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  1. 710 19oz, worn after work and weekends/vacations since last June. Two washes. This denim comes more alive as time goes on and of course, depending on lighting. This is close to the true color, still very dark but with lots of texture developing as the white starts to pop
  2. Those are EXCELLENT jeans! I'm breaking in a pair myself, great fit & denim. I plan to join unless something comes up.
  3. Anyone have any suggestions for nice, heavy hooded sweatshirts that aren't like $300?
  4. forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere in the thread (search yielded nothing), but are there plans to bring the indigo sweats back? I feel a greater need to lounge in sweats than i did back then.
  5. If you think about making products in China as the logical next step in the historical recreation of american denim, it's not so bad
  6. Baby powder probably has a similar effect but corn starch is my go-to for anything like this, especially on leather. I was making tacos once and a splash from the pan landed on a new pair of suede shoes. Applied corn starch, let it sit for a while, and it was as if nothing happened.
  7. I'm moving (ugh) and came across my old "Greencast" weird guys purchased June 2012 and until sometime in 2014. They started off a lighter shade than typical denim which resulted in a pretty nice vintage fade with frequent washing. N&F has introduced similar if not identical fabrics under different names since then. These are soft as butter but completely falling apart by now.
  8. @Denimstoyevsky Please do, there is a Levi's store here in Boston and I'm thinking of grabbing a pair after seeing so many great looking jeans here.
  9. I work in an office so those of you who can wear jeans during the week have a leg up on me
  10. Looking forward to this!!!
  11. Denim jackets are good for layering in general. Over a hoodie is a fav of mine during cooler fall and spring weather here in New England.
  12. The denim feels very soft and smooth, but solid. As for stretch, I ordered a 32 (33 waist) with the idea that it would stretch out to my actual waist (just under 34) and they got there pretty easily. Not that I've noticed.
  13. I'm not the best photographer but I'll try my best here. Today there was a "free speech" rally on the Boston common, which in reality was just gathering of right wingers ranging from Trump supporters to white nationalists. Figured I'd join the opposition. The organizers looked like this And this: the rare conservative hardcore kid. I never see him at shows. The opposition looked like this I learned that the green flag pictured below (in the style of a nazi flag of course) is a flag for some fictional country created by this bizarre Internet right wing movement. They did not seem to realize the irony in them yelling about us living in our parents basement while their political movement is based entirely around Internet memes. I left and took a quick stroll through the Boston garden Ending the day (or starting my evening) with a cigar and a glass of scotch. Pictured are brand new sugar cane type III black denim - - excellent fit and great denim
  14. Got these type III black denim on Monday, really like the denim and the cut. Looking forward to breaking these in.