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  1. ^PM'd you! Our good friend Morten (who makes For Holding Up The Trousers suspenders and belts) has been staying for a couple of days, and this morning I took some photos of his type900 jacket (photos of the same style one page back). His is the logwood version, and is looking really lovely: here it is on, with Morten's own 422 woad linen shirt, 423 khaki low-tension sateen wallaby pocket shirt, and black Telegraph dial GS/TP: and here's a BFF shot, in matching shirts... ...and watches:
  2. Thanks Edmond! Here are the pre-wash measurements for 132 Unborn jeans. Size 4: Waist: 38" Thigh (3" down from crotch): 14.25" Knee (14" down from crotch): 11.75" Hem: 9" Inseam: 40" Size 5: Waist: 40" Thigh (3" down from crotch): 14.5" Knee (14" down from crotch): 12.25" Hem: 9.5" Inseam: 40" These are raw unsanforized, and will shrink down ~2" in the waist and ~3" in the leg with a warm soak, or slightly more with a hot wash. Every other version of these jeans has already been shrunk during rinsing or dyeing. Shirt fits vary depending on the style and fabric, but generally speaking Tender shirts fit fairly generously compared to other repro-style brands. A size 4 is a Tender L, but in most styles fits comparably to other brands' XL, a 5 is a Tender XL but equates to an XXL for a lot of other brands. I hope this helps- please email me if you need more specific measurements.
  3. Thanks! The last 900 jacket sold a few weeks ago, and I've put some more into the next denim production. Thanks for this, and thanks Chicote, too! I agree 132's what you're after, and I'd guess a size 4 would be right for you, although please email me if you need full measurements etc. We have both 'Unborn' (raw) and rinsed molleton versions of these in stock. Unborn will shrink to size, the molleton versions have already been rinsed to shrink, or shrunk during dyeing. Please just let me know if you need any further information.
  4. not sure about a named cut- there's no lot number etc. the fit is pretty wide and straight. They're tiger selvage, and from memory they didn't shrink, so I'm assuming they're similar to, if not actually, No2 denim from the same era (about 2005)
  5. beautiful, FAM, thank you! I'll play: I think yours has the edge actually, and I love the extra pocket. Ages ago Morten of For Holding Up The Trousers used a button as a brand for some of our leathergoods, and I've worn it as the top button of my jacket since- it got really blackened:
  6. Here's another pair of old Evisus I fit into again . Yamane Deluxe 'Hayaoki', worn for 2-3 years with very few washes. Mr Yamane told me that Hayaoki means 'good morning!' or 'healthy start'. Again, beautiful denim, incredibly green, and I really like how rusted the rivets have become since I last had these out. signed by the man himself:
  7. ^not a stupid question at all. Yes, molleton denim can be dyed up once the garment is made, just the same as with regular denim. I currently have stock of 130P (tapered leg with passenger pockets) and 132 (wide straight leg) denim molleton dyed dark brown walnut, which comes out really rich on the softer surface of the molleton. We did have a few woad dyed molleton jeans, but we're currently out of stock. Please feel free to email me (or ask here) if you need any more information.
  8. thanks all! they're tagged 38x35. Here are the measurments: waist 35" thigh 13" (3" down from crotch, 90° from outseam) knee 10.5" (14" down from crotch, 90° from outseam) hem 9" (hemmed at 29.5" inside leg, so the hem opening might be a bit narrower pre-hemming) they've been worn plenty of times since their last wash, so I'd say these are fully stretched out
  9. I recently lost some weight, and I can fit back into all my old jeans! Pulled on No1 Special silver selvage 2001s this morning (tag 38, more like 35"). It really is lovely fabric. I'm not sure how much wear they've had, maybe 18months or so:
  10. ^nice! Thank you for posting these- your watch looks great on the bracelet. Here's mine- I did exactly the same thing for my Tender watch, and put a Tender 2-piece natural wattle-tanned leather strap on my GS/TP:
  11. thanks for the review! looking good, and I'm really pleased you're enjoying them. Just correcting my own typo above
  12. ^not my boots, but I have similar age Alden boots, and the brown paint on the speed hooks has mostly chipped off, leaving the bright steel showing through
  13. thank you Jason! these look really great on you- I'm so happy the fits worked out so well. On another note, here are my Whooper Backwoods, a few weeks in. I've been washing them frequently and wearing them every day. They're slow faders, because of the open end spinning (the ends of the fibres stick out of the yarn, making it hairier than ringspun, and more porous during dyeing, so it soaks up and retains more indigo), but they're getting a really nice clean vintage tone which reminds me a lot of 70s-80s USA made jeans. No leg twist on these as they're broken twill, but by this stage the left and right hand twill versions should be getting really twisty. more photos in a few months, this is still early stages but I'm enjoying them a lot and I think they'll be good coming into the summer.
  14. ^I'd be a bit suspicious- the rivet backs don't all match, and on the back pockets they're branded Levi's, the red tab quality doesn't look quite right (and wouldn't there be a gap where the Levi's L would have been?), the leather patch quality is a bit thick for this era, the inside tag sizing should be a stamp not printed, the waistband chainstitch should run all the way to the ends, the cinch buckle doesn't look right to me (I think Evis would always have had a pin buckle not a slide?). And more minor, but I don't recognise the fly bartack arrangement.
  15. thank you! these look lovely. Really interesting to see the diagonal fade line on the back pocket^^. I've not seen this before but makes sense- the denim pocket panel is cut straight, but the lining is cut on the bias, so that it will stretch over a wallet etc and never get tight inside the pocket. It looks as if some small pleats have formed in the pocket lining, along its grain (i.e. at 45° to the denim grain), and they've rubbed through as fade lines. Does that sound right? Looks great anyway! Thank you again for posting.