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  1. UkeNo


    Mine was the same, the graphic on the patch didn’t last long after the first wash, but the leather itself held up well for the first year or so. A t-shirt would have been cool.
  2. UkeNo


    The patch was great when it was new, and now its well worn its grown on me. Still quite supple. My other favorite detail is the fade on the pocket bag, the sateen has faded loads and become really soft, far more that the striped twill. These are semi retired now due to threads breaking and having other pairs to wear.
  3. UkeNo


    Not great but here you go. Gives a general idea of the wear (A bit too blue and not enough focus)
  4. UkeNo


    A couple of my S40’s WW2 competition jeans. The other full length shots didn’t come out well, so just these worth posting. Back pocket has most spot on colour
  5. How dare you speak out against The Grail!? You Sir are on very thin ice. I will appeal for leniency on your part to the Freewheelers authorities, but this is a very serious incident I haven’t even worn my 47’s yet but know they are ‘the best’ jean ever. I simply can’t understand anyone nit picking them! Your independent thought has been duly noted though. Everyone loves a free spirit
  6. Now that I have the 601xx 1947 in hand here’s a little side by side with the 601xx 1951 and the 661xx 1956. Each with the same fabric although the 47’s are a different colour(?) as Duke stated previously. 47’s are unwashed, 51s washed but unworn and the 56s have multiple washes and many wears. Fairly noticeable difference in blue tone on the 47 already compared to the other two 47 and 56 (Yes, they’re Freewheelers Jungle fatigues ) The fabric texture is consistent between all three but more pronounced on the washed and worn 56s. Sizing: 47 & 51 are a tag 34, and 56 is a tag 33. They all fit me well.
  7. Something about there being both a W110 and W112 too, but that this one, the W111 was softer, or a nicer shirting fabric compared the other two . I only read it quickly, but that was the gist (IIRC).
  8. Damn! Thought I’d bought that. Cone Mill heavy one or the double indigo? Good job either way. I struggled with checkout, being in the UK.
  9. @superfuture Do you have any suggestions for the few above queries? We're struggling to navigate to where we choose in different threads. Thanks
  10. Same for me @Geeman & @beautiful_FrEaK it doesn’t happen on all threads. Some go straight to the last page or wherever I select, and some to the same point each time. I’ve cleared my cache tried other browsers etc. same issue each time.
  11. Which setting do I need to take me to the most recent posts in a thread? Currently I am taken to the same post in each thread (from weeks ago). Example: I click the last page of the Roy thread, and always get directed to this place from December. Thanks
  12. They’re in the Mail now. Seiichiro sent a picture once they’d been hemmed.
  13. They can come Raw….Mine did/are anyways (and hemmed too)
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