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  1. So you don't mind them being 'unethical', as long as the company doesn't save money or make a bad quality product? I find this odd? I'm sure this wasn't exactly what you were implying but still, you prefer quality of goods over ethics?
  2. Ever heard of Supertrash Ed? It's here: I think you'll find more of what your looking for over there...This clearly isn't to your taste.
  3. I'm quite jealous of the 123's - I'm fascinated by the fabric.
  4. Anyone from the U.S. want to act as a proxy for me to the UK? Thanks
  5. TCB

    I know, i know.... Maybe he kills chickens?!
  6. TCB

    ^ Why is that? You an expert in other people knees?
  7. @Niro They're nice and roomy in the seat and thigh, with a nice taper that's not too carrot at the hem. To be honest I'm liking them more each day. The fabric is quite stiff, the nep is rough but the fabric breathes well. Very dark too. #recommended
  8. TCB

    Thanks chaps. Think I'm probably a 40 so might get this with the t back seam then. Edit:. Or perhaps a 38 (damn it)
  9. TCB

    I was originally convinced that the 30s Jacket was the model Inoue San was wearing with the central seam running down the back. This isn't the case....So what jacket is that?
  10. Warehouse x Burgus Plus lot 880. (No filter etc) 1st full wear - soaked again. * Now featuring 3x2" hem! Must see to that. Not sure if I'll take off 2-3" and then cuff with 1.5-2" or not?
  11. No one
  12. TCB

    @Atcharut EVERYONE...including the guy that makes the jeans had advised you to go for a 31! If you have a different opinion or desired fit that's down to you!? 0.5" stretch etc is negligible regardless of the tag size, due to the very nature of cotton fabrics and their inherant shrink & stretch characteristics. Be bold.
  13. All of the MF pieces I have are very well made. Thats; Caban Peacoat, Okinawa Patrol Shirt and the lot 64 Okinawa jeans. Can't fault it at all...maybe the indigo bleed! - That's crazy on some mf pieces
  14. Just washed. Excuse the shadows