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  1. I love the fact that the Blacksmiths are Yoke-less jeans. Don't see that a lot. Had a pair of the Moneybags but they were too small and then Mike left and I never picked up a pair! Shame. Great looking jeans Ooms
  2. UkeNo

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    As described and discussed a few times on this thread, there will be more shrink to be had from the black seed denim. It shrinks for the first few (2-4) times it hits water. Varied (of course) by temp and method, but there's plenty of shrink to be had. Roy's initial warm 20min soak will have taken out say 50-75% of it, but there's more to come. (I've had 4 pairs of Roy's Black seed)
  3. I'm having the same thought recently and am interested in the orslow fatigues but again they're pricey. I like the UES baker pants as well. Any sateen baker pants really. Stan Ray do an affordable made in USA alternative. Edit: should have read to the bottom of the page...my contribution = UES!
  4. https://www.denimbro.com/whitefeather-mfg-co_topic875.html
  5. UkeNo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

  6. UkeNo

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I got one of these as well....1 in 22.5 of these shirts is in Sussex
  7. UkeNo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Tell us!....TELL US NOW!!
  8. UkeNo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Denimbridge Lot.3/02 Worn for a couple of months now with 2 washes. Bout time I got a second pair.
  9. Thanks Maynard, that'd be appreciated.
  10. Broke the cinch buckle on my lvc 1915s. Any suggestions for a replacement part?
  11. UkeNo

    Buzz Rickson

    Agree 100% And comfortable too, sometimes that gets a little overlooked, this will look cool and be wearable every day. How did you size? According to the Hinoya measurements is fit a medium, but am very suspicious about this.
  12. UkeNo

    Buzz Rickson

    I agree with MJF9 here - I think it's really nice. It reminded me that 3sixten have done a couple of iterations of the BDU recently, with a modified take on this, but to be honest I think this is my preferance. The cotton will age really nicely too, I'm very tempted by this as well.
  13. John Lofgren sneakers, and the brands he's made for - TSPTR, Eastman, Self Edge, Standard and Strange. They'd be worth looking at.