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  1. Oh.. and a friend of mine had her art book published I've finally been recognised for my contribution to the arts
  2. Yesterday i made a little insect house out of a spare bit of waney-edge oak.. it's like social housing for all the l'ill insects, they'll move in on a first come first served basis.. it'll elevate the neighbourhood with a more upwardly mobile class of owner occupier insect.. eventually they'll sell it on at a vastly inflated profit to a multi-occupancy household.. then due to apathy i'll fail to make anymore and the whole system will collapse, but hey, that's insecto-capitalism for ya! It had to be these sizes because 1) this was the only waney-oak i have left and 2) i'm trying to cover up a horrible bit of the neighbours wall Coated a piece of ply with mould release solution Cut some bamboo into 4" lengths .. mixed some resin ..poured it into the bottom of the insect house, using the ply to stop it running out ..dropped all the bits of bamboo into the resin and waited for it to cure Popped the ply off and they're set in resin, i didn't want to cover the bottom.. for 1) i didn't have anymore green oak and 2) the rain should run straight through.. ..ordered some long vine eyes to wire it to the wall along the same plane as my outside lights.. (which are also there to cover up the horrible bit of wall) but they were fkin garbage, they wouldn't hold an insect, ne'er mind an insect des-res so i made some out of marine grade landscaping screws, i'm holding it by hand like a proper foolhardy professional ..there we go, i'll screw them in with a hex driver and thread a keyring loop Ta-Daa! ..then today, i rode up to Stanage Edge ..up to the ridge ..had to do some rock hopping with bike on shoulder before i got back on track ..up to Stanage Pole ..down to the reservoirs at Redmires ..overflow ..to ride the loop home from here would hab]ve meant lots of boring road miles.. so i rode back up to Stanage ..around the ridge ..and stopped for a rest.. well it is Easter Sunday ..then home
  3. So it does have it's benefits? .. well i say "it's" i can't actually think of another one.
  4. Oh, that's cool.. i stopped buying clothes from JP in 2017 so i'm a bit out of touch.. it used to anything over £39 was liable for VAT.. when did that change?
  5. Correct me if i'm wrong @Geeman .. but the last time i dropped by this thread, i'm sure your second image down at the top of the previous page was in landscape, it had been in landscape for months, now it's in portrait? so not only are you having issues posting in the correct orientation, the forum is flipping your old images.
  6. You can in the Eu but not anymore if you're in the UK.. i used FJ a couple of weeks ago, luckily it was only 80 quids worth of bike parts.. i screen grabbed each phase of the checkout process and sent them to @indigoeagle just saying "what the hell's going on here?" i tried checking out through various shipping methods.. Eventually settling on FedEx but there was never an option to adjust value. They shipped at full value and it was clearly printed on the docs but i'm yet to receive an invoice for border charges.. so hopefully, as Wesley Snipes noted in White Man can't Jump.. "the sun shines on a dogs arse somedays" What about SuToCorp?.. i stopped using them a decade ago because their service wasn't brilliant but they would always mark down the value.
  7. A 40° wash will be fine, you can add a small cup of spirit vinegar if you like but i don't think it's necessary.. only use bleach if the mould is growing on your walls, i used to use a 1/10 bleach/water solution to wipe the mould off the walls in places where air couldn't circulate, behind the headboard, behind the wardrobe and such, it works like an anti-fungicide and stops it growing back for 6 months or so but don't use it on your clothing. Make sure everything is bone dry before putting it in the wardrobe..
  8. It's caused by moisture, more often than not indoor drying, showers, cooking ect.. moisture can't escape through double glazing and sits in the fabric of the building.. try and keep your clothing from touching external walls which can condense, open your windows, keep jeans which you hardly wear in airtight Zip-Loc bags ..open your wardrobe doors frequently to allow airflow, have spaces between your garments, dry it out with a dehumidifier every week or two through the colder months (you'll be surprised mow much water you extract) or use bowls of salt to draw the moisture. I lived in a 16th century house with no dampcourse for 20yrs so mould was an ongoing battle.. the only way of effectively removing it from your jeans is washing them then if you're not going to wear them.. try not to handle them too much before you put them in the wardrobe, the bacteria transfer from your hands acts like a petri dish for growth.
  9. @pomata is probably your best person to ask here.. if you want to make the leap, Sardinia is one of my favourite places.. I’ve got a book at home full of hidden gems. My one key bit of advice is avoid the tourists, especially the British.. they’re awful people!
  10. I asked the same question in the Evisu thread years ago and nvr got a response.. Ee-vee-sue .. Ee-vee-shu .. Tom-aii-toes .. Tom-arr-toes
  11. It just doesn't make any sense.. i understand the concept of paying more money for better quality goods, we all like nice things.. but the investment usually rewards you with more comfort, better flavour, a clear conscience.. ect but the number plate doesn't reward you in any way for the money it costs... if anything, it just makes you look like a prick! .. maybe that's what the golfers aspire to? edit- i've heard folks say that it disguises the age of the car.. but even this doesn't make any sense.. you know how old your car is, and to assume other folks give a flying fk how old your car is.. is assuming they're just as shallow as you are
  12. There is a lot of things i don't understand about cars and this^ is def one of them.. The others are 0-60 times, you're on a 30mph public road you fucking cretin! often in traffic.. Even if you're on the motorway.. just allow an extra 2 seconds for your journey time and chill the fk out.. your car isn't inherently better becasue it does 0-60 in 3.4 seconds instead of 3.6 Private registration plates? the car comes with a free bit of perspex with a random series of numbers stuck to it.. why would you pay 1000s of pounds to replace it with a different series of letters/numbers which only you understand?.. I see an Audi A3 nr my work and the reg says M1LF.. you just can't buy class. DVD players in headrests.. ffs! c'mon, car journeys are meant to be quality time with the family, stick some tunes on, gaze out the window, have a chat, play eye-spy.. you don't need to stare into a screen all the fking time! ..and relax
  13. The Subaru Impreza crew seem like an odd bunch.. i remember a couple of years ago, the boy and i was trying to take a shortcut through the Peaks from Edale to Brassington.. as/per.. i had no fkin clue where i was going.. i came to a T junction of this long winding road and a Subaru Impreza WRX flew by.. brum brum!.. then another.. then another and so on.. The car at the front looked dope (he was obviously the leader) then they got progressively worse.. without exception, every single driver was male and in his late 40s.. every single passenger was female and in their early 20s.. non of these men looked like a particularly good catch.. i'd like to think it was the annual Impreza Club 'Take your daughter to the Peak District day' .. but in reality, i think what was happening here was these men were spending their evenings revving the bollocks off their cars in the McDonalds drive through or out of town shopping center carparks.. places where one wouldn't ordinarily meet 40yr old women.. and if you did, i'm sure as hell this isn't how they would want to spend their date night
  14. I don't know about that but you do get automatic inclusion into the universally recognised '00s Car Wanker-0-Meter' I'm hoping my research will become a key feature in the driving test where you're given a series of car pictures and you have to correctly identify the wankerness of the driver Porsche driver = king of the wankers Range Rover driver = wanker, room for improvement Tesla driver = sanctimonoius wanker Congratulations sir.. you have passed your driving test
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