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  1. ^looks great on you! Thanks for the pics. I just received a copy of a new denim book- Blue Blooded. It's been out a while, people may already have seen it, but I think it's a good one (just started reading it, very positive so far). And there's a spread on Tender!:
  2. Been a long time since I posted in this thread.... I've not worn boots much for the past 3 years or so, but I was up in the attic the other day and found all my boots (up there since we moved house). Here are my first pair of Alden #8 cordovan plain toes, after a quick trip to the cobbler for a bit of restitching on the uppers, a new section of welt which had given way, and new Dainite soles (I was never crazy about the original commando soles, and they'd worn through to leather): the white is just some excess fat in the leather, I think. It rubs right off. I'd forgotten how lovely the ripply creases are in cordovan. They'll be getting a lot of wear again I think!
  3. ;-) exactly the kind of thing we're going for. Thank you. More asap, I want to get everything tidied up and have full production in before I say more, but please watch this space.
  4. Yes! I've listed one new style here, and I'll have a few more pieces up tonight. Please just email me if you have any questions. Thanks Jason! I was going to email you- there are some wattle socks going up shortly :-) Production will be a little spaced out, through February and March, but there's plenty more to come
  5. thanks! no, not at all. there are two new projects arriving fairly imminently, THEN should be in shops around early-March, and we're in the middle of building a full selling site for a new jeans project, which will be at Told you there's a lot going on at the moment!
  6. Thank you so much for posting all this chicote! They look really great, and I love seeing the hand stitch. The back sits really nicely now, and the front dip will probably level out a bit as they stretch in, if you decide to leave it. Thanks too to oomslokop for such a nice way of putting it- I really hope that it does come across that these clothes are meant to be personal and adapted where necessary. In chicote's case I particularly like how they're already a bit worn in, so they'll get two lives in the two different shapes. oomslokop, thank you so much for this (and for the restaurant shot earlier). I've spent some time reading the English translations in your link, it's really moving stuff. I thought the first poem on the list (my neighbour next door) and the last (what is the worth of my poetry?) are particularly powerful, but there's a lot of very beautiful language, even in translation, through the whole set. I hope it was a rewarding event. For what it's worth, you and your wife both look great! Thank you for the introduction. Sorry I've been quiet for a couple of weeks, we were away on vacation, and I've come back to a huge amount to do. There are a few new pieces from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 production appearing on the Stores and in stockists over the next few days, and I'll post full pictures asap.
  7. awesome, thanks. I'll keep a look out next time I'm in JP (a bit pricey on Amazon)
  8. cool thanks. I took a quick look online and the chapter headings seem to be the same, so I guess it's just a second run. Enjoy it!
  9. (sorry the quote posted twice)
  10. Nice Mike! Is the new edition just a new print run, or is it substantially different from the first ed? There were rumours a while ago that there was going to be a whole new book- is this it? Cheers
  11. Here are some as-worn photos: I use the regular front pockets for keys, phone (usually) and anything small that I find myself carrying around. I use the leg pockets as I would use the back pockets on regular jeans- in my case that means wallet on the right, and coin purse and card case on the left. The leg pockets are really easy to drop things in and out of, and they're available whether you're sitting or standing (top front pockets are fiddly to get into when you're sitting down, as are back pockets). I also find that if I'm holding things, or in the middle of doing something, I would often previously drop my phone, or a screwdriver/scissors etc, into my back pocket, but then forget about it and sit down on it. These are much better for that- an added bonus I discovered is that if a baby falls asleep on your lap it's easy to get your phone out without waking them up! The final advantage, and the idea in the first place, is it leaves the back pocket-free, which means you don't wind up sitting down on a thick wallet. I've got used to these to the point that I was wearing my 127s the other day and it felt really strange to feel my wallet pushing into me. This is especially true while driving, or while sitting on a plane/bus. I've also found that I feel less worried about pickpockets, if I'm travelling, as everything's front of you. The light's incredible today, so here are some bonus fabric shots... loving that we can upload images directly into sufu! The thigh pockets start pretty much exactly at the bottom edge of the pocket bag of the regular top side pockets, and they're high enough up that it's not a problem to reach down to pull a wallet etc out. If you had loose change in there it would be a bit of a stretch to reach to the bottom of the thigh pocket. Your point about the top patches of the 128s is how I also feel about regular front pockets, which was the issue these are trying to address. I use the top (regular) side pockets for little things that I don't need when I'm likely sitting down (keys, loose change/objects) and the thigh pockets for bigger things that are easy to reach out. I hope that makes sense! Thanks also for the nice words about Deborah's jeans- you're right, the pockets have skewed a bit- I think this is true of a lot of jeans pockets, over time, actually, but it's just a lot more noticeable when you start with a square rather than a spade shape, etc.
  12. Looking good! I've just given my (hemmed) 130Ps a wash, they're taking a while to fade, and I'm not trying to rush anything, but I'm really enjoying how they're coming along: here's a closeup: Here's a few steps ahead, Deborah's 130s which she's had for 3 or 4 years: frosty new year grass
  13. Hi Dan, thanks for this. Feel free to email me for more specific measurements etc, but basically size 2s should be fine for you. The beekeeper's fabric shirts, though, were cut really big to be worn loose. So it definitely won't be too tight compared to your butterfly shirt, but it's a totally different fit. More comparable would be a 429 shirt size 2 in linen, which were cut to a regular fit, and the size up would solve the tightness under the arms. Hope this helps!
  14. thank you! you'll get a little stretch, depending on how tight they are to start with. I'd say about 1/2" stretch, which will shrink back with washing, then stretch again. They've already been washed during the dyeing process, so you won't get any shrinkage with normal washing and hang-drying.
  15. Thanks for this. Depends on who's size 36 you normally wear. Size 5 measures ~36.5", size 6 is ~38.5". I have both in stock- please email me if you'd like full measurements. Generally I'd suggest size 5 as equivalent to a 36" waist. what's next thread