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  1. Here's my lot 64Ranch Blouse to close out jacket season before it goes into the closet for until October. I've had this for 3 years now, and it was my main jacket until I purchased the Warehouse 2002 last fall. Edited ever so slightly to adjust the white balance and bring out some of the greencast of the 66 denim. Edit: these images got compressed and lost some detail, so here's a full size imgur album
  2. The high water look can be cool with the right sneaker or a really nice hem, but the trend of guys cuffing their jeans (usually a slim cut and pinrolled) so high that they can show off their entire boot and a few inches of sock never, ever looks cool. Scroll through a couple of the Red Wing tags or popular raw denim accounts on Instagram if you aren't familiar with the look.
  3. Mister Freedom Ranger Shirt Warehouse x Hinoya 1001 Oak St. Mocs Louisiana swamps
  4. Buzz Rickson chambray, Whitesville tee, Warehouse 1105, New Balance MiUSA 1978s.
  5. File this under iconic photos that happen to include denim. I was on instagram the other day and saw some published and unpublished photos from a LIFE magazine story on the aftermath of the Watts Riots in California. These photos are from 1966 and include some fits so clean the Japanese would be envious.
  6. 1105 washed and dried for the 2nd time (not including the factory wash). 70 wear days
  7. My size 42 2002xx measures 22.25in / 56cm pit to pit and and 26.5 in / 68 cm from the top of the collar to the bottom. Here's a fit from a few months ago worn with the C/L 800s
  8. I also got a pair a few months ago. I really hope Warehouse keeps this fit their rotation because I think it's one of the better straight/tapered jeans to hit the market recently. If these had hidden rivets and a button fly I don't think I would need any other jeans. Here's my 1105s with about 45 days of wear.
  9. More Duck Digger products have hit the Warehouse site including a new jacket made with the banner denim and 1943 and 45 models made with the 14.5oz denim.
  10. I actually did the same thing. The BiG holiday discount was burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to pick up the Kaigai 800s and keep my cotton/linen 800s as summer jeans. My 1105s and c/l 800s are both size 34, but I sized up to 36 to get a better fit in the top block. The c/l version is 800 is also cut a little larger in the same size, which is why I can wear a 34. I washed and air dried them twice and the fit works for me. I'll try to get a fit pic up soon.
  11. Here are some iPhone shots of my c/l 800s at about 100 days of wear and 5 washes. The wash count is pretty high since it's almost November and still 85 degrees outside. I guess that makes linen jeans a pretty good investment. The color is pretty accurate, but maybe a shade lighter than it's true color. There's not as much crinkling and puckering as you would expect from a Warehouse jean at this wash count, but a really cool, snowy texture is starting to show through.
  12. The F/W Sugar Cane catalogue is up and includes the Mister Freedom 10th anniversary pieces.
  13. Thanks y'all. This jacket is a 42 and length measures 25.5in/65cm down the back, so it's shorter than the Fullcount and TCB alternatives. I suspect there might be more shrinkage since this is Warehouse and I ordered it raw and washed/air dried it. For reference I have a Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse in a 40 that fits like the picture below. The 2002xx has about a .5 inch of room everywhere and is overall a better fit for me. The longer sleeves on the 2002xx actually fit me perfectly.
  14. 2002xx arrived just in time for the first cool fall day.
  15. Yeah. My size 34 1105s measure 35in/89cm at the waist after some wear.