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  1. cusswords


    Hinoya is selling them categorized as Denime by Warehouse. All sized appear to be in stock.
  2. cusswords

    iconic denim photos

    Saw this on the on the Yosemite Instagram page of all places. Photo from 1939.
  3. cusswords


    Warehouse has been slacking with uploading their catalog, and I wish I could have prepared my wallet for this… I really hope this pattern isn’t a seasonal flannel for Warehouse and they put it into regular rotation.
  4. cusswords


    Warehouse has some 2002XX jackets in the SS23 line up, so they will be available some time next year. This looks like a paper patch model, where the last 2002s were a leather patch 1953 more.
  5. cusswords


    Via the masamifujiki instagram it looks like Warehouse is going for some 60s big E for SS23 and the 1101, 1105, and type 3 are returning to the line up. The 1101 and 1105 are great cuts for anyone looking for something more casual than the 1001 or 800. The denim looks like it might be new, but Warehouse has given us 3 new denims recently so I might just be hopeful for a 60s style denim from Warehouse. It’s an interesting time to do this since they’re releasing some very similar 60s stuff with Denime at the same time.
  6. cusswords

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Hinoya made some Okinawa 2021s if anyone is needs some slim downed Oki’s.
  7. cusswords


    https://ware-house.jp/newitem/ltng2203/ The denim is all cotton but the dye is a mix of natural and synthetic indigo.
  8. cusswords


    I’m in If there’s an unofficial contest. I’ve been wanted some Denime for a while but I've been to busy buying and wearing Warehouse.
  9. cusswords


    Warehouse does have the 1100 and 1101 which are both ‘66 models. The 1101 is the 60s version with the V stitch and the 1100 is the 70s version without. I think this is the 1101 for Denime. I love my 1101s but Warehouse hasn’t made a standard pair (only used washed and Duck Digger) in 4 or 5 years
  10. cusswords


    Yes, but check with the retailer. I’ve seen different stores use different sizes for Warehouse sweats. XL is 42 for Warehouse and generally the largest size they make for most tops.
  11. cusswords


    Go with Large. I'm a 42 and the XL fits perfectly. Their sweatshirt fabric also shrinks and stretches a lot with wash and wear, so you could size up without any fit issues.
  12. cusswords


    This might be a stretch here but… Warehouse does some production for Human Made, right? Human Made just announced a collaboration with Levi’s to make a 506 and 1944. So is there a chance that Warehouse is involved in an official Levi’s production?
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