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  1. any suggestions on jeans which fit similar to the evisu 2000? I've been wearing repro cuts for the longest time before this evisu pair I am wearing. I like the fit of the 2000s but the rise could be a little higher. I can't go too slim as it looks odd with the boots I wear. I have been thinking of getting the flathead 3005s but it seems that these have a small waist so I have to size up and the hem is wider than the 2000s. Any suggestions? Maybe the resolutes ww2 would work? or the warehouse denime jeans?
  2. @Jared_Lee My first choice was also the lot 2001. I have an unworn pair of no.1 2001s which are size 38. The waist is 34 or 35 raw but the all its other measurements is for a 38 so it looks comically big when worn. With the lot 2000 pair I am wearing the measurements was a lot closer to the ones Evisu JP indicated.
  3. 10 month update on Evisu 2000 no.1 tiger denim
  4. How are the Made in Japan pairs currently being sold by LVC? are these up to par vs the Cone made ones of the past?
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