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  1. Is there a music or what are you listening to today tread? Been listening to the new Squarepusher track. It's a complete mind bender.
  2. My Only Denim Headwear. Handmade by the now (sadly) defunct Circle A Brand. Cone mills, single needle with a nice twill liner and taped seams. Shrank a little and crinkled with a soak and has crocked further as it's been wet a couple of times in the rain.
  3. Not relevant to anything - I suppose it's clothing at least... I quite enjoyed the comment.
  4. Mate, it's decades old and cost pennies. it wreaked and couldn't be worn without a wash. Yes I used a wool detergent. don't worry about my counter tops - got fairly decent carpentry skills, oh, and drying & general cleaning up skills. as a side note: it's getting a bit boring whereby you chime in every time to instruct people on the whys and wherefores of cleaning and washing their garments. Great if you know a good deal about it but it isn't always necessary to deal out corrections every time people wash or discuss the process of washing. This was supposed to be fun - if it shrinks I'll repair it and give it to my wife. She'll be made up. Edit: There's a silicone based anti bacterial silicone sealer between the counter and sink. Caulk would crack.
  5. This is what happens when you soak a 20/30/40? Year old LL Bean Wool jacket.
  6. UkeNo

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Bought them new from Self Edge on the 10th January 2015. So Happy 5th birthday to them. Must be almost to the day I received them as well.
  7. UkeNo

    Mister Freedom

    Pictures or it didn't happen ;-)
  8. UkeNo

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Roy Big Bro 2's just dried.
  9. Gonna need a step-by-step guide in order for this to spread as a 'thing'. Come on Neal. Don't half arse this revolution in denim cleaning
  10. UkeNo

    Tender Co. Denim

  11. UkeNo

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    I've been in touch with @rodeo bill for further details on a run of Tender Co. jeans - here's a snippet of his reply: 'I'm reallypleased to be included in a competition list, and of course I'd be delighted to help out any way I can, however as I think I mentioned my production is really full with seasonal garments production, so I'm not sure when I'd be able to fit in a jeans run. From a quick look at the poll it seems like people are more into some of the other brands for this (I really like the sound of the Green option!) If you guys do decide you'd like to do a Tender contest I'll have a certain amount of stock available from the end ofJan, probably enough for everyone to get they're preferred cut and size, if that helps. ' Maybe we can continue this in the Tender thread: Thanks
  12. UkeNo

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    ^ But Roy, a one man operation could make enough jeans for a competition (he has in the past so a mute example)? Cant fathom the logic here?
  13. ^ All stress and anxiety is entirely unique to the individual and their circumstance. So maybe they do?
  14. UkeNo

    Shoes that look better with age...

    I don't know why (honestly) but I kinda like those white-not white brown Lofgren's?! Maybe it's because they're odd that they appeal to me (in theory - price is a bit rich)? Wouldn't buy white leather boots, but waxed is interesting...Fcuk's sake! - Off for a cold shower
  15. UkeNo

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Only $1375 compared to the other combat models at $820.