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  1. @Denimstoyevsky Please do, there is a Levi's store here in Boston and I'm thinking of grabbing a pair after seeing so many great looking jeans here.
  2. I work in an office so those of you who can wear jeans during the week have a leg up on me
  3. Looking forward to this!!!
  4. Denim jackets are good for layering in general. Over a hoodie is a fav of mine during cooler fall and spring weather here in New England.
  5. The denim feels very soft and smooth, but solid. As for stretch, I ordered a 32 (33 waist) with the idea that it would stretch out to my actual waist (just under 34) and they got there pretty easily. Not that I've noticed.
  6. I'm not the best photographer but I'll try my best here. Today there was a "free speech" rally on the Boston common, which in reality was just gathering of right wingers ranging from Trump supporters to white nationalists. Figured I'd join the opposition. The organizers looked like this And this: the rare conservative hardcore kid. I never see him at shows. The opposition looked like this I learned that the green flag pictured below (in the style of a nazi flag of course) is a flag for some fictional country created by this bizarre Internet right wing movement. They did not seem to realize the irony in them yelling about us living in our parents basement while their political movement is based entirely around Internet memes. I left and took a quick stroll through the Boston garden Ending the day (or starting my evening) with a cigar and a glass of scotch. Pictured are brand new sugar cane type III black denim - - excellent fit and great denim
  7. Got these type III black denim on Monday, really like the denim and the cut. Looking forward to breaking these in.
  8. These look great. Duck canvas so they fade more similarly to a pair of jeans as opposed to a traditional pair of chinos (albeit with the interesting texture of canvas). https://www.heddels.com/2014/08/fade-friday-left-field-indigo-canvas-chino-1-year-0-washes/ There is another more recent example on the last page of the left field thread.
  9. Those type III are so nice. I just got my pair in the mail from self edge today -- fit is absolutely perfect. I know these are one-wash, but can anyone tell me from their experience how much, if any, additional shrink you get from subsequent washes? Plan to wash cold & hang dry. Thanks.
  10. I have to say I am pretty damn pleased with my first order (Sugar Cane type III black jeans) from Self Edge. Placed order on Saturday afternoon and my jeans arrived this morning (Monday). Lightning fast shipping and the measurements were right on the money. Truly fantastic!!!
  11. I think those are one of the murder weapons in Clue
  12. The fashion industry types have their feelers out and after hearing the words "heritage" and "workwear" enough times, those mud jeans are the logical next step in pre-distressed denim, I guess.
  13. beautiful. that's how i imagine it would have looked 100 years ago, a true vintage fade with tons of character when you really look at it. that leg twist too....
  14. Not as bad as these... https://www.heddels.com/2015/11/fade-day-red-wing-classic-moc-no-875-14-months/ @edmond I love the 975 but get that plain toe in action!!