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  1. Double 0 Soul

    Some cool, distressed denim

    Kudos to @aho for opposing the war 10 years before it even began..
  2. Double 0 Soul

    Nice Things

    Yeah.. i'm pretty chuffed with it! Early start.. my 13yr old stays out later than i do
  3. Double 0 Soul

    Nice Things

    Ikr! .. i was just riding along minding my own biz.. i was approaching a turn on my left but i was going straight forward, i heard a black cab coming up behind me (they've got a pretty distinctive engine sound and no other cars on the road at that time) next thing he was along side and turned left straight into me, knocked me off my bike and fucked off up the hill/left turn. I had both front and back lights flashing.. he can't have not seen me?
  4. Double 0 Soul

    Nice Things

    Thanks Paul.. there was a couple of things didn't quite go as planned.. I'd been hunting down black X-Lite Pivot Plugs to match the stem cap, i machined a little cable hanger for the Klampers out of aluminium while i waited for a pair to turn up, i planned on using the plugs to bolt the hanger to the frame through the hole from the brake bosses instead of using that^ shitty zip-tie.. i finally got a set ..but the outside diameter of the plugs overlaps the frame, it looks terrible so i bagged that idea off ^Still got my wrist strapped.. around 5weeks ago, i was involved in a hit and run with a black cab at 6am, he drove into me (i had my lights on) and just left me in the fucking road and drove off.. i've got a fractured scaphoid.. cnut!
  5. Double 0 Soul

    Nice Things

    It's taken me nearly 3yrs but i've finally got the last few parts together to put the finishing touches to my RC200 1995 Syncros Ti bottom bracked arrived last week from Germany ..fitted those CBR cranks which Tilmann proxied for me I switched the bronze Suntour XC Pro cages for these black cages from Velowizard in Berlin ..custom made head badge fitted, and it's done!
  6. Double 0 Soul

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Thanks to idiots, our currency is in freefall against the dollar so my^ Brakeman will be cheap for those stateside..
  7. Double 0 Soul

    SugarCane 1990's M-Series Archive

    Re- Mt Fuji's/Sumao's.. here's some infos i gathered and posted on DB.. (is that place still going?) ^^The pair on ebay.. i would say are the second pair I've posted, they have no green tab, the patch has survived and you can just about make out the "eed" of Every Garment Guaranteed" also the thread is copper coloured and they have different (regular) buttons... but they do have a coin pocket stitch? .... I can't find a product code, i don't think its on the pocket label, there might not even be one. There were two different models, after a hot soak the patch turns brown (and often falls off) did it show Mt Fuji or a sumo wrestler? I can't quite remember.. They are 100% cotton (not sc mix) this pair are pink-line denim probably around 14oz ...with lovely black laurel/donut buttons and the green tab® is possitioned on the coin pocket rather than the back pocket. Some fading examples here, these images are rather poor but the info on these is extremely limited. Edit- link now dead (I think it was GeoCities) Second pair were a limited edition of 200 pairs There is no Mt.Fuji stitch on the coin pocket and no tab whatsoever. The Mt. Fuji back pocket stitch also differs from the example above, different thread colour..ect Sumo patch, notice there's no Lot number either.. this patch tends to stay intact
  8. Double 0 Soul

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    They look great! Perfect length for hi-tops.. They’ve gone to a good home
  9. Double 0 Soul

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Levin Scheme I drooled over them for literally years and ran Yahoo searches every week without fail.. One day a DS pair were listed for sale with an opening bid of 40,000¥ (which doesn’t seem like a lot nowadays but it was back then.. I sold other stuff to fund the purchase) someone bid the 40k in the first few days but no other bids.. early Western River were selling for 60,000¥ so that was my target... I transferred the yen to Zen and got up early for the auction end, not wanting to risk any hiccups, I chose to bid myself.. made coffee.. pressed refresh.. refresh.. refresh... Ooooh exciting! 6mins to go and no other bids, then the auction suddenly finished before I had a chance to place my bid, wtf! Early finish had been selected, I was more of a Yahoo novice back then and didn’t fully understand the implications... Aaaah! fuck!! I had to msg flash for a shoulder to cry on
  10. Double 0 Soul

    Nice Things

    Cooks are super desireable.. this Cook Bros Racing cruiser c1979 sold back in May for $68,700
  11. Double 0 Soul

    Nice Things

    You'll hope in vain!
  12. Double 0 Soul

    Nice Things

    Couple of monochrome contributions from me.. First up are these lovely scissors, hand made in Sheff I've needed new scissors for as long as i can remember.. the ones at home are some Poundland shite.. the pair at work are reasonable quality Taylors of Sheff but they're 20yrs old. I use them for cutting odd shapes out of fibreglass matting when i'm laminating, t'other day.. they were rubbing my thumb so much i had to put a plaster on...I thought fuck it! i'm going to treat myself They're so nice.. i should have bought them 10yrs ago! Next up is this beautiful vintage 90s era CBR crank which Tilmann proxied for me from Kleinanzeigen.. Phwar! crank-p0rn
  13. Double 0 Soul

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Sounds like something i would avoid
  14. Double 0 Soul

    Superdenim Specific Music Meta Thread...

    What's the odds of that wanker Elton John cashing in with Candle in the Wind Mk3..
  15. Yes.. all of us No.. it's just a tee-shirt
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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