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  1. julian-wolf


    What's the width & thickness? Might be interested in the medium brown one, you're right that it's a beautiful buckle
  2. I wouldn’t read too much into it. All the email does is acknowledge something that unambiguously happened. They don’t come anywhere close, in the email, to making a judgment call one way or the other, and they have a long history of using seemingly random occasions as (tenuous) excuses to have little sales. Out of curiosity, what issue do you take with it, personally?
  3. Tilley / Weaver’s Stock / Orgueil / Hollows / Cane’s / Russell
  4. Glad you decided to grab some. The nibi-iro and kenbourguro-iro were my two most recent pickups, too (both as 175 cm Henley necked short sleeve tees) and they’re fantastic, somehow simultaneously simple greyscale and deep green–blue–brown. You’re right to call them both dull and deep. Jonathan, who I guess handles their international orders & English-language communication, is the same that many here will know from his Banana Almanac fame, and more recently from Two Ears Brand + Ooe’s One Ear Brand. He does a great job answering all sorts of questions etc
  5. Big patches on the seat + crotch, plus some shots of the finished product
  6. They do, especially the style of stitching—but I don't think I've ever seen Arrow use such thin / light leather?
  7. ^ If they are Russells, they’re either custom or from a while ago. I don’t think any of their recent stock chukkas have shipped with soft leather soles.
  8. Others’ll know better, but as far as I’m aware the Neil Cassidy is the only shirt that any of the Freewheelers brands consistently makes every year
  9. Size 4 jeans (at least those made from the standard denim) should have around a 36” waist
  10. ^ Top notch all around I just picked up a half yard of some really beautiful light indigo ramie from Buaisou, no idea what I’m going to do with it but I’m looking forward Tilley / Joe McCoy’s / Great Lakes / Cane’s / Russell
  11. & the back pocket, patched + lined with some old plain weave raw hemp (also added backing to the main leg panel where it was starting to wear through) Forgot to take a final photo from the outside…stay tuned for when the rest is done, I guess
  12. Leg of @shredwin_206’s S601xx Patch is leftover from a roll end I bought a long time ago @ the local discount fabric place, feels identical to the standard rigid Wrangler denim
  13. Union Special / Tender Co. / Tezomeya / Hollows / old Cane’s / Russell
  14. Spent the second half of this week dyeing baby clothes for a new niece. They’re all cotton. I don’t often dye with cellulose fibers because it’s such an extra hassle—but the flip side of this is that, when I do, I tend to throw as much in there as I can Had a cotton bandana laying around for who knows how long (I think it shipped w/ something or other from the Trestle Shop)…now it’s pink Tannic acid -> alum + lots of soda ash -> ground cochineal
  15. @shredwin_206’s S601xx looking reallll good before a round of repairs
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