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  1. We have around 8-9 people here who wants to join!
  2. Your conners arent wider and yeah u like to show off your buttovks
  3. TCB

    Comes to a certain point maybe after the 5th wash that it wont stretch no more
  4. TCB

    Type 1 stocks just arrived measuring each size teh size 40 has longer sleeves than a 42 weird... longer by half an inch consistent on 3 jackets of the same size
  5. Need tender
  6. What size is that ? Thanks looks fine to me
  7. Love the gloxy cut problem is if i step on dog shit
  8. Gonna be more thAn 600? Was gonna say yes if not more than 500
  9. Maybe you should pay him a visit? Or post on his instagram ?
  10. What size r those? nd whTs the actual waist? No2 denim?
  11. Can i get cheat measurements foxy?
  12. Buy yourself a decent cam and shoe us better photos of your clothes and shoes!! Come on
  13. I have 2 pairs for sale size 9 on the box one is used one is new used black c burgundy new brown and suede let me knkw
  14. What size Are u niro?