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  1. Ethan and kenji ‘s store in tokyo and hk. Awesome aesthetic awesome products! Japanese made goods http://www.brycelandsco.com
  2. fabrics ok nice but nothing grand the cut and the construction is awesome though. wide straight leg.
  3. edmond

    Muller and Bros.

    hi this brand is a new one only on their 2 or 3rd season. quality is super top notch. ran by stephane muller ( 45rpm , collette , freeman sporting goods . etc ) small batch production by nap-dog and co. from okayama. ( superiorlabor . and things etc.) ww2 jeans i ordered a pair delivery in a couple of weeks. inspiration is 30's 40's military wear. very french and americana. love the whole vibe the horsehide and goats hide jackets are awesome. the espadrilles too! also the military boots and shoes. are some of the best ive seen in the past couple of years. i have to say that quality for some japanese brands have recently dropped the fabric and the manufacturing degraded.. so i am continuing to pursue new brands which i feel can still give us the quality we want . me and stephane at the clutch cc show last may
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342