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  1. Warehouse Lot 1082, caught a restock.
  2. Talan


    Warehouse 1001xx shrink additionally on following washes.
  3. Exactly. Is there such thing as perfect wonkiness? Obviously not, and perfect repetition of the same mistake on different products kills the intent. Just like in jazz improvisation on a standard theme, perfect replication with note-to-note precision is impossible, it will be something new each time.
  4. In my size, 38, the fit is noticeably looser than the previous OA01-522.
  5. In a world where everything is turned upside down, it's the least you can expect to see. And, no, not only to see, to participate. Those who don't want to take part will be forced to.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, Jerry Garcia preferred the Wrangler?
  7. Care to add some wonky imperfections to your belts?😁
  8. I agree. Trying to carefully reproduce the imperfection looks ridiculous at the very least.
  9. My jacket Lot 147 shrunk quite noticeably in length after machine wash on a normal cycle, maybe 40 or maximum 50 degrees Celsius. So I would suggest to be careful and start with rather cold wash without much agitation.
  10. Update on Libra Pondus (LB 40s) after one week. It so happened that I received the latest Ooe-Yofukuten's, Sugar Cane 1946 and LB in a short period of a few weeks. Comparisons are begging to be made. Three very good products, each with its own exciting features, I like each. Nevertheless, if I had to keep one jean only out of the three, it would be the LB. I just fell in love with them, I like literally everything about them. Also a very simple and true indicator. Of the three items mentioned, I wear LB most often. Almost every day with very few exceptions.
  11. Talan


    Are you going to clean rivets with something like salt/vinegar paste?
  12. Very limited customised production by one person. You have to contact/order through his IG account. May respond quickly, may take a year or more, as it was in my case. Some info here, https://rebuilt.jp
  13. My Libra Pondus have arrived. The story of the order is full of unusual details. The packaging in Japanese paper and metal box to store and protect the kimono is unique in itself. Not to mention that Isamu san's blog features quotes from Schopenhauer and Goethe... 🙃
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