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  1. cusswords


    Bears now has the Lee-pro jacket in stock for anyone looking to pick that up. Personally I’m waiting for the copper button or 1936 type 1 to drop now that my 2002 has a few years of wear on it.
  2. cusswords


    For anyone looking some DSB S2000XX jackets are back in stock on the Warehouse website. Warehouse has really being killing it with the type I’s lately. The DSB 2000XX, S2000XX, copper button 2000XX, and the 1936 have all released with the last few catalogs.
  3. cusswords

    Vintage Denim?

    How could I possibly forget… These are actually a perfect fit aside from the inseam coming up 2 inches short. I might send them off to get the hem redone with a proper thread color and chainstitch
  4. cusswords

    Vintage Denim?

    I scored some interesting 501s from eBay and they look to be some of the first small e 501s produced. The care instructions are printed on the pocket bags but there’s a small e. They must be some kind of transition model made around 72/73. It’s got a 6 button, single stitch, and the last bit of yellow thread near the coin pocket. Other than the missing patch and the hem (26in inseam…) the condition is amazing.
  5. cusswords


    I took a few photos of my 2002XX that I've been wearing since 2016. Full album here https://imgur.com/a/yupAdHk
  6. cusswords

    Sugar Cane Denim

    I picked up the 2021s from the recent Hinoya restock. I these are great jeans but I am in awe at the size of this coin pocket. It’s my only possible complaint with these jeans because it is massive.
  7. cusswords

    Sugar Cane Denim

    https://hinoya.shop/en/products/sc11201 Is this lot 201 a new Sugar Cane fiber denim? It’s not the Edo, Oki, or Hawaii and it wasn’t included in this year’s catalog.
  8. cusswords


    They are about the same. The C/L denim much lighter than the standard 800 denim so it should be a littler more comfortable.
  9. cusswords


    I remember when their web store had sections for Hellers Cafe, Copper King, and others. I think they may have done away with sub-brands and they release them as part of the Warehouse catalogue. Warehouse also uses the same denims for different brands like Dubbleworks with the banner denim and Burgus Plus with the 14.5oz denim.
  10. cusswords


    Relevant comment because I happened to take this photo earlier today of my 1001HXX and 1101 in banner denim. Both were produced around 2017, but the difference in texture is pretty considerable.
  11. cusswords


    Aren't the Duck Digger models just standard Warehouse denim with more historically accurate detail and Warehouse's wash processes? I haven't seen a weight associated with the new Warehouse denims.
  12. cusswords


    I, too, had the back rise stitching blow out disappointingly fast on my 800s. They have the 2x1 military denim, a 12oz denim for the used-wash models, the new WWII denim and the oxidized version on the DSB S1000XX, whichever new denim is being used on the DSB 1000XX (I'm assuming we'll get a non-oxidized version soon), and they also have two new denims for the 1901 and 1915 that will be out this spring/summer. They also still release the Heller Cafe Non-Pareil jeans and jacket, but I don't recall which denim that uses. It wasn't that long ago that everyone seemed kind of bored with Warehouse's reliance on the banner denim and look where we are now.
  13. cusswords

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    LVC ended US production of 501s, so they might as well do a 90s collection to celebrate that.
  14. cusswords

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Was that the double indigo Mister Freedom recently used that I saw on a recent Self Edge IG post about the next SExSC?
  15. cusswords

    Sugar Cane Denim

    I don't know how they're doing it now but I know in the past Denimio was purposefully undervaluing their packages so they wouldn't get caught in customs. Practically everyone on the denim subreddit was telling other people that Denimio would mark their package as a gift if requested. You as the consumer can do whatever you want, but if Denimio was skirting around customs law to undercut their competition, then yes they are a shady business. Personally I won't shop with Denimio because of their past behavior and how they contribute little beyond hype and marketing to the denim community, and I'm disappointed to see just how large of a customer base these tactics have cultivated. Also, their web site is hot garbage.
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