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  1. TheEscapist

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    @heyson RT2s arrived today, thanks. I think a 31 would work most likely, and I bet that given your situation with the 32s, they'd be happy to measure a specific pair before you buy them. Separately, an unsoaked pair fo CB1 Big Bros, what a find!
  2. TheEscapist

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    @Smallrod They have around 1 year 9 months of wear, 2 initial hot tub soaks, 1st wash around 6 months, then every 3 months or so after that, plus one extra after a significant spill. Machine washed cold, no spin, hang dry. The RT1002 are at right about the same as the goal was to see how his two different proprietary denims would age under the same conditions. I have basically only been wearing those two pairs for the last 4 years, except when it was too hot, when I first got the test lot 00 pair for a bit, and 3 months one summer while they were at Indigo Proof for repairs.
  3. TheEscapist

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Took some quick photos of my Roy stuff this weekend. KS1002 RT1002 KS1002 vs RT1002/Cone Project vs Black Seed denim Cone Project Denim Evolution on KS1002s Black Seed Denim Evolution on test lot 2, R01, test lot 1, and RT1002 Heavy Denim Shirt Baja/BBQ Chambrays All duck The whole family
  4. TheEscapist

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I like Fremont, Reubens, Holy Mountain, and Cloudburst for breweries. Pine Box is a good general beer bar. I have had good food experiences at Bar del Corso (pizza/Italian,) Stateside (French/Vietnamese, solid brunch), The Shambles (meat and beer,) and Nirmal's (Indian.) I have been meaning to try JuneBaby, Mean Sandwich, and Xi'an Noodles on a visit, but it hasn't worked out yet. There is a sushi place with a chef that trained under the Jiro Dreams of Sushi guy too. There are the obvious tourist stops like Pike Place and the Space Needle that are fine, ideally experienced at not peak hours. Gas Works park is nice if the weather works out in your favor. The music/pop-culture museums are cool if you are interested in those things. It was not for me, but I have a friend who loved the Seattle Underground tour. If you like Twin Peaks and are renting a car, you can check out a lot of the original spots in Snoqualmie not too far away, though I am not sure how much the locals like Twin Peaks visitors.
  5. TheEscapist

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I am wrapping up my KS1002/RT1002 rotation soon and have a perhaps overly ambitious plan of comparing 4 pairs of black seed by doing one pair frequent wash and dryer (test lot R01,) one pair my normal routine with initial hot wash to get shrink out and regular cold washes every 3 months or so (regular R01,) one pair with his site instructions 15 minute initial lukewarm soak hand washed sparingly (Test lot 00 pair,) and one worn raw for as long as possible, which I believe is his preference (no pair currently on hand, but hopefully he does another round of the new RT cut)...so check back here in 10 years or so for the results. I definitely respect and understand his appreciation for the properties of unwashed, loom state denim and am looking forward to wearing a pair that way, but I think losing a bit of that in exchange for getting the shrink out of the way up front is reasonable for many people and in no way ruins the jeans from my experience.
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