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  1. We want to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported our small competition and constantly kept this thread alive. It has been an absolute pleasure to witness the impressive progress made by everyone. We'll keep you updated on the judging process and any other important developments. Best of luck to everyone on the last 10 days! The competition is looking very close!
  2. Hi Stewart, oooh not many have gone that route, we're interested to see how it developed without wash, but in any case no rush to post just as long as we see the final result at the end! Thank you!
  3. We are very sorry for your loss Stewart. We hope you're doing well.. Your jeans look absolutely amazing , you've really done a superb job on these.
  4. We're only 15 days away from the end of the competition! We want to thank all of those who have shared their fade progress so far. For those who haven't posted yet, we highly encourage you to share at least one photo now and another when the competition ends. With such amazing prices, we really want to make sure everyone has a fair chance to win. Your participation counts even this late in the competition! We'll post another update about the judging process once the competition ends. Thank you for participating!
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