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  1. Dipping into some Stones Throw this morning.. ..rap music has come a long way
  2. Don't pay over RRP for it.. it's not that special, you'd be disappointed.. See what you mean, £32 sold out at Waterstones or £457 on Amazon You can have mine for half that 🤣
  3. A little digging.. they were used by German tennis star.. Wilhelm Bungert This pair was made in Austria in 1964
  4. They pre-date both (1960 ish) .. in fact the 'tennis' was the inspiration behind the superstars... it's pretty much the same shoe give or take, just slightly more minimalist.. mine are from an adidas era's pack or repros.
  5. Tennis shoe update after 2yrs ..only worn on the tennis court
  6. I listened to a podcast about the life of John Aspinall last week.. which lead me to Adam Curtis's 4 films on the Mayfair Set.. equally fascinating as it was tragic.. how a small group of the uber-rich caused the collapse of british industry. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p073k9s0/the-mayfair-set https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+mayfair+set Only bit of tinsel-escapism i've had...
  7. Yep.. that's a classic.. in a similar ilk, Mark Cohens Grim Street I bought it from Magma Books in Manchester around 20yrs ago Photos of ex mining town Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania where he grew up in the 60s and 70s
  8. Her daughter was being interviewed last week on CH4 news about it.. i had a browse through her mothers photographs she has for sale in her online gallery.. check it out, it's a really good interview.
  9. More british eccentricity I've never met an english dog before that could understand japanese.. every word.. every syllable?
  10. 1979! .. wow.. Prince’s owner looks like a stereotypical Smiths fan c1985
  11. Looks like the mustard version Neneh Cherry wears in the Buffalo Stance video 1988
  12. I used to quite like The Clothes Show.. I think it was on, on’a Sunday tea-time before Last of the Summer Wine.. and the hopeless depressing That’s Life with its dogs that couldn’t really say ‘sausages’
  13. When you look back at some of the wilder styles through history.. the styles of the 1980s for instance would never have happened if we had the internet.. ..conversely styles you see around here.. techwear and such wouldn’t have happened without the interwebz..
  14. Anyone remember when the MA1 has a resurgence around the early to mid 90s first time since the skins.. I bought one for £34 from a massive outdoor army surplus in Norfolk.. reason it’s come to mind is the mention of Schott in another thread.. The first time I was aware of Schott as a brand, was their MA1 repro’s in the 90s you could buy a standard Schott bomber for around £90 or a flame retardant one for around £110.. I think it had pocket flaps rather than being an exact repro.. I remember being sat in the boozer with my mates.. one of them was wearing a fire retardant Schott.. while another had his lighter under the table trying to burn his sleeve just to check
  15. Total opposite for me.. starting wearing vintage Levi’s in the early 90s.. who knows what cut they were?.. I wouldn’t have known the difference back then.. moved onto LVC-47s in the mid to late 90s.. onto SC-47s in the early 2000s and I’ve worn a 46 or 47 cut pretty much exclusively ever since... I briefly flirted with different Sugarcane fabrics around 2008 but the cut pretty much stayed the same. Style-wise has always been a mix of denim and the influence of the scene I was into at the time.. sneaker collecting in the early 90s (before it started to repulse me) the night life/clubs, music, collecting records, BMX’ing, skateboarding, MTB’ing.. VWs.. the folks who I was hanging around with, the city I lived in, all had some influence.. and later when my social life stated to wane.. the interwebz, this place and Japanese websites/blogs all had some influence.. albeit more subconsciously.
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