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  1. rodeo bill

    Tender Co. Denim

    Thank you so much! I'm honoured, and yes please do post any photos if you have a chance. I've had a look back and found a few very old photos of the second generation of your bag:
  2. rodeo bill

    Evisu is still loved!

    ^good finds, both look legit to me. Those left/right jeans bring back a lot of memories! I'd love to see how they wear in, if anyone here buys them
  3. rodeo bill

    Tender Co. Denim

    thanks for this! Sending you a PM
  4. rodeo bill

    Tender Co. Denim

    ^these jeans look fantastic on you snchz! Yes indeed this style was only made for Redcast Heritage (very well worth a visit anyone who doesn't know the site). On a different matter, I've just received a beautiful type 200 Wire Buckle belt back for re-stitching. This is natural tan, and originally looked like this: here's how it arrived this morning: the stitching had worn through, but the leather's in great condition and the buckle's patinated beautifully. I didn't want to change either too much, so I just cleaned up the buckle a little: and sewed it back on with waxed knitted thread: here it is now: the colour of the leather's really remarkable, and the rough side has become almost as smooth as the grain: there was a tiny bit of cracking around the fold over the buckle, and around the holes, so I gave it a touch of Boot Grease: going back to its original owner, for many more years of wear!
  5. rodeo bill

    Watches and Denim

    sorry, tried again- the page crashed when I posted originally, hope this works! original photo should be fixed in the original post, and here's a bonus on a Tender wattle-tanned leather NATO:
  6. rodeo bill

    Watches and Denim

    GS/TP Goliath case cream Recorder dial, on a NOS woven strap, with Whooper Interstates: The case is 35mm diameter, so a lot larger than the 28mm GS/TP Frog cases, but still quite small. The narrow bezel, the deep cylindrical case, and the flat crystal, make it wear bigger, though. Really pleased with this one :-)
  7. rodeo bill

    Tender Co. Denim

    These have been a while coming too, but I'm equally happy with how they've turned out! Boot laces, braided in England from 100% cotton, around a cotton core. Here's how they're made: the core strands of cotton filler run up vertically from a spool, while cones of spun cotton twist and spin around creating a relatively loose braided tube, which is drawn up through sprung rollers: the braid gets cut to size, the ends are glued to stop them ravelling, then metal tips are pressed on with a kick press: here are the results, in raw ecru cotton: and hand dyed woad in a hank: here's a pair in my own type870 Sidings Boots:
  8. rodeo bill

    Tender Co. Denim

    Today I received the first batch of new GS/TP Goliath watches! These have been a long time coming, and it's really exciting to finally get to hold the finished watches (I'd previously only had a rough case and loose dials). The case is 35mm diameter, but wears larger I'd say, as there's no bezel and the case is cylindrical, with no slope to the sides, and only a very small bevel to hold the crystal in place. The idea of this case comes from dashboard instruments, which had cylindrical canister-type cases so that they could be dropped in from the front. Making the same reference, the crystal is completely flat. The lugs are straight, and angled down quite steeply. Here are some photos: The dials are various riffs on mid-century military and tool watches, with elements of the 'Journey' dial harking back to earlier station clocks and 'Goliath' oversized pocket watches. Full stories up now on Tender Stores
  9. rodeo bill

    Watches and Denim

    Gorgeous! Here's a not so distant cousin, on a vintage Perlon strap with a Tender bracelet, over Whooper jeans:
  10. rodeo bill

    Tender Co. Denim

    ha! thank you. Very new to Instagram, and I'm treading cautiously... I'll certainly bear this in mind. By the way, I'm very much still around here- if it works out for everyone my plan is to continue to put more in-depth new product and making pictures and explanations up here, but more frequent general product pictures and worn-in things up on Instagram.
  11. rodeo bill

    Tender Co. Denim

    ^good find! There were very few of these made in purple logwood, and this pair is looking lovely. To be honest at that price I'm tempted myself.... if anyone here gets them please post photos
  12. rodeo bill

    Tender Co. Denim

    On a completely different note, just in is this lost wax cast brass keyring. The first casting was taken directly from a real crab apple fruit, with the stem adapted to hold a keyring and an Plautus face engraved on the bottom before being re-cast as a keyring. Here it is back on the branch that the fruit came from (in a friend's garden). There's something a bit Roland Bartheish about destroying a perfect living fruit in order to immortalise it in brass...
  13. rodeo bill

    Tender Co. Denim

    Yesterday I spent the day doing a seminar with students on the MA Fashion Futures course at London College of Fashion. I've done this class a couple of times now and both time it's been a really interesting, thoughtful group of people to talk with. The course is loosely based around sustainability in the fashion industry and the philosophy and ethics implicit in the products we wear. I showed them all some Tender garments, and talked a bit about my approach to product design, and how important it is for me that the things become something new by the act of being worn and used by their respective owners. After lunch the students presented their early stage research into tracing the components of a second hand garment or accessory (mainly making the point that you usually can't, as illustrated by this deconstructed Dr Martens sneaker: ) At the end of the day the groups went back to sketch books to think about how what the guest (me!) had talked about could influence a new product based on teh deconstruction. They have several seminar days from people in very different parts of the fashion industry, and this project has only just started, with several weeks to go, so it'll be really interesting to see what they come up with! As before, sorry if this is a tangent from showing new Tender stuff, but I really enjoy teaching and working with students, and it's nice to share what they do here :-)