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  1. UkeNo

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    The RS1s aren't Black Seed denim. They are selvage cone but not the Roy developed Black Seed. Edit. The more recent RS01's are Black seed, the older RS1/RN1's are different cone.
  2. UkeNo

    Watches and Denim

    There are collectibles from a good few brands under contract for the MOD I'm not sure about Omega as W.W.W. I saved some detailed articles in this a while back. Will see if I can find them.
  3. UkeNo

    Watches and Denim

    Do you mean CWC watches? Like them. They have new or re-released military models but originals can be picked up quite reasonably too. apart from that everyone in the military wears a Casio or Garmin/Suunto
  4. UkeNo

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    If they've only been soaked twice and not washed at all then I expect you have only achieved 50% or maybe 2-3rds of the actually shrink available. I'd wash them again with some warmer water and agitation / machine. also worth noting that the difference between a size 33 and 34 won't bring a dramatic difference in fit. Roy himself used to have a guide on how to size his pairs up or down and the look each achieved. I have a 32, 33 and 34 - all fit.
  5. UkeNo

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    @Kit Carruthers Did I see you today on Hove seafront? Mid afternoon (Sat 2nd)? Saw a chap wearing Orslow/Baker pants, white chore coat and black beanie today. didn't look like your regular hight-st gear if not, then I apologise and will stick to peeking in your window, as per usual
  6. The mixed Fabric Canes - certain they'll look cool when well worn in a couple of years http://pants-shop-avenue.com/item/SC41701/?mode=pc
  7. UkeNo

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Felix Jouanneau has created a 'day in the life' on his insta stories. Great boot making details. see stories at top of page.
  8. UkeNo

    Watches and Denim

    This is the GS that has me most interested recently @SuperJackle I completely agree with you regarding them.
  9. UkeNo

    Mister Freedom

    WTB: Okinawa Ranch Blouse size 40. New or close to as possible. DM if you have one going. Thanks.
  10. I played Micky Flanagan to an Ozzie and Argentinian (that spoke fluent English) once and they were both completely stumped. The dialogue is what makes it both amusing and hard to catch.
  11. So that's me, @Wasim @Kit Carruthers @The Clerk, @Double 0 Soul (if he can get his summer house back), all in Brighton (and Hove, actually). Pretty sure @MJF9 is down the road as well. I propose a catch-up is in order. Beer or coffee etc, When we're not all house bound. Maybe we can get the weekenders to visit from London as well? I alwaysknew people in Brighton were cool. This just confirms it
  12. DAMN Neal - I live there now!
  13. UkeNo


    @Muck Dynasty - you realise that is a picture of Miami or similar - somewhere hot and sunny and not actually of a British beach right?
  14. Not so much on Saturday. The intention was there but it wasn't easy due to the number of people - on the front by hove lawns. Today was much better and the police have been patrolling since last week - moving people along etc. My perception of it - the general feeling, is that 95% of people are doing everything they can and are adhering to the rules. Personally, we are being very strict with ourselves, only shopping once a week and outside to run every other day.
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