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  1. they fit like warehouse 1003xx ww2 in a size 34 but these are a 36 on the ground alls
  2. just took measurements of them on the line dry.. cold soak tap water and line dry waist shrunk 2 inches inseam shrunk 3 inches front rise shrunk 1/2 inch back rise shrunk 1 1/4 inch thigh , knee shrunk 1/2 inch hem shrunk a little more than 1/2 of an inch imagine doing this is the dryer... could be half an inch or more...
  3. ive been wearing 0105 13.7 oz lately and fit is awesome. i mean initially it wasnt but after a couple of months fit is what i was looking for
  4. size 36 raw is the ff : w 460mm f rise 335mm b rise 448 mm thigh 390mm knee 285mm inseam 910mm hem 269 did a cold soak and line dry agitated a little bit well see in a half a day from now
  5. we have a couple of dozens of the ww2 groudn alls denim in the store theyre awesome!
  6. was great seeing you again in paris @kiya and demitra and nice meeting you @youngofthesoonest - edie
  7. Hi guys it's been a while! Resolute Lot 714 WW2 Model is now available. We have sizes 28 all the way up to 40. Definitely the highest rise and thickest fabric on a Resolute jean to date. Nice profile on this shares many similarities with the Lot 711 50s cut but wider and higher rise. It will be up in the webstore soon!
  8. would u care to share measurements of these and the size pls?
  9. thers a new 11.5 oz coming out next year its gonna be smooth and fades like vintage
  10. if you go to the stores they still have stocks of the no1 's
  11. need to hem off maybe 3 inches
  12. awesome guy! when i met him in paris pre corona , he gave me a gold plated needle for the union special 432000g he said that the gold plating prevents the needle from heating up the cotton which is like whoaaa this guy is like one of us... or more
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