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  1. Sc california, vintage aran, old sc, rw
  2. @beautiful_FrEaK if you like 'em, get 'em I'm a more casual guy myself, but find myself implementing more fancy stuff on the regular recently (tucking ocbds, wool sweater on top). To be fair, I really like the contrast of aestethics sometimes, can keep things interesting ;)
  3. Are they at least getting sold at some kind of auction? The place I grew up with, had a problem with the bikes being left at the train station, so every year they had a deadline, up until that you had to remove your bike. Else they would take an angle grinder to the lock and auction them off at the auction. At least the young ones and people knowing how to repair the basics could get cheap(-er) bikes that way.
  4. Only thing stopping me are my dry rotted white orrizzontis I got from PSA a few years ago
  5. Recently helped a buddy out brewing beer.
  6. Early morning grocery run slopping Diy by granny Sc california I think gstar sweater/got it second hand because of the color 90s caned Rw irish setters
  7. @Broark happy belated birthday Do you know which company makes the limmer boots? They look lots like welted meindl or lowa hiking boots.
  8. Thanks_M8


    Hell yeah. Do you still wear them? Or to ask a bit more blunt: do you want to get rid of them?
  9. My wife had to get up early so I was up aswell. Figured I go up on the next hill and watch the sun come up.
  10. @Double 0 Soul might need your proxy services after all one day, seems like I can't get the dark roast in germany....
  11. ^haven't seen this yet, worth getting a 6 pack? Does it separate as much as the creamy? Def. Need to check how to get it in germany!
  12. Looks like the 1955z is part of the standard lineup now 🙂
  13. @smoothsailor sounds like something actually really fun. How long have you been welding in general? From what I gathered, a good weld-seam is kind off an art. Re bread & baking, I've started baking bread probably around 7/8ish years ago, killed of many starters and had my experiments here and there. Still got so many lessons to learn. Only recently learned how much the scoring angle matters in getting the ear. Knew about all that gluten-development stuff quite well, but I'm not really a scorer. Usually I bake boules so they fit in my cast iron pots and I let them rest seam down in the banneton. They'll rip up randomly like that, but still have the same structure as scored loaves. My process is similar to yours, but I start in the morning and stretch it out a bit more. Take out motherdough out of the fridge, make preferment with motherdough & feed motherdough a spoonfull of preferment to keep it going. Back to the fridge with it. Then in the afternoon when I get home from work I mix in the rest of the ingedrients, salt, flour water, and so on, do a stretch and fold everytime I remember until I go to sleep (usually 3-4 times). If I can manage to shape it before I go to bed, I'll do that, else it goes to the fridge unshaped and gets shaped in the morning. Always resting in the fridge once its shaped and then baked the day after or even after that, usually in the evening, post work.
  14. @smoothsailor really cool stuff! How did you get into making your own bike frames? Re baking: do you make a preferment? Since I started with using it, I never had problems with bread not rising cause auf outside temps.
  15. Tried my hand(s) at perfecting baguette recently. Not 100% original since I use oatmeal in the sourdough starter, should use only wheat flour, but the yeast activity is way better with oatmeal mixed in. First picture from today (higher heat, steeper angle when scoring => better ear, more oven spring) Second picture shows the difference good, was a few weeks earlier. Dough about the same, fermentation about the same. Next time maybe even a bit hotter to get more contrast. Lets see how they taste.
  16. @rodeo bill how do u go about dying wool in general? Might want to play around a bit myself.
  17. U could stitch over it with yellow thread for safety (use poly for durability). Usually the spot wears through on both stitch lines sooner or later... The orange thread is the first sewing line, over which the inseam is folded over, so basically it is double sewn. The yellow thread sews down the folded inseam so it stays flat and in the same position.
  18. Stussy, supreme diy tie dye, diy belt, diy tote, SC, RW irish setters I got in Berlin
  19. Great fits mate love your play on fits
  20. Repairs following @chicote instructions. My wife got me a sewing machine for my birthday in june, took a while to set it up, but its coming along. Repairing tcb contest 40s rn
  21. On the same line as the hemjob, but a bit more wild.
  22. ^New ones are fast faders it seems.
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