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  1. HGS

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Depends on the last. People typically size down a half size for the Trubalance and Barrie, but it will vary person to person -- Trubalance is true to size for me, while Barrie I went down a half. I would read about the different lasts and see which makes the most sense for your foot. The Shoe Mart has helpful videos on youtube that describe the lasts. What shoes are you looking at? When buying online without being able to try on, and I am town between two sizes, I always will go with the bigger one. Much easier to work with a shoe that's slightly too big than too small.
  2. HGS

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Color 8 coming alive as we near the two year mark
  3. HGS

    Shoes that look better with age...

    @crownzip very nice, I have a pair of those that are still going strong. I see you resoled with the cork -- good choice, god damn are those hard wearing and honestly I never really noticed them to be that bad in wet conditions, as some have said. My pair from 2015 have a lot of miles left.
  4. HGS


    @Newmanlooking great. That crinkling/marbling is part of what makes the TCB denim so awesome
  5. HGS


    50s still going strong
  6. HGS

    Show us your leather

    8 years with the Tanner Goods utility bifold (natural)
  7. I love this song. Great lyrics, this whole record is just incredible from beginning to end.
  8. HGS


    50s after another summer. These are holding together really well after all this time and wear, they might outlive me
  9. @bartlebyyphonics I love Negativland. My brother in law gave me Dispepsi years ago and it is so brilliant
  10. I think that Wham song has one of the greatest videos ever, I cannot get enough
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