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  1. Quite literally a hot moment, I would not be surprised if the trend did cool down because that climate is insane for raw denim. Still seeing quite a lot of activity from other southeast asian countries (namely Indonesia) so you never know.
  2. In love with the 19oz denim of my 710. Gets better with each wear and wash. A couple highlights after second machine wash Texture Roping
  3. Tanner bifold, received Xmas 2013. Love this wallet. Spoilered pics show full interior/exterior
  4. I love my 710 but agree with you guys, there is a sort of bagginess (although they are not "baggy" in the traditional sense) that sits somewhere between slim and regular which surprised me.
  5. I'd go for it, prob look best with a slimmer cut/higher inseam. but i love penny loafers
  6. Been wearing my 710xx since this past June, albeit mostly during weekends and other off-time (no jeans at work). I've never loved a pair quite so much. They've traveled with me to Italy, Paris and most recently Mexico, and will join me on a weekend trip to Montreal in a couple days. They've gotten to the point where they've started to look different with each passing day -- there is a lot of color variety going on all over the denim right now. They are in the wash right now but I took a couple pics yesterday. Not the best photographer but maybe this will give an idea. Color is pretty accurate especially in the last pic. This last pic really shows the character of the 19oz denim...so many shades of blue happening.
  7. I posted a few months ago about my pair of 19oz 710 that I gave two initial hot soaks (soak, hang dry, repeat). Can anyone give me an idea how much additional shrinkage I should expect from a cold machine wash with this particular denim? I plan to machine wash and was wondering if I should throw em in sooner than later.
  8. On CNN front page today http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/01/fashion/denim-japan-weaving-shibusa/index.html
  9. that's a great video
  10. I think 3rd parties are a better bet, I found some on sale at an urban outfitter's near me for $39.
  11. The standard raw are 14.5oz so not necessarily as light as you might want. It looks like they added a lighter weight stretch denim to their lineup though. The fits are similar if not identical to Naked and Famous cuts, if you are familiar with those (ie a slim tapered = weird guy fit, etc). I don't have experience with the black denim but I imagine it would be more stubborn to fade than the indigo, which is pretty typical. I don't think you can go wrong with a pair of these especially if you find em on sale. Hope this helps.
  12. Going to Italy for my honeymoon next week. Spending most of it in southern italy on the Almafi coast (Positano), and wrapping it up in Rome. Going to do lots of exploring but wondering if anyone had any suggestions for interesting denim/shoes/menswear shops?
  13. Hmm. maybe it's the machine dry that damaged my one pair. It went through both right-side out, but the problem might have been that they were left in the dryer after the machine stopped, and if they weren't fully dry, they dried in a wrinkled clump which might have led to the unwanted fading.
  14. If you put them in the machine right-side out, you're exposing the outside of the jeans to abrasion which will result in indigo loss, which will happen regardless, but becomes problematic in a machine where such abrasion can result in unwanted and unnatural fades. Turning them inside out prevents this. I machine wash and dry my denim with no harmful effects, just some creasing which eventually come out as I wear them.