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  1. mousemouse


    great! I need my pair to shrink so hopefully mine loses another inch or so. I just hope it doesnt shrink after the 5th wash or so lol. thanks!
  2. mousemouse


    My 1946 warehouse jeans are just about ready for a wash. I'd just like to ask if warehouse denim shrinks continuously the first few washes? I experienced this with my sugarcane 2009 and 1966 jeans which I had hemmed after washing once but ended up a little too short after a few washes. Can you guys please share your experiences with warehouse?
  3. mousemouse

    Evisu is still loved!

    The legs and all the other measurements are correct (based on the chart) for the size 38, but the waist is for a size 34-35 so I will have to endure a muffin top when I decide to wear them. My pair is still raw.
  4. mousemouse

    Evisu is still loved!

    The measurements of the current 2001s in no.1 denim is off by a lot. I received a size 38 and the waist is 35.5 raw while the thigh, legs and other measurements are correct based on the website. I have a 2001 in no.1 denim also from around 2012 in size 34 and the waist started bigger than my current size 38. I don't know why evisu sizing is this inconsistent.
  5. mousemouse

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Hmm my Sugarcanes have been fine but in 2013 I bought my first pair of SCs (2009s) in Take 5 Hong Kong and got one with a Made in USA patch instead of the usual "toughest denim". I emailed this to toyo and they ended up sending me the correct patch which I never used and some magazines and a bandana. Maybe some processes were done in Japan and then finished in the USA?
  6. mousemouse


    Hi everyone, I'm planning my next pair and I am leaning towards Warehouse, I just have a few things to clear as they have plenty of models and confusing model codes. 1. I have an old lot 800 with the 14.5 oz denim in size 33 which is a bit snug on me now. The thighs are the main problem so I am planning on going with the 1000 or 1001 in 34. The lot 1000 is a 40s cut (more straight, loose) while the 1001 is a 50s cut (a little tapered). Is this correct? 2. On the fabric, I know there is a 14.5 oz stock denim, cotton linen,13.5 oz banner denim, then the dead stock blues (lighter blue, seems to fade faster), and DD fabric. I am more interested in the DSB and DD fabric, can you guys please share which do you prefer between the 2? Or is any of my info wrong? 3. What's the difference between the stock 1000 or 1001 models vs. 25th anniversary pairs released last year? thanks guys!
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