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  1. cusswords


    Unless they have a new way of taking measurements it looks like they sized down the waist on the 1001 which is extremely disappointing to me.
  2. cusswords


    Some more information on the new Warehouse denim taken from a few staff blog posts. Please excuse the google translate “Since the newly developed denim is more than 14 oz, many people may be familiar with the 14.5 oz fabric familiar with the Lot 800XX etc. However, it is not that the feeling of Zara is strong so far and personally with the Lot 1001 XX etc. I feel that the familiar 13.5 ounces of dough are tightly packed. I think that the color is clearly darker than the 13.5 ounce fabric, but it seems that since the core of the thread is still clearly white, sharp color loss can be expected.” ”And attention is the analysis of wartime Vinteji-Denim, and it is a new 14 oz strength new denim fabric woven with yarn of vertical 6.7 × horizontal 6.6.” “By performing the refining process before the rope dyeing in normal temperature water instead of the general high temperature, the "white-white yarn" in which white clearly appears in the center of the yarn is faithful to the 40's Vinte di denim vertical yarn. I reproduce it. By increasing the concentration of the indigo dye, the contrast with the white part of the yarn comes out clearly, and you can expect a sharp decoloration like Vinte-Ji Denim in the 40's.”
  3. cusswords


    https://warehouse-staff-blog.tumblr.com/post/185336467648/dd-1003xx-new-denim1946-model-non-wash Warehouse has a new 14oz denim for a 1946 model of their DD line, and this one actually can be bought in a non-wash state. On a side note I've suspected a new Warehouse denim would come out, and all the while this has been sitting in the Spring catalogue since January...
  4. cusswords


    The Warehouse summer catalog has been updated with some new fits (looks like more banner denim) and some nice shirts. Those hi-top speakers are also looking really nice https://info.ware-house.co.jp/product/season/wh2019su/
  5. cusswords


    @Broark How does the denim on your pair compare to this 2001 jacket Warehouse just released for one of their stores? I believe this is the 12oz denim that they have been using for the 2nd hand models of the 1100, 1101, and 1105 recently. Junky Style also used this denim on a 2002 collab somewhat recently and I’m really interested to see if Warehouse starts making some non-wash models with this 12oz denim.
  6. cusswords


    No, unless you find a pair on Yahoo auctions. The C/L denim was used in 2015/16 for the 800, 1001, and 2001. Warehouse hasn’t used that denim since then.
  7. cusswords


    What’s the current method to ordering directly from TCB to get them hemmed by Inoue? Did you ask for a pre-soak or post soak inseam? I can see myself getting some 50s very soon
  8. cusswords


    That has a similar look and texture to the C/L denim. I can check my 800 c/l to see what the tag says about cotton. The c/l is also not soft or pliable until they have been washed several times. They are just as rough as the 800s and are far and away the scratchiest pair of jeans I have ever worn. Here’s my one wash pair on the left that I bought in 2016 for comparison. If those are in fact some C/L 1001s I am very jealous. Those and a C/L jacket would be instant purchases of Warehouse ever brought them back.
  9. cusswords

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Fugly is the consistently terrible stitching on Oni’s regular arcs. It’s a shame such cool arcs are wasted churning out jeans for Denimio
  10. cusswords

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I saw the same post and it’s much of what I hate about what Instagram has become. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but aren’t Instagram users required to clearly disclose any advertisement or relationship they have with a company as an ad or sponsored post? That post is clearly some sort of promotion or sponsorship with a company but isn’t marked as such. With these lifestyle accounts (like fashion, food, travel, etc...) and some very lax ad/sponsorship rules it’s become impossible to to distinguish what is being posted organically and what is being paid for. There are a handful of denim and menswear brands that I have zero interest in because I suspect they are taking part of these undisclosed advertisements. What’s worse is that you have people actually commenting and liking robindenim’s mattress advertisement, which boosts it into even more people’s explore feeds, which boosts the compensation robindenim is likely receiving. Once you actually look at the comments though it’s just more influencers and more brands trying to gain more visibility. These accounts have taken a niche clothing style/hobby and made it devoid of any authenticity whatsoever.
  11. cusswords


    I finally got around to taking some good photos of my Warehouse 1001HXX and 2002XX. I purchased the jacket in October of 2016 and the jeans a few months later in February of 2017. Both the jeans and jacket are the Banner Denim. I would say the cool and texture is about as accurate as I could capture. Here's the full album
  12. cusswords


    Could it be the 12oz denim Warehouse used for the used wash jeans and army/navy pants? Also adding a quick iphone picture of my Hinoya 1001XX to this page before I get some real photos of them some time this week.
  13. cusswords

    Sugar Cane Denim

    This is the last good photo of my pair that I wore for about a year. The cut is way too slim for me now and the denim is a little too gray for my tastes. These are great jeans and I’m considering getting a pair of 1966 Canes now that they are being produced in Japan again.
  14. cusswords


  15. cusswords


    This jacket has side panels on the body and sleeves. The most recent Duck Digger version of the 2002 is has side panels but the regular Warehouse 2002 does not.