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  1. Samurai Jeans

    S710 19oz, a little over two years (in rotation). Detail/texture shots
  2. TCB

    agreed 100%
  3. TCB

    @Darkthrone I gave my 50s two initial hot machine washes and dries and aside from the shrink, the denim did not change noticeably (still very dark and hairy) so you would not err by trying to get maximum shrinkage out of the way.
  4. TCB

    beautiful pairs posted lately
  5. TCB

    Yeah I meant in my case, should have been clearer. Thatll do it!
  6. TCB

    My 50s purchased in October are starting to show specks of rust. Nothing like that. Must be the quick transfer to the machine dryer. In any case a very fun, subtle type of evo
  7. TCB

    God damn. That makes me want to throw mine in the wash again.
  8. Samurai Jeans

    710xx 19oz. Color is pretty accurate. Have enjoyed the more discrete evo, like the pocket bags fraying... ...and the buttons starting to rust
  9. The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    I keep one pair of straightforward/oldschool sneakers in rotation. Right now it's these classic pumas
  10. TCB

    I'm seeing fades after about two months of evening/weekend wear. Nothing dramatic but faster than I expected
  11. TCB

    Gave my 50s another hot machine wash and dry after about a month of wear. Subtle fading so far but the texture is starting to come alive.
  12. Samurai Jeans

    @Josh'N'Roll Just how snug are they right now? Once they shrink, they will stretch back to and possibly beyond the raw measurement. But if they are so snug right now that losing another inch or so would be unbearable, and you didn't feel like trying to exchange/sell them, you could think about wearing them for a little bit to stretch the waist before you shrink them. Consider how they fit you now, and how you want them to fit, and soak/wash accordingly -- a hot wash/machine dry will get max shrinkage, so you may want to start with a soak and hang dry, and see how they are from there. Good luck
  13. Samurai Jeans

    I am a comfortable 33 in most jeans and went with a 33 in these. I gave them two hot initial soaks and have not noticed any major shrink in subsequent machine washes. If anything they are a bit loose in the waist, so i would not recommend sizing up. Some people even suggest sizing down one. If you are between a 33 and a 34 I would pick the 33 in 710. You can always measure the jeans you mentioned and pick the samurai size that is more likely to shrink to those measurements.