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  1. Those gonna be tight on you when you soak!
  2. Yeah i know tilman always like ti show his buttocks
  3. Whats the fit on those??
  4. Hi guys i need help i have a package in madrid in their post ofc my friend was suppose to pick it up but issues with schedule so anyway hes no longer in spain. Anybody can help me pick it up from the post of course if theres any fee and all. Of course ill give you a free pair of jeans from the store! Thanks xoxo edie
  5. Welcome back blm
  6. Selling a 38 ww2 too fucking big soaked and dryered once still too big hit me up if you guys want it. Brand new 200 shipped?
  7. Looks tight
  8. Fucking sus buttons marks on my belly fat fuckers - fc 1922
  9. Bill of stronghold ( waaay back ) sized me at 8.5e like my alden size but after 9 years of wearing my semi dress i feel like in in between a D and a E width
  10. Hmmp ! Cat dick? Lets do that!
  11. Yeah shouldve gone up to 40:(
  12. WhT samurai has. 12.5 frotn rise and a 16-17 inch back rise?
  13. WhT samurai has. 12.5 frotn rise and a 16-17 inch back rise?