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  1. thanks setterman! warehouse denim looks so nice after getting worn a bit
  2. I learned that the hard way! Maybe losing 3kg would make me fit the evisus
  3. thanks for the quick reply setterman! I will go for the lot. 1000 then. From what I read Warehouse 1000xx denim shrinks a normal amount right? I mean I wear a 33 in SC and most other brands except for the Evisu no.1 denim which shrank a ton. I have a 34 which is even tighter in the waist than all my size 33 pairs from other brands.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm trying to decide on my next purchase and found the warehouse model names and fabrics a bit confusing. I mainly wear straight cut jeans (now alternating between SC hawaiis and okinawas) and am looking to purchase the standard straight cut model form Warehouse. I have the Evisu 2001 no.1, SDA 101, SC 1947, so I would like to get the Warehouse equivalent of these jeans. Would this be the lot 800 cut in 1000xx denim? thanks!
  5. @foxy2 & alvin_cheong- thanks! I will be coming from HK so I will drop by
  6. This is a long shot but any chance there is a store carrying Red Cloud in Guangzhou?
  7. Oh, I haven't noticed the difference until you mentioned it. I fit both pairs but both are still stiff so that maybe why I didn't notice the fit differences. I've gotten used to the 1947 leg size and the 2009s is as slim as I want to get, so if the okinawas and hawaiis are in between then I would be okay. Personally, I am liking the color of the Hawaiis now as it is a lighter blue although the denim on the Okinawas are mo uneven. haha, its hard to decide!
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone, although I still cant decide. I have the sc40401 and the sc40301. Both were bought a few months ago so I'm guessing these are the current models. I'm currently rotating through evisu 2001s and sc1947s but I'm favoring the sugarcane fit as im fat right now. to contribute, i just checked out my stash and here is my sc2009s from some years ago which turned up nice after around a year of wear and frequent washes.
  9. Which is more interesting-- Okinawas or hawaiis? I have a pair of each still unwashed and was wondering what to wear next. Or maybe I should begin wearing both pairs haha.
  10. haha we will see but I have high hopes that everything will be fine. I am just happy to find out that nothing got lost in translation and the hem was done normally and not the ugly way of stitching back the original hem.
  11. The jeans arrived in my house and I had photos taken of the hem. The good news is that they were hemmed correctly (both chainstitched and not using/ stitching back the original hem). I suppose I have a good chance of both pairs being okay. I have an SC 1947 which ended up at 30.5-31 after several washes and still stack a little bit. I also have a SC 2009 which ended up 28.5 inseam after like 6 washes and these had no stacking but were not exposing my socks or anything. I guess the high rise of these jeans make it sag a little bit which 'extends' the inseam. By the way, i bought these from PSA and I was originally going for a 33 inseam raw so it would shrink to around 31. Naoki advised me that these do not shrink like the regular 1947 denim and to get a 32 inseam. I'm not bad mouthing PSA or anything, it was really a pleasant buying experience. Maybe the japanese hate stacking? haha
  12. Crap, and I have to wait some time to see it since I am away on business at the moment. Thanks Kiya!
  13. Whats the shrinkage like on raw SC Hawaiis and Okinawas? I got a couple incoming which are hemmed at 32 since I only need a 30-31 and the seller suggested 32 since the fabric doesnt shrink like regular denim. Whats killing me now is that I bought from a store in Japan with instructions to hem it using the same stitching method, as I have read that some versions of the Hawaii used a lock stitch not a chain stitch. Now I am afraid that they might have put back the original hem which sucks. Worst thing is I have it re-hemmed but that would shorten the length to around 29 post wash.
  14. no problem! thanks for the advice guys. I will wait for a cobbler which can put vibram toplifts when I travel back home. I read it is much longer wearing than the generic rubber toplifts.
  15. What I'm doing now is attaching heel taps and I just put the 3rd pair in my boots which have maybe 7 months of 1-2x wear on them. I'm thinking that if replacing the heel would be longer lasting, I would not rather have the taps. Are the Cat's paw heels I frequently see used here more durable?