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  1. cusswords

    Sugar Cane Denim

    I’m usually a 34 in Sugar Cane but sized up to a 36 as these shrink to 1-1.5 inches below tagged size. They’re hemmed to 30”. I also washed my pair after taking these photos and got roughly the same measurements that Lazer posted above.
  2. cusswords

    Sugar Cane Denim

    The new Sugar Cane x Self Edge Okinawas
  3. cusswords

    Pandemic Masks

    This was supposed to be a thread to help those of us with enough respect for our communities find a good face mask. Instead, the resident trolls whose days are so pathetically sad that they need a repeated endorphin rush from the notifications that their dumbass, “controversial”, and totally misinformed comments generate have completely tanked an otherwise harmless thread. You couldn’t have picked a stupider hill to die on. Anyways, I’d like to recommend the masks made by Hudson Hill in Greensboro, NC. They have some great fabric choices and we’re pretty quick to shift their business to pandemic response, which has done a lot of good for their community.
  4. cusswords

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Mister Freedom has a pair of slim Hawaii’s releasing any day now. I’m actually really happy to hear the new SExSC jeans run slim. I’m a 34 and broke my “no 36” rule for this pair and I was worried I would be swimming in the thighs.
  5. cusswords

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Do you expect the Okinawa BSP jeans to shrink any more in length? Was the pattern cut so the the inseam would be 35-36” after being washed?
  6. cusswords

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Kiya do you have any idea if the Sugar Cane Catalogue will be out soon? Those jeans or the standard Hawaii jeans are on my short list for new jeans, but I would like to see Sugar Cane’s 2020 catalogue before making a purchase. I kind of suspect the Edo-Ai jeans are this years special jeans like the mixed denim last year.
  7. cusswords

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Forgive me if this is wrong place for this but I decided to sell my Golden Handshake 1915 501XX jeans. 34W32L. Worn once, washed once, and stored in a closet since then. I normally wouldn’t post sales into threads, but LVC tends to get buried with a bunch of used mainline Levi’s on eBay and Grailed. These are an excellent pair of jeans that deserve to be worn, and I just haven’t been the one to wear them.
  8. cusswords


    Here’s a proper update after a year with these 1101s. iPhone photos but I have a nice shady outdoors space, so the color and texture are pretty accurate. Banner denim off course Does anyone have any recommendations for similar denim? I love the weight, color, and texture of these jeans, but I want to wear something new once I get a new pair. I’ve tried the TCB 50s but I need a slimmer fit since I wear a 34. The 50s slim rise is a no-go.
  9. cusswords

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    ...especially since there is an option to view the website in English without your browser translator. Now all they need is an option to hem your jeans. I hope this cuts down on the time it took to order from Rakuten. Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of me so they would get my order the next business day, I would get the invoice the day after that, and 3 days after ordering it would finally ship.
  10. cusswords

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    https://hinoya.shop/ Hinoya now has its own web store with international shipping available.
  11. cusswords


    I’m 1 for 2 cleanly picked tabs. And since we’ve been talking new denim, here’s some banner denim now that I have some good lighting and a full length mirror.
  12. cusswords


    More from the staff blog. The Dead Stock Blue jeans are starting to sound similar to the time machine wash from OOE. When put into google translate... “Dead Stock Blue That is "BLUE" created by "time". The extra time in the "DEAD STOCK BLUE" GA ghost town created by the American climate, and in the air that reached as if refusing to let the people in the general store, whose time had stopped, to enter. Old stock denim clothing that has been the owner for a long time. At first glance, the stacked veiled stacks look new. With the passage of time, such denims are unknowingly "heated. Indigo is dyed with a passbook and from the blue when it was woven. "It is oxidized to dead stock blue. In the passage of "time" The unique lining of the denim fabric has been recreated using all the techniques accumulated for 25 years. It is the highest-class label that we have put all our hearts into making it possible to say, "There is no more," from leather labels, button rivets, wish threads, and even sewing machine setups that need to be manufactured. This fall, which will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of 2020, is not something that is limited in quantity. It is the "highest peak" based on the accumulated technology. "What you are looking for is in WAREHOUSE." Before the founder Shiotani Brothers launched the warehouse, it is a word said by a vintage dealer in the United States that he came over. "DEAD STOCK BLUE" that exactly fits that word. I saw it on WAREH0USE. It is the peak of the highest peak that WAREHOUSE has reached over 25 years as if to shock the soul.”
  13. cusswords


    If I’m not mistaken the new denim on the S1000XX has already been used on the most recent 1003XX and one of the 25th anniversary jeans. It’s what’s pictured from my post about the staff blog. I haven’t seen anything about the new denim with pink selvedge. I’m curious to see what the inspiration for it is since the other new denim is a WWII denim. It definitely looks less textured in its unwashed state.
  14. cusswords


    The Warehouse staff blog has some progress photos of the new denim
  15. cusswords


    Warehouse catalogues have been somewhat underwhelming lately with all of the used-wash denim and dozens of tees that look like they raided a thrift store from the 70s... but the F/W previews have been amazing so far. They are definitely bringing it for the 25th anniversary. The leather A-1, denim parka, suede sherpa type 3, and down jacket all look amazing. Warehouse has some seriously underrated jackets... I just wish in lived in a climate that could justify buying one.
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