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  1. I also spotted the prices on Bears and clutched my pearls somewhat. Serves me justly for not picking any up before this happened. @reallypeacedoff I hope you're wrong about Warehouse being next. FC have always seemed to me to be a bit of an outlier in pricing.
  2. Don't know if they're actually a new release or not but Lot 224 in Ecru / mother cotton has just appeared on Warehouse's own online store: https://www.ware-house.co.jp/?pid=179513015 I also spotted that Bears and a few other places have a full restock of 220a, wondering if all these stirrings are pointing towards imminent release of the new Lot 232's! I hope so!
  3. Yeah totally do ship internationally it looks like, just on the checkout portal thing United Kingdom / Great Britain / England / however else we're described was missing, but I may be being silly...
  4. https://sonofastag.com/products/warehouse-1001xx-original-13-75oz-regular-straight-jean-raw?_pos=6&_fid=20a91c5ec&_ss=c Lots of pairs here but you're paying the UK premium there!
  5. I hadn't spotted these on there until now - I can't figure out if Signet ship to the UK - looking at their shipping options it looks like a negatory good buddy, but does anyone know for certain?
  6. @SLAYER I also love how these look! It's nice that all of the little bits of fade character stayed, but with a bleached wash - they look great! A lot better than any bleached wash pairs I've seen for sale. Seems a heavy amount of bleach to have used to get to the end product, I've considered doing this with some pairs before - so you used 4L of bleach in the end? and then a hot wash afterwards? I've looked into adding some amount of bleach to the machine when washing before too, did you consider that?
  7. Full Count appear to be having their go at the WW2 trimmings style now https://fullcount.co/products/2024aw-pre-order-s0105-24-wwii-model-brown-cotton-denim-pants?variant=44817740988663 As I've still not grabbed a pair of 0105 I may well go for these later in the year!
  8. Thanks dude that's helpful info! Funnily enough, I've had similar experiences with other variants of M-43 repro so I'm starting to wonder whether that style of last or type of boot is just destined to feel a bit weird, for me at least. Anyhow, East West Apparel have actually been super helpful today and offered some great advice too
  9. TOTALLY agree. I tend to do my utmost to not talk down about things and rather pick out the positives but you're right it's a strange place, if you're talking about r/rawdenim that is anyway. I find it's essentially a Naked & Famous sub, with some very odd wash / don't wash divides; extremes with no middle ground. That said, some of our most esteemed sufu members do partake in it as well - I seem to recall that one of @julian-wolf's posts in there on his Warehouse DSB's did it's part in getting me hooked on repro cuts and fabrics!!
  10. Thank you, that is helpful, as I too have feet on the wider side! Yeah - this has confused me a bit on the UK / US size thing - the size chart on the John Lofgren EU site seems to say something slightly different, yet I have also read the same as what you were told at East West. I'm reckoning that going with the same as my RW Blacksmiths might be a safe bet - if anyone can tell me otherwise I'm all ears. They are indeed gorgeous boots - I've been chasing the perfect M43 repro and steered clear of these for a while, but now I've been burned a bit by odd sizing/quality issues in other versions I feel I should probably just aim for the best there is!
  11. Hello sufu information resource megacentre - can anyone help me out with some sizing advice on John Lofgren M-43 Service Shoes please? (the original natural cxl roughout edition)
  12. Nice! On delivery speed and fit! As I'm sure you've read thousands of times on here by now the waist stretches out plenty. I was positively shocked at how snug mine were when they arrived, within hours had relaxed and got super comfy, might be my most comfortable pair now. I'd be interested to see how the fit looks as from what I can tell from all your past posts you tend to err on the slimmer side of fits!
  13. Loving these mega close-ups! These are looking great, I've found mine can take a real beating and show very little wear for it. Also kudos for getting anything like this done with a new baby around!!
  14. Stan Ray wool mix shirt Warehouse T Warehouse 1000XX DSB Kamakura socks
  15. @AlientoyWorkmachine Thanks dude for your supportive and thoughtful response, I appreciate it!
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