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  1. New Arrivals at TheSignetStore.com Cushman 22501XX WW2 Jeans by Conner's Sewing Factory 21506XX WW2 Type 1 by Conner's Sewing Factory Ceramic Devil Salt & Pepper Shakers Tiki Mugs Amabie Dolls Johnny Belt
  2. New Alden + Signet Custom Makeups available online. The Black Military Lace-up Boot •379x Last (E Width) •Black Cordovan •Commando Sole The Mr. Wong •Hampton Last (EE Width) •Alpine Grain Cald •Waterlock Sole with Starburst Heel
  3. Wesco by Signet Custom Makeups - Single Stock Hendrik - 9EE Jobmaster Burlap/Redwood Roughout Suede - 9E Boss Engineer Boot Brown Roughout Suede - 9E Romeo Slip-ons in Suede - 9E
  4. Hi Lee! Yes they start out straight, but taper gradually after 2 washes. The fit is still relaxed and comfortable (if you get your actual size).
  5. The Real McCoy's 001xx worn daily for 8 months. A 50s-cut jean with a vertical fading pattern unique to McCoy's specially developed fabric. Available for Pre-order or for purchase at TheSignetStore.com
  6. Papa Nui Caps Beach Master Bucket Hat in Tiger Camo Waikikian Cap in Pala Check Indigo Fabric Invader Cap Black HBT with Satin Patches
  7. New Arrivals: Fullcount S0105 WW2 (WPB Regulation) Denim "New Normal" Vintage Letter press Tee Gladhand x Fullcount Bandana "Bottega" Stencil Printed Tee Chambray Eco Bag
  8. New Arrivals: The Real McCoy's Multicolor Corduroy Hunting Coat (Left: Hunter S. Thompson) M421A Summer Flight Jacket (Left: John F. Kennedy) Bottoms: Loopwheel Army Gym Shorts in Grey/Navy, 8HU Light Chambray Utility Pants Military Tees: Left to Right, AVG H81-A2, "Fei Hu" Tee, American Athletic Loopwheeled "Currahee" Tee, Adam & Eves Tee, 637 TD BN Tee, U.S.A.F Keesler Ringer Tee Buco Tees: Buco Piston Pocket Tees Black/Orange/White, Engineers Tee, Sturgis Long Sleeved Tee Black/White
  9. New arrivals from Nigel Cabourn. Available at our website. Jackets From left to right: Motorcycle Linen Jacket, HBT and Duck Canvae Race Jacket, Women's J-52 Shawl Collar Jacket. Men's Bottoms From left to right: P50 Tool Summer Camo Pant, Officer's Chino Short, P55 Pleated Linen Chino, 1950s Battle Dress Denim Pant, British Army Pant Women's Bottoms British Army Pants (Left), Belgian Army Pants (Top Right), NZ Cullotes (Bottom Right)
  10. Available now at TheSignetStore.com. Nigel Cabourn X Timex Naval Officer's Watch A 36mm watch with a special sea-air corroded finish which closely mimics the corrosion that occcurs on boats that are exposed to the tempestuous conditions of the Northern Sea. A true mariner's timepiece! *Current stock at 13 pcs!
  11. New arrivals from Warehouse & Co. Dead Stock Blue Type Denim Jackets WWII and 1946 Variants. 1000xx DSB Jeans. All come with a magazine of Warehouse products in aged condition. Duck Digger Type 2 Lot. 2002 Denim Jackets Re-stocks of the DD-1946 Type Jackets Available now at TheSignetStore.com Duck Digger - 2002 Type 2 Dead Stock Blue - S2000xx WWII Type 1 Dead Stock Blue - 2000xx 1946 Type 1 Dead Stock Blue - 1000xx Jeans Every DSB purchase comes with a free magazine.
  12. Signet


    our dsb jackets and jeans still has the tabs innit
  13. Signet


    those are fw stuff for this year!
  14. Signet


    these are a size 34. deadstock blue 1000xx thank you everyone
  15. Signet


    for those who care measurement from raw to cold soak line dry and hot soak line dry ( in milimeters ) and color of the denim outdoors !
  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
    $US 55