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  1. cusswords


    Does this mean that there is some Lee x Warehouse in the works? I’ve been looking for a 101J or Storm Riders jacket lately, and a Warehouse version would be perfect.
  2. cusswords


    It definitely is the XX model. Any idea why they are calling this the XX model compared to last seasons 800? As far as I know just the stitching, tab, and being one-wash changed from last year's model. There's also a feature on Warehouse denim in the upcoming issue of Lightning that is currently up on the staff blog . I wonder if this is the whole article or if it's worth picking up a copy of the magazine.
  3. cusswords


    I finally added a pair of 800s to my collection. I’ve had the C/L 800s and a few banner denim pieces for a while, but this will be my first Warehouse piece in their 14.5 oz denim. I ordered these directly from Warehouse and had them hemmed to 79cm. I believe this year’s lot is one-wash, yellow/orange stichting, and has a red tab. I’m also wearing a Warehouse 2002, an LVC tee, and some Viberg X Nigel Carbourn Chukkas.
  4. cusswords

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Where is everyone getting their jeans repaired right now? I asked to be put on the Indigo Proof waitlist all the way back in March and I’m still waiting. I didn’t need repairs then, I just anticipated some of the stitching would eventually split on the back rise, but once that needed them I’m was still months out. My wife happened to be in NYC this month, so I she was kind enough to drop them off at Self Edge for me. I read some negative comments lately about Railcar’s turnaround time and I’m not sure who else I trust with quality repairs. Maybe I’m underestimating the popularity of denim, or just how many people are still sizing down, but I get the feeing that the good repair services are swamped tapering the jeans for the reddit and Instagram denim scene.
  5. cusswords

    WTF didn't I just buy it? What's wrong with me?

    I bought my first raw denim in 2012 the second time I visited New York City. After going to Self Edge and Blue in Green I ended up buying some Raleigh Denim jeans because I was moving to North Carolina (30 minutes from Raleigh) the next year and I also bought pretty heavily into the “made in the US” trend that was peaking around then. Good jeans, but I took the size down advice and that never really worked for me. My biggest miss on that trip was not buying the now discontinued Warehouse 660 at Blue in Green. Aside from the fact that they don’t make that collab anymore it also one of the only Japanese pairs you can buy in my true size of 35.
  6. cusswords


    The online shop is up with measurements. Everything is marked as sold out, but I’m assuming that’s because the stock may become available some time tomorrow. Edit: and that’s what happened. Sales are now live.
  7. cusswords


    Has anyone who has ordered jeans directly from the Warehouse wedsite also had their jeans hemmed in the same order? I’m assuming I could leave a note in the order form with my desired inseam but if anyone has any tips on how to communicate with Warehouse it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. cusswords

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Sugar Cane Warehouse An original I much prefer the color of the LVC and the original Levi’s, but I would expect a higher quality product and better value from Sugar Cane or Warehouse.
  9. cusswords

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Both Warehouse and Sugar Cane are making versions of this jacket this season for more affordable prices. I’ve even seen a few originals on some Japanese vintage Instagrams for cheaper.
  10. cusswords


    Compared to TCB I much prefer the shorter, boxier fit of the Warehouse type II. My favorite aspect of this jacket is that the banner denim does an exceptional job of recreating the look of a Levi’s original type II. Here are some more faded examples https://info.ware-house.co.jp/usedsample/item/jacket/ https://warehouse-labo.tumblr.com/
  11. cusswords


    And while I’m here... heres my 2002xx I’ve had for two years. Jacket season is extremely short in New Orleans, so this spends more time in the closet than not. The banner denim is perfect for a type II and in my humble opinion this is one of the best denim jackets on the market.
  12. cusswords


    Here is the current state of my 1105s along with a fit from when they were new. I bought these one-wash while at warehouse store in Shibuya a few years ago. This is a great fit without being to slim through the thighs and no ridiculous amount of taper. I was also mistaken about the denim. The Warehouse catalogue now lists the upcoming 1101/1109/1105 as using the 13.5 ounce banner denim.
  13. cusswords


    I actually just started wearing the 1105s Warehouse released in 2014 while my 1001s make their way through the Indigo Proof waitlist. I’ll take some photos once I’m home, but I have several fit and update photos in this thread. My pair is a banner denim version, but I believe the next release a 12oz denim rather than Warehouse’s usual 13 and 14oz denims. The new 1105 looks similar to the cotton/linen denim, so I’ve been waiting patiently for Warehouse to post some more info on these pairs.
  14. cusswords


    If you don't mind a zipper you may want to consider the 1105
  15. cusswords

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    No, go true to size. I wear the 1955 in a 34w and my jeans will stretch to about 36” after some wear. I machine wash and dry my pair and haven’t noticed significant shrinkage after the initial wash.