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  1. Warehouse

    Looks like Warehouse and LVC happened to make the same suede sherpa jacket this season. https://www.ware-house.co.jp/?pid=132358637 https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/clothing/men/outerwear/suede-sherpa-trucker-jacket/p/560220001
  2. Warehouse

    Some iPhone shots of my Warehouse Hinoya 1001HXX at 300 days
  3. Warehouse

    Could you link the c/l 1001s?
  4. Warehouse

    I have the 1105z, Hinoya 1001s, and the c/l 800s all in 34. I'm pretty sure the c/l 800s are cut a little more generously than the regular 800s. As for the quality of the denim I think it's some of the most interesting fabric on any jean that I've bought. I bought them one-wash and there was a serious break in period. The linen fibers are rough and scratchy , but it gives it a texture more like a lighter PBJ. I wear them though the very hot and very humid Louisiana summer and they are fairly comfortable. Here's my pair with about 150-200 wear days. I wash them pretty often as they've become my kayaking in the swamp jeans. If I could find a these in the 1001 cut I would definitely buy another pair. The 800 cut is just a little too slim in the thighs now
  5. Warehouse

    The Spring/Summer catalogues for Warehouse and Heller's Cafe are up. There's also a new Type III that isn't in the catalogue.
  6. Seen on the Greensboro shop Hudson’s Hill live story on Instagram
  7. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    My apologies if this has been posted before, but it's new to me. MoMA goes to the Levi's archives to look at 3 incredible pairs of 501s. https://youtu.be/xmaqrw6GJPM
  8. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    1915s on the US Levis site for $90 after the extra 30% discount code. 32 and 34 still available. The sawtooth denim shirt and the new chambray popover are also on pretty deep discount.
  9. Warehouse

    Here are my Warehouse x Hinoya 1001HX that came out at the beginning of this year. They have about 200 wears and have been machine washed and dried 7 times. Here's an imgur album with a few more photos.
  10. Sugar Cane Denim

    Not much in my experience. I find that the 2009/14 fabric has a generous amount of stretch to it. My 34” get to a 37” waist pretty easily and I hot wash and machine dry every time.
  11. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    ‘66 are currently 50% off on the main Levi’s site with pretty much every size available in 34L
  12. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I had some ‘55s on a short list for the next pair of jeans and the Cone news pushed that time line up significantly. 34x34 hot washed and air dried.
  13. Warehouse

    I asked BiG about it recently and they told me there aren’t any planned restocks for the 660.
  14. Warehouse

    What denim is that? It says 13.5 but it doesn’t look like the banner denim to me.
  15. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    LVC, Warehouse 1001, Viberg Chelsea