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  1. @Hopethisoneisnttaken That looks like it should be in the Black Corridor in Red Rocks, on the right side of the lower level towards the middle—don’t remember the name of the route
  2. ^^ Anyone who looks at broguing and thinks dress shoes probably isn’t worth paying much mind, when it comes to style…
  3. Pup’s first trip to the market Tilley / Rocky Mountain / Joe McCoy’s Ballpark / Duke’s / Cane’s
  4. @Hopethisoneisnttaken Good guess
  5. @MJF9 How’s that Cathartt coat coming along? Still bummed to have missed out on those; hoping to live vicariously…
  6. Couple of months ago I gave one of the brass peregrine falcon whistles to my sweetie as a necklace It’s a really gorgeous piece—the casting is great, and I’m particularly fond of the variation in color around the joint where the two pieces were heated up & brazed together Anyway, I’m borrowing it today, so I thought I’d take advantage of the photo opportunity. Shown here w/ a Tezomeya tee & a Type 492 shirt, overdyed w/ henna
  7. ^ didn’t some of the Champloo SdA jeans do the same, too?
  8. @blooming has it stayed intact? I remember when they first started doing this a couple folks tried picking the stitches and their tabs ended up disintegrating over the next few wishes, I guess just from the damage done by the bar tacks. I never wanted to risk it with mine. Maybe they’ve changed how they do it?
  9. Tilley hat / Ooe cossack / Tender Co. tee & trousers / Hollows belt / Russell mocs
  10. @rodeo bill That’s really neat! I guess even without the surrounding cells still alive, the chlorophyll’s able to do its thing. I might try and reproduce that little experiment—seems like a fun one to show the younger students (“bet your socks can’t do this!”)
  11. Home sick, xxxtra cozy Tender coat & socks // Ues waffle knit // SC40300 // Birks
  12. Thanks! No, no reasoning behind the orientation of the patch besides having had a piece of scrap denim around that was the right size & shape if I oriented it like that…
  13. Recently patched over a knee blowout on the M41119 that I use mostly for climbing Did it all by hand, which I had never actually tried out before for this sort of repair, & I’m really happy with how it’s turned out
  14. M41119 also coming along well Good looking, good fitting, well made jeans, but the pockets (front & back both) are too small for me to ever want to use them day to day—so these will forever just be for climbing & yard work too Just finished up a fun knee blowout repair; meanwhile, I left them outside to dry one night after a sweaty day & an enterprising squirrel made a meal out of them (I guess it wanted the salt) so there’s still a bunch of little holes around the thighs & seat that I need to patch up. Besides that, plenty of life left
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