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  1. Thanks_M8


    Lot 800 c/l worn since 2021 and every summer and spring since then
  2. Also not today but over the last week & weekend: Since the temperatures rose a bit in germany the citrus project on the balcony is growing along. Seen here are: 1 x trifoliate orange 1 x citrumelo (hybrid of trifoliate orange & grapefruit) lots of yuzus (the small ones are seed grown), the big one I got last winter at half its size right now 2 x volkamer lemons 1 ichang orange and maybe in the background a sanguinello blood orange Also visible an olive we got a few years ago bearing fruit nowadays The other pictures are from the weekend, foraging for berries and mushrooms in the black forest. Friends of ours moved there recently and we visited over the weekend. Since it's been crazy rainy and wet, but not really cold chanterelle mushrooms have been growing pretty early in the season. Usually they are ripe in august/september, rather than beginning of july.
  3. 202s in the early morning. Got them 2017 hardly worn but second hand. Left knee torn, right back pocket as well, pocket entries have been repaired, crotch has been repaired. Have cut them off a few years ago because the original inseam was about 37" post shrink and I got tired of cuffing.
  4. Hairnet, Beardnet, white coat. Warehouse cotton linen lot 800 Safety shoes (steitz secura with boa lacing) Black lentil balsamic vinegar spread all over me...
  5. ^gildan heavy cottons in a 30 pack I wear them all day for work and it's the easier thing to not think about what kind off tshirt I want for the day early in the morning.
  6. Hit me up if it doesn't work out might need to clear some closet space
  7. ^Resolute has their AA 10th anniversary denim. Still in production from time to time I think a few people have experience with this denim. Denime and Warehouse sometimes got it in their lineup as well and I am wearing a pair of SC41265s right now. Some brands go more in the ecru direction while some go more pure white. Ages differently and makes it different to combine, but both work out well with a lot of outfits imo. Especially as they age, it evens out with ecru and white.
  8. Fuzzy face Carhartt wip Diy Pherrows Stussy x timberland
  9. ^ kinda was hoping for black x black or OD but those look pretty neat
  10. Wide, old and comfy Old milk records hat (sadly they are not in business anymor) Stussy x lvc, old shirt, buzz chinos, weird yuketens
  11. On the same page as the lads before me with the flagship denim really sturdy denim, can develop lots of character as well. Re rise: Even the 102s I had could have had more rise front and back, gets worse with the stiff denim... the 202s are the same cut, but it's less noticeable, because of the lacking stiffness of the denim.
  12. Tbh as cool as they look, they look mighty impractical to me... As Julian already said, all the pockets are a must for me, belt loops as well. So if they might add another backpocket & the belt loops as well, I might be in, but that would mess with the whole concept of this repro imo....
  13. At my parents' place for a family birthday. Planted a persimon tree [1] as a birthday gift. Got the new dick carroll comics [2] Tried air layering on my parents yuzu [3]. Let's hope it works out. Fig tree we planted last fall at my grandparents' place is coming along pretty good [4], let's hope for good fruits. Stork's nest right around my parents' place [5]. They used to come back every year, nowadays they don't even leave anymore, since the winters are so mild
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