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  1. Thanks_M8

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Once got the recommendation to use dishwashing soap or shampoo from a cobbler, works like a charm for me, plus no extra buying trips.
  2. Thanks_M8

    Wrangler Repro Appreciate Thread

    ^^And they look great!
  3. Thanks_M8


    ^Thanks lots!
  4. Thanks_M8


    ^ True true, lockdown boredome, home office and procrastinating on the thesis got the better of me
  5. Thanks_M8


    Anyone with the C/L 800s care to chime in, how are thighs on your pair compared to the cotton version, if you have experience with it? Just won an auction for a pair and hope they'll fit
  6. ^Totally this. Been doing it like this as well, only problem I got is the front-pocket blowouts I get from my phone are more pronounced the more I cycle. That's on me though, since I keep it in a front pocket and I can't find a smaller phone that fits my needs anymore. Wide thighs and a higher rise help with this, though. Also great in winter, else you'll freeze your arse off, depending on how you sit.
  7. Thanks_M8


    ^Got that same fade for a while from my belt buckle. Now wear the buckle on the side, more comfy when cycling. Corter would also be an option, or hmu for a custom
  8. Thanks_M8

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Got around to washing and wearing those, since I figured I wouldn't win any contests with my lifestyle right now Go West "mystery" jeans. got a leather yoke and the fabric between the front-pockets and the waist is not denim, but leather aswell. Pictures of that a few pages back. Black warp, strong sulfur smell and stiff denim. Not sure about the length at the moment, but let's see. Really nice detail is the stitch-count on the inseam. gets higher in the crotch area.
  9. Thanks_M8

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    ^Love me some vintage Stüssy! It's a shame S-Double ain't around anymore...
  10. Still popular amongst a few cobblers and shoemakers to go by the toe-room. Afaik the room in the toebox doesn't define the fit, more so do the fit in ball and heel area, since you can have all kinds of toe-shapes, but the foot is "held" in the shoe by the ball and heel area. But still a matter of taste, some like their shoes a little tighter, some a little looser.
  11. Thanks_M8

    Leepro Appreciation

    Found these two on ebay, too large for me, but might be something for someone around these parts ;) https://www.ebay.de/itm/LEE-Riders-101-Vintage-Selvedge-Selvage-Denim-Jeans-size-W-32-L34-37-Neu-BNWT/174699741255?hash=item28acea8047:g:06IAAOSwE3BgWR4P https://www.ebay.de/itm/LEE-Riders-101Z-Vintage-Selvedge-Selvage-Denim-Jeans-size-W-32-L34-37-Neu-BNWT/174699743424?hash=item28acea88c0:g:qyIAAOSwqP9gWR5X
  12. Thanks_M8


    They also have a 606 model if you want to go even slimmer https://tcbjeans.stores.jp/items/54a674272b349245d8000fef Btw didn't the ramones just size down and taper their jeans?
  13. Thanks_M8


    Fresh off the workbench, had to test out the new oblong punch. Vintage buckle, 15mm havanna-brown harness leather, braided loop made of veg tan natural buffalo.
  14. Thanks_M8

    West Ride by Western River

    or these https://buyee.jp/mercari/item/m44381685054? and I think the same as the ones unders postet in deadstock condition https://buyee.jp/mercari/item/m95763788885
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