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  1. Allen Edmonds Neumok 2.0. Picked these up in 2017 and still going strong, resoled via AE recrafting service after a year with Dainite sole which still looks almost new after many, many miles. These are probably the most perfect business casual shoe for my purposes. I believe this is their kudu leather which I like a lot for this shoe, but it does not hide scratches or tears well (see toe of left shoe).
  2. @AlientoyWorkmachine I missed the last tour and am beyond excited. An all-time favorite and I loved the reunion album.
  3. Any slowdive fans? I randomly learned they were playing Boston in September and managed to score some tickets, and then realized they have a new album coming with a single out now. Just incredible
  4. Quick snap of this pair I’ve had in rotation for the last 4.5 years, been my primary pair this past year or two
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