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  1. All of the MF pieces I have are very well made. Thats; Caban Peacoat, Okinawa Patrol Shirt and the lot 64 Okinawa jeans. Can't fault it at all...maybe the indigo bleed! - That's crazy on some mf pieces
  2. Just washed. Excuse the shadows
  3. Any news on the Selfedge x Roy Jean Kiya? I presume this will be after the shirts phase?
  4. Has anyone handled the new 22oz denim or bought a pair yet? Thought's?
  5. ^ Small workshop brands like TCB, Dawson Denim, Roy, Ooe-Yofukuten & CSF are a draw for me. Being able to produce a product designed and made by a small number of individuals, from patterning to posting is something very special, and well worth the cost in my opinion. I rate this above 'made in x' as a hook.
  6. ^ This topic is specifically for discussion centered around Denim and denim oriented brands. Hence it being placed here. It serves the Superdenim forum with a place to discuss these things.
  7. ^ No, providing you buy your denim with something other than money.
  8. 880 fabric: "Main fabric: Denim made in 14.5 ounces of equivalency WAREHOUSE" this is from Hinoya's page (translated). It's a neppy rht with a slightly off white weft and pale orange id.
  9. Interesting points here, Availability + Service, is quite something to balance. Quality of service in my opinion, is very important as there is often a high level of expertise and advice required when purchasing some/most of these items. I appreciate dedicated retailers that can answer often nuanced questions, as it reduces the risk of making a bad purchase and fills the void of just not quite knowing how a fabric etc will act with age, wear etc. Taking that into consideration, if you have no local store then you're left purchasing online which may lack the tangible experience but can still supply some of the necessary advice like size charts and product specification. Weighing up these two considerations is often swayed by price and personal preference - or some people don't need advice, some don't care for certain retailers, some retailers don't stock the brand/model you want.... I find that one thing that safeguards this for stores are the limited edition/collaboration models that often feature limited fabrics & cuts only available to a specific retailer - often as they collaborated on the design. Often I think this is money well spent as it's your only option and normally quite enticing. This is fine by me. Thinking of the $300 price ceiling, I honestly think it's a combination of typical market factors; Price of materials, skilled production, market share, retail costing and most importantly - demand. The price (or value) is often only a reflection of what people are willing to pay - and people are, so they charge accordingly. If this price is then manipulated or increased to satisfy a companies demand for profit then we are into a disscussion on Fairness/ morality or profiteering etc. However it should be noted that some business have excelled - to the consumers benefit, by undercutting the competition and squeezing everyone else in the market. Back to fairness & business ethics again. This is all quite interesting, and only occurs due to a fine balance of supply, demand and desire! Balance, all about balance.
  10. I have created a thread for all Money related discussions:
  11. Understandably when discussing denim brands and their clothing, the discussion often gravitates towards cost and pricing of items in regards to quality, location, international pricing, taxation and corporate fiscal policy. This is something that affects the consumer, the producer and the retailer and is therefore important to all of us who are particular about our clothing (as we all are here). In order to free up the brands threads for the products and the wearer themselves, please discuss issues such as: Pricing, Quality, Taxation, Currency Exchange, Import Laws, Shipping Cost & International Availability in this thread. I hope people agree with me creating this. Thanks, U. Edit: title updated
  12. Thanks all. I've been out of hospital for over a week now with an aircast boot so healing up well. Shouldn't be cluttering up the thread with my tales of woe anyhow I don't think the fabric is the same as the BIGxWH 660 but it could be - that's 14oz and the 880 is 14.5oz, not much in it.
  13. They've arrived... Lot.880 Very nice indeed. Great fabric, as in, really quite something, neppy and a bit irregular. These are one wash and very rigid. Might soak again depending on the fit. That'll have to wait as I can't wear them now - see picture. I've measured them as they are - One wash: Warehouse x Burgus Plus Lot.880 (01-05 Yellow Logo Thread) Tag: 34 (O/W) Waist: 34 " Front Rise: 11" Back Rise: 15" Inseam: 33" Thigh: 12.5" Knee: 9" Hem: 7.25 "
  14. Thanks...Hoping that I'll be able to keep you from swiping these ones from me
  15. Warehouse x Burgus Lot 880 inbound ☺️