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  1. cusswords


    Warehouse does have the 1100 and 1101 which are both ‘66 models. The 1101 is the 60s version with the V stitch and the 1100 is the 70s version without. I think this is the 1101 for Denime. I love my 1101s but Warehouse hasn’t made a standard pair (only used washed and Duck Digger) in 4 or 5 years
  2. cusswords


    Yes, but check with the retailer. I’ve seen different stores use different sizes for Warehouse sweats. XL is 42 for Warehouse and generally the largest size they make for most tops.
  3. cusswords


    Go with Large. I'm a 42 and the XL fits perfectly. Their sweatshirt fabric also shrinks and stretches a lot with wash and wear, so you could size up without any fit issues.
  4. cusswords


    This might be a stretch here but… Warehouse does some production for Human Made, right? Human Made just announced a collaboration with Levi’s to make a 506 and 1944. So is there a chance that Warehouse is involved in an official Levi’s production?
  5. cusswords

    Superdenim community sale thread

    I’ve got a BNWT size 42 Warehouse Cooper Button 2000XX made with the Dead Stock Blue denim. $300 plus shipping. https://www.ware-house.co.jp/?pid=158636405
  6. cusswords


    There was a Duck Digger version recently and the used-wash version comes out regularly, but Warehouse hasn’t made a standard 1101 or 1101 in a few years.
  7. cusswords


    I just picked up my first raw jacket in a few years. It’s the DSB Copper Button 2001XX. Warehouse continues to outdo themselves and ,IMO, there is very little competition for best repro jackets at the moment. I’m loving the oversized pocket and the mismatched orange and yellow thread. I’ll put some more photos up once I break it in with more wear.
  8. cusswords


    Bears now has the Lee-pro jacket in stock for anyone looking to pick that up. Personally I’m waiting for the copper button or 1936 type 1 to drop now that my 2002 has a few years of wear on it.
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