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  1. From March
  2. I'm enjoying this sub category of fit pic lately. I always look at hems and shoes on people. I will dub this "Cuff & Sole" and hope to see more of it. 'Shoes maketh the man' and all that (and jeans, and shirts, and character. Mainly character).
  3. My style icons revealed now then! - Ande Whall Black - PF Flyers MIJ - (Buzz Ricksons P44)
  4. Now looks like this.. Current: Warehouse x Burgus Plus Lot.880 Roy Big Bro BB1002 Ande Whall Caribou Black Denim Ande Whall Caribou SR8 - 11oz Levis LVC 1915 Cone Occasional: Roy RS2 - Nihon Mempu Retired: Edwin 55 - (Japanese Import) Ande Whall Comeback Special Caribou B.I.G N-02 5th Anniversary Sold: Tellason Ankara Carhartt Cattleman Roy RS1 Roy RS3 Roy RS4 - Cone Project Iron Heart Beatle Busters 21oz Over-dyed Sugar Cane Edo Ai 40501 Rising Sun Blacksmiths Flat Head K0011 Iron Heart Mega Beatle Busters 25oz - HWDC2 Roy Special Fit (SF01) Roy Big Bro (CB1) 3Sixteen 11BSP Mister Freedom Californian Lot.64 - Okinawan Issue. Lots of outgoings. Just about right now.
  5. @Max Power There's a few guys you might like at The Family Business Tattoo: Sadly, Into-you tattoo has now closed.
  6. Such an impressive lineup from Stevenson. My guess is that the Cody shirt will become a classic piece.
  7. So you don't mind them being 'unethical', as long as the company doesn't save money or make a bad quality product? I find this odd? I'm sure this wasn't exactly what you were implying but still, you prefer quality of goods over ethics?
  8. LOL :
  9. Ever heard of Supertrash Ed? It's here: I think you'll find more of what your looking for over there...This clearly isn't to your taste.
  10. I'm quite jealous of the 123's - I'm fascinated by the fabric.
  11. Anyone from the U.S. want to act as a proxy for me to the UK? Thanks
  12. TCB

    I know, i know.... Maybe he kills chickens?!
  13. TCB

    ^ Why is that? You an expert in other people knees?
  14. @Niro They're nice and roomy in the seat and thigh, with a nice taper that's not too carrot at the hem. To be honest I'm liking them more each day. The fabric is quite stiff, the nep is rough but the fabric breathes well. Very dark too. #recommended