSM and did some prints for Tender a few years ago. This is a series I've helped to select and arrange- they've just been picked up by Beams, which is super exciting
  15. Tender Co. Denim

    ^great wall nice shirt too!