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  2. View Advert BNWOT: Warehouse BlueinGreen660 Size 29X36 Brand new without tags Never worn, never altered, never touched water. Free shipping worldwide. Please check BiG for sizing guide $200 USD nego PRICE DROP 200 ->160 Advertiser dawei69 Date 04/17/2017 Price $160.00 Category denim  
  3. View Advert BNWT: Samurai S0500XX Lot.12 Arcs + Red tab DEADSTOCK Brand New with Tags Deadstock with Arcs and Redtab -highly sought after collectable Lot 12 Samurai S0500XX size 31x36 RAW, Unsanforized, unsoaked. Never worn, never altered, never touched water. Free shipping worldwide. Paypal only PRICE DROP 250 -> 190 Advertiser dawei69 Date 04/17/2017 Price $190.00 Category denim  
  4. BUMP!!! Price Drop!! Samurais now $180 shipped worldwide. Warehouse $$200 shipped worldwide
  5. Prices are nego depending on where you live. 1. Samurai X 2nd S710XX Size 31 Arcs+ redtab Deadstock. 2009. Hand-signed by the Boss himself. 20 pairs ever made. This pair is #1/20. Hot-washed once before wearing. Wore it for 2 weeks. Very minimal Fading. Whiskers have not set in. Can easily reset them with a cold soak. Measurement: waist 32 thigh 11.8 rise: 10.8 leg opening 7.5 inseam 37 SOLD 2. Samurai S0500XX Arc + tab lot.12 Deadstock. Never altered, Never Hemmed. Cold soaked once and worn for 1 week. Very Minimal failing. Measurement: waist 32 thigh 12.5 rise 12 leg opening 8.25 220USD shipped >>180 Shipped worldwide!!! 3. BNWOT Warehouse X BIG 660 Labelled size 29 (Fits size 31) Bought in 2008. Never touch water, never worn, never altered/hemmed. Waist: 33 Rise:10.5 Thigh: 11.75 knee 9 Hem 8 Inseam 37 $220 shipped!!
  6. FS: SAMURAI S710XX SIZE 31 LOT 12

    $285 shipped. BUmp!
  7. Samurai S710XX Size 31 LOT. 11 Produced in 2009-2010 EDIT: Please excuse the typo in title. These Samurais are Lot. 11 Has Arcs and Red Tab!!!! Highly sough after and collectable! 19oz Denim Essentially Brand new. Tried on for like 20 mins in 2010 Has been in storage for 3 years. Absolutely no Washing, soaking, and Fading. Length is hemmed to 35 inches. $300 USD shipped worldwide! ==>> Now $285 Pics below: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e56rfhgwwwps9wc/xNRrLgdYHy
  8. Sugarcane 1947 jeans size 31

    Sugarcane 1947 Hemmed by myself - inseam is 31. Worn for over 2 years. initial soak, first wash at 9 month, then washed on monthly basis. Very nice fades. $80 + shipping (from Australia) for more pictures, please PM me.
  9. FS: Flathead F310 Size 31

    Flathead F310 tagged size 31 - Never Hemmed (inseam 36) Never altered No rips or Holes Initial soak. Worn for 3 month. Some electric Blue starting to come through. The Jeans are much darker than how they appear in the pics. PM for more pics if you are interested. SOLD
  10. Ande Whall Denim

    Ande, will you be bringing back the DLX details in the near future?
  11. Ande Whall Denim

    I think I'm going to pass on this competition and give it to someone else that's desperate. I already have a pair of the 13.5oz denim. Will buy a pair of the regular productions once ande imports some new denim.
  12. Ande Whall Denim

    On the website, it says the jeans will be handmade by justin. Anyone know who Justin is? Ande's apprentice? Just wondering will the jeans have the juice selvage details like the deluxe models?