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  1. cusswords

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Has any kind of market developed around the remaining US made Cone denim LVC? I'm not one for buying for the sake of reselling, but I have a BNWT 1966 pair as well as a 1915 Golden Handshake 501 that was only washed and worn once. I'm 50/50 on reselling the '66 pair because I'm not 100% certain they will fit well enough to un-deadstock them.
  2. cusswords


    Slight update to the 1101 which are from the last time Warehouse produced a 1101 that wasn’t the DD or 12oz used wash model. I’m getting very prominent horizontal fading that I haven’t seen out of any other banner denim that I own (1105, 1001HXX, 2002). I love my other Warehouse jeans, but this roll of banner denim just seems to have a lil’ something extra that the other’s don’t.
  3. cusswords


    Some 1101s after a third wash. These are from the last run of normal 1101s (not the DD or used wash series) that I found a random size on Rakuten. I think I got a particularly good run of Banner Denim with this pair.
  4. cusswords

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Speaking of Denimio, they did an AMA over on reddit in which they lie about how they actually do business and reddit eats it up
  5. cusswords


    Keep in mind that if you’re on the Warehouse website you are looking at the measurements for one wash 800s and unwashed 1000s. I find the opposite to be true and the 800s are the ones you may need to size up on. But... I can’t really comment on this latest run of 1000s because they appear to be smaller in the waist than previous years. I own both the 800s and 1000s from previous years and the 1000s are the more generous cut. The banner denim also stretches much more than the 14.5oz denim. I would buy your usual waist size but keep in mind that this run looks to be about 1.5in/4cm smaller in the waist.
  6. cusswords

    New Contest Suggestions

    The jeans are probably sold out and the jacket is a pre-order, but I’d be interested to see if this denim shows up in the spring catalog that gets released at the beginning of January.
  7. cusswords

    New Contest Suggestions

    This thread has mentioned Warehouse and 40s cuts too many times for me not to point out that Warehouse has a new denim that they have used on a pair of Duck Digger WWII jeans and jacket. I haven’t seen any faded examples of this new denim but a contest could be a great way to make that happen.
  8. cusswords

    SugarCane 1990's M-Series Archive

    Without releasing it I purchased an M series blanket lined storm riders jacket from yahoo auctions earlier this year.
  9. cusswords

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Is Self Edge getting any Sugar Cane work shirts and flannels this season? I'm looking to get that brushed houndstooth flannel in blue/white and I would like to go through a US store before rakuten.
  10. cusswords

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    The most remarkable part of that photo is he managed to get a finished pair of WH Ranch jeans.
  11. cusswords


    My 34 800s that I bought a year ago measure about 88cm after some wear. I can wear them comfortably, and I generally buy jeans that are 90cm before shrinking. The newer models come with the 32in/81cm inseam.
  12. cusswords

    Tanuki Japan

    Someone is going to order these online and not be able to fit their feet through the hem. It’s happened a few times over on the raw denim reddit when people taper their jeans so much they don’t account for their feet getting in the jeans.
  13. cusswords


    I’m 6 feet tall and I don’t find it boxy at all. The bottom button of the shirt hits right where at the top button my my jeans. I have other shirts like the TCB ranchman or Buzz Rickson chambray that are shorter in the body (though purchased at a smaller size). The Junky Style blog has some good fits on guys of different heights. http://blog-jkstyle.jugem.jp/?eid=2849
  14. cusswords


    The measurements on the Warehouse website are pretty spot on. Pit to pit: 22.5in / 57cm Shoulders: 17.7 in / 45cm Sleeve: 25.5 in / 65cm Length from the bottom of the collar: 28.5in / 72 cm I’m not sure about the weight of the fabric. It’s a little thicker than my Flat Head and LVC flannels. The brushed insides makes it a pretty beefy fabric.
  15. cusswords


    I got the 42/XL which fits more like a large in any western sizing. I also have the Warehouse 2002 in 42 and both of these fit me perfectly. I think it would likely be too small for you to button.
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