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    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    For denim we have Self Edge of course and somewhat relatedly Ship John, though I do not know if they have store hours right now. First Timbers match of the season is Feb 26th if that happens to work or a Blazers game. In town, Forest Park & Mt Tabor are nice for walking around. Out of town, Multnomah Falls is usually the go to light hike. There are also the rose garden, Chinese Garden, and Japanese Gardens. If you want to see how our attempt at Texas BBQ compares, Matt's BBQ or BBQ Tacos are my favorite in town. We have a ton of great pizza options, my favorite being Apizza Scholls (to go only right now.) Scotty's if you want it by the slice. Our Thai scene is also strong, with Eem being a stand out, though their sister restaurant Hat Yai might be my actual favorite. Nong's is also a must try Portland classic. We have tons of great fried chicken, with Reel 'em Inn being a pretty one of a kind option or Yonder for something a little more highbrow. Lately the smash burger has taken over and I've liked all the ones I've tried, most recently SureShot, but Mid City, Monster Smash (vegan option available,) and Hit the Spot (no longer technically a smash burger) are all great as well. Canard is doing the White Castle style steam burger to perfection as well. Malka is one of my favorite restaurants also (to go only right now.) Salt and Straw is a bit of a tourist trap, but also has great ice cream so might still be worth a trip. Hollywood Theater is always running interesting movies, sometimes in 70mm. Don't know of any live music around then, but I like Mississippi Studios, Doug Fir Lounge, and Revolution Hall if any artists you are interested in happen to be visiting at the same time. Portland breweries I like best are Breakside, Baerlic, Upright, and Wayfinder. Lardo usually has a great tap list of assorted local beers and a hard to beat happy hour price point 3-6pm daily last I checked. For cocktails, Expatriate (must get the nachos as well) and Hale Pele. Scotch Lodge or Multnomah Whiskey Library are great too. Outside of town there are tons of great wineries you can visit, but in town Davenport and Dame have great lists as well. If there is anything specifically you are looking for that I have not covered already, let me know.
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