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  1. I have both the standard hawaii and okinawa jeans and wore them in alternate weeks for around 8 or so months each. The hawaii fabric is more unique in shade and streakiness, but both fabrics are quite different from the usual denim i see here. The fits are quite different too. I undersized a bit (underestimated my beer gut) and the hawaiis feel a lot looser in the top block then seem to taper a small bit down to the hem. The okinawas feel tighter int he waist and the top block (seems tighter than the waist of the 1947 model) but seems to have a straight leg down to the hem. I like the hawaiis better due to the color and unique fabric but the okinawas are fine as well.
  2. mousemouse


    Thanks again, i will get the 1101 then
  3. mousemouse


    That was quick! Thanks JohnM! Most of my jeans are on the looser end of the spectrum: SC47, hawaiis and okinawas and most recently the roy memorial jeans. I recently tried a slimmer cut in the wh lot 800, and really like the slimmer leg and the higher that usual rise. I've had trouble before with the lower rise and tight hips of my sd101. I think i will get the 1101 if the hips are a little bigger than the wh 800 but maintains the higher rise.
  4. mousemouse


    Hi guys, im looking to get a pair of fullcounts with the arcs and tab. I'm just reading conflicting info so i'd like to get some of your inputs. Also, i need to purchase in the next 48 hrs (friend is leaving tokyo soon). Cut- the 0105 is like the warehouse 1000 or SC 1947 right? FC Describes these as loose and the 1101 as regular fit, but the measurements say otherwise. Would the 1101 be closer to a WH lot 800? Denim- it seems the 0105 and 1101 are available in the 13.7oz and 15.5oz xx denim. Are these post soak weights? If these are pre soak the xx would end up quite heavy. Which can provide a more classic fade? Shrinkage and stretching- I've read that FC denim stretch quite a bit so i need to size down 1. I usually wear 33 or 34 in most brands. Is the stretching really big? Thanks! ** sorry, i just realized i posted this in the Warehouse thread
  5. mousemouse

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I will post some photos later tonight after i wash these. The color is changing nicely but nothing too extreme. These fade slow, like SDAs.
  6. mousemouse

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Hi guys, my memorial jeans are up for a wash tonight. This will be the 5th wash in as many months of wear. I live in a tropical country and never really bothered with a dryer. A new laundromat opened near my house and i was wondering if i should use a dryer this time on these. Do you think these still have shrinkage left?
  7. mousemouse


    Thanks b_F! I was wondering why the raw 66 was loose (for a raw pair) while I couldn't close three buttons the one wash 66xx in the same size. I think I will hold off and just purchase a pair of denimes later this year. I will wait for the 30th anniversary model and see if it is interesting.
  8. mousemouse

    Sugar Cane Denim

    ^yeah, the denim on the okinawa is a lot more irregular and dark blue. The denim on the hawaii is loosely woven and streaky and a lighter shade of blue. Both are nice in a different way!
  9. mousemouse

    Sugar Cane Denim

    23 month bump, Some photos of my Okinawa and Hawaii Jeans, both worn for 8 or 9 months, washed every month. The Okinawa ended up getting much tighter at the hips but was cut more straight down the leg. The Hawaiis were roomier at the hips and waist but tapered a bit more. With the whole family (2009, 1947, Okinawa, Hawaii)
  10. mousemouse

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    It looks like i got the same results as you. I soaked my pair for about 45min the first time before wearing and just a week ago after a couple of months of wear, but the water wasnt too hot both times. First soak i got massive shrinkage, i think around 3in lost in the waist. 2nd soak shrunk the thighs and everywhere else even more, which is good for me.
  11. mousemouse

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    @ecsong187 I washed my jeans in warm water and they seemed to have shrunk a lot in the legs and inseam. I hope these dont stretch too much. I'm starting to see light blue on the legs. I'm surprised that I'm seeing progress this fast, compared to sda and eternals denim.
  12. mousemouse

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    My memorial jeans are due for a 2nd wash after being worn around 10weeks or so. I got a crazy amount of shrinkage when i soaked these. Can I expect additional shrinkage if I wash in hot water? I would like these to get smaller if possible
  13. mousemouse

    Studio D'artisan

    How does sda natural indigo denim fade? Anyone here have faded examples? I saw a pair of dO1s and the lighter shade of the natural indigo looks nice and different.
  14. mousemouse


    Edit, double post. For the sizing, these seem to be on the small side right? I was only able to fit raw 66s and one wash 66xx. The size 34 raw 66 felt like it would fit well after washing since it had a bit of space in the waist. The 66xx however, i couldnt event close the top two buttons without a fight. Any experience on the shrinkage of the standard 66 denin?