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  1. Sugar Cane Denim

    please delete
  2. You know you're addicted...

    Indeed, tie it up in a big balloon and.....Let it go
  3. You know you're addicted...

    FFS! You need to get over this man, maybe some counselling would help? it was like 4 years ago and your still bitching about me behind my back. You initially said "people thought you sounded crazy" i personally thought you sounded like a looser, who's right them or me? Having re-read its still quite amusing. Please don't be so narrow minded, that's just a tired old cliche, if you hardly read Denimbro how would you know? there are some good knowledgeable peeps over there and there are some good peeps over here too (i still enjoy reading the threads) but i don't presume your all dressing like urban-lumberjacks, in your sized down N&F Pfft! You think im a dick, i only ever felt contempt towards you, who cares, you can't expect to get along with everyone, don't dwell on it...
  4. Sugar Cane Denim

    Have a look in the coin pocket, i think (but not sure) that's lined with pocket bag material too.
  5. Sugar Cane Denim

    If the button code is 98, the hidden rivets are stamped SC&CO-TY- and the rivet through the pocket bags say 'Sugar Cane' its an M41300 from 1998. Are the back pockets lined?
  6. Brass is made all over the world, its just cheaper from China because the industry is state sponsored and they use a recycling melting process. Smaller artisan type foundries will cast high spec quality brass ingots by melting electrically refined copper before adding small amounts of zinc, Copper has a higher melting temperature than zinc therefor you can't just melt both materials together because the zinc would be vapourised well before the molten brass was formed. China buys a lot of the worlds scrap metals (brass included) which it uses to melt down into ingots before forming into sheet, plate, bar, wire ect. every time scrap brass is melted there's contamination from other materials and as mentioned above some of the zinc evaporates due to the high temperature of the melt therefor the brass sourced from China is of progressively lower quality but much cheaper. More zinc = harder and stronger but harder to work. Less zinc = weaker/softer. You can chuck other shit in there too.. lead improves machining, tin improves corrosion resistance, Iron makes the molecular grain structure smaller (when viewed through a microscope) making it withstand the heating/cooling process of forging...and so on. Alas most applications for brasses don't require such high quality and the small scale producers can't compete on price and continue to go out of business.
  7. Sugar Cane Denim

    Just thought i would pop my head around the door... The flat colour is due to the photo,s not the denim. If you look they was posted on 30th January. In the North of England throughout Jan and Feb there is very little ambient light around (It aint Cali) im sure Sugar Mountain my fellow countryman can corroborate? The options for taking a photo that is in focus are... Use flash? because your at close range the flash bounces back burns out the contrast and reflects off the buttons. Widen the aperture? This results in a small field of focus. Or my chosen method for low light is use a tripod with a long exposure, The photos are still somewhat dark but can be over exposed later. The colour can suffer but its the best option imo. Im sure i will post some more when the sky is blue, The question you should ask yourself Ben "are my tastes actually refined enough for SC47,s" if you have doubts then save your money.
  8. Unknown Japanese Brands

  9. Unknown Japanese Brands

  10. Unknown Japanese Brands

    ^Im not one of them btw.
  11. Unknown Japanese Brands

  12. Unknown Japanese Brands

    This question was addressed to me so i answered it, is that ok with you?
  13. Vintage Sweatshirts

    Is this a generous offer of a free product testing? Usually a med in jp sizing (38-40")
  14. Unknown Japanese Brands

    I am not the one being defensive or accusing. I never said you had threatened him or called him names or cussed him. You have just made all that up to try to further your argument. If you have an issue with someone owning what you consider to be too much denim then you are probably on the wrong forum.
  15. Unknown Japanese Brands

    Hold up, coleslaw asked for pictures of the denim rack and b_F happily obliged. Why are you trying to create a problem where no problem existed before?