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  1. Signet

    Shoes that look better with age...

    dr sole soles are too hard! and slippery specially the cord soles.
  2. New from Cushman Linen Sleeping Shirts Border Striped Prisoner Pants & a new chore-style Denim Coverall Coat
  3. Today marks the 1st month of our Fading Contest! We would just like to remind everyone that you may share the progress of your fade here in SuFu or in any of these channels: The Signet Store DISCORD #warehouse-signet-fading-contest channel or on Instagram by using the tag #warehousesignetcontestjeans
  4. Signet

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

  5. Bryceland's Jelt Denim Chore Coat. Inspired by the famous 1930s and 1940s era Lee L-91 Jelt Denim Chore Coat that uses a specially developed 11 oz denim fabric with tighter construction.Originally donned by railroad workers, Bryceland’s version pays homage to this heritage with its brass buttons emblazoned with a Steam Train motif.This piece is sanforized, meaning there is very little shrinkage left, and sports an appealing open collar, which pairs excellently with more dressed up and tailored pieces. It can serve as a slightly more rugged alternative to the popular safari jacket!
  6. Warehouse x Signet Fading Contest: Day 1 Hello everyone our fading contest begins today! Just as a refresher there are a few rules to follow: •Before commencing you need to show proof that your jeans are unworn. You can do this by purchasing a newspaper marking the date or if that is not convenient you can also just bundle your pair with a timestamp (Examples for this below). •We require participants to post at least once a month. We need 4 photos in total, 2 Flatlays Front & Back and 2 Worn Front & Back. •Make sure your photos are taken in natural light! The photo has to be as close to the color and contrast of the jean when seen physically. •You can share your fade progress in any of these channels: Instagram: Using the hashtag #warehousesignetcontestjeans Discord: Through our Discord Channel #warehouse-signet-fading-contest. The link to the group here.
  7. Odd lets try this one! My apologies not sure what's wrong. DISCORD LINK They look great Zach! Glad the inseam's just right.
  8. Signet

    The Flat Head

    currently wearing a 3005 these are really nice
  9. Hi! Try this one: https://discord.gg/d7uYrSH3
  10. The jeans are lookin damned good! Thanks for sharing Jared!
  11. just once a month wont hurt yeah? please.
  12. https://discord.com/channels/888685698348097586/937883714430570507 https://discord.com/channels/888685698348097586/945238949566222346 here are the channels folks! good luck!
  13. Signet


    Hit us up! We do this on the regular haha.
  14. Our Contest Model on Men and Women Size 31 RAW Size 28 WASHED
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342