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  1. LFC4ever

    Norse Store pricing policy - warning UK residents

    Agreed, there's a new easy to use process apparently! Apologies to all offended by the font.
  2. LFC4ever

    Norse Store pricing policy - warning UK residents

    And they're STILL trying to say it's OK!!!!!!! I have checked up on the price for the those items and it is correct. There are many reasons why the prices are as they are online – one is that they have to correspond with the price levels of our worldwide wholesalers. The other are local taxes, currency vareties etc. Shipping price is also one more reason for different pricing – clients don’t pay full price for the shipping, we are covering a part of it.. So I’m sorry to say, but we can’t offer you to pay in other currency, everything is setup like it is for a reason, hope you can understand our point. Have a great day! Please let me know if you need further assistance. Best regards Marcin Cylkowski Trying to explain you can't do this!!!! Hi Marcin Thank you for your reply. Taxes are the same for all EU residents buying online from Norse Store so this is not relevant. Shipping is also irrelevant unless you charge a markedly higher price for delivery to all other EU countries which you don't. The real reason is that because your UK brick and mortar sellers charge a markedly higher price than other EU distributors you are using price discrimination against the UK from your online store to artificially inflate the Uk price offered by your online store to keep this in line with UK brick and mortar distributors presumably because they complained about being undercut. Let's be clear you have adopted this policy in the last 6 months. As you say : "There are many reasons why the prices are as they are online – one is that they have to correspond with the price levels of our worldwide wholesalers. " You can certainly do this from your online store to say control US or Japanese pricing. What is not allowed is to price discriminate against another EU country in this case the UK. You are essentially saying that every EU resident purchasing from your online store pays one price and every UK resident buying from the same source pays approximately 20% more in order to keep prices online with UK brick and mortar distributors. This is a matter of principle and fairness to me now so I think the only alternative I have is to raise this with the new EU price discrimination complaints process announced this month and let them decide. Thanks
  3. LFC4ever

    Norse Store pricing policy - warning UK residents

    Yes I've already decided they won't be on my list of future purchases........
  4. LFC4ever

    Norse Store pricing policy - warning UK residents

    Good point, not sure if they default to GBP from the address field or IP address. I think it's the country address. However what they're doing is against EU law. I've also commented on their website page. I guess they'd ave a real issue if we joined the Euro as they are trying to hide the uplift by putting in a false exchange rate. That's the unethical bit - the DKK Euro exchange rate on their site is spot on as per Xe.com, but they then auto change to GBP from Euros at check out and do not even tell you they are applying a possibly illegal 20 per cent uplift to the price. So they are doing something I believe is illegal but not even telling the customer they are charging 20% more than the customer believes they are actually paying. Underhand at best fraudulent at worst. They did not do this last summer so I can only suspect there UK wholesalers were more expensive than the rest of the EU and complained they were being undercut so they are using this as a cheap and quick way of segregating and isolating the UK market. Sorry, you can't do that, we're not in the Euro (neither is Denmark!) but we are in the EU! And we're still paying VAT at Denmark rates on these purchases! In fact we're paying them more VAT because they've upped the price!
  5. If anyone from the UK is planning on buying online from this store please be aware that you will be shown a total Euro price for your basket. When you log in if you are from the UK it will auto convert to GBP and will not give you the option to pay in Euros. Problem is they use the conversion rate to uplift the total cost by approximately 20%, thus singling out UK customers to pay a higher price than any other EU customer. Which, as I've pointed out to them is, I believe, illegal: Equal prices for foreigners As an EU national, you cannot be charged a higher price than local residents when buying products or services anywhere else in the EU Their justification to me was as follows: Thank you for the message. Unfortunately it is not possible to change currency when shopping in the online store - our system automatically detects your location. There are many reasons why the prices are as they are online - one is that they have to correspond with the price levels of our worldwide wholesalers. Kind regards Kirstine Norse Store I fully understand that if I go into a store in the UK prices for their goods will vary from say Denmark or Germany. But you cannot artificially inflate prices online for residents of one EU country in order to price discriminate against them, and them alone!!!!! This is very different from say Real McCoy refusing to ship from Japan in order to price protect their EU distributors. This is within the EU and is both unethical and I believe illegal. I hope they change this policy with immediate effect. I thought I would warn UK members in case they don't notice this when purchasing online from this company.
  6. Or can we update current title?
  7. Bought by me from authorised retailer, new, unworn, retailed at £385. Lovely boots and an absolute bargain. Genuine first quality. UK size 11. Extremely limited numbers, sold out. Made in Northampton England Designed by Mark McNairy in collaboration with Billionaire Boys Club, and made by Sanders & Sanders in Northampton, England, this extremely limited release merges modern streetwear styling with heritage design to great effect. Using the finest materials and incorporating McNairy's astute eye for detail, this authentic country brogue boot is updated with Mark's signature brick red sole, a contrast heel pull, and custom BBC branding on the tongue. Premium Full Grain Leather Uppers Brick Red Lightweight Rubber Sole Goodyear Welted Waxed Rolled Laces Punched Brogue Detail Fully Leather Lined Billionaire Boys Club Logo Detailing on Tongue I have these on sale at eBay but can sell for £122 shipped to the US payment via paypal.
  8. Superb condition, housed in protective case (not included) from new. Comes with charger but not original box. Owned by me from new, genuine Bose. Please note I cannot post from 21st August and 4th September inclusive. Advanced audio performance delivers full-range listening experience The most compact mobile speaker from Bose easily goes where you go Wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth device Rechargeable battery plays up to 7 hours £99.00 plus £8.50 postage UK only
  9. LFC4ever

    Samurai Jeans

    Can anyone point me in the direction of these waist button extenders with a 6 inch loop so I can get back into 32 inch waist jeans please?
  10. LFC4ever

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Fair point
  11. LFC4ever

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    He certainly does. Starting with mine ordered early May. If I'd known he was trekking around the States having beers with people I'd have sent him a very strong email
  12. LFC4ever

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Ah I understand - a similar approach to that which Jacknife are now trying to take though I'm not sure who they have doing the hand sewn work. W H Ranch would have a clearer approach and a less confusing history.
  13. LFC4ever

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Ah. I think I just made a big mistake. It was OOE that are rumoured to be available through a US retailer. Apologies, glad I spotted my error although BF if that's true my mistake may inadvertently have been correct!!
  14. LFC4ever

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    And rather selfishly I was hoping these would stay under the radar.........I have 3 pairs of vintage cut, one icon (doesn't suit me at all) and a pair of the Rodeo on their way. Cost is about $350-$450 depending on the type, lead time is about 10 weeks minimum. Great guy, passionate about what he does and superb workmanship, great design ideas as well. Not sure how he can continue to sell direct if he is going to sell through a US retailer as is rumoured, but guess it would have to end up like a Roy style operation, making them in batches then releasing them through the outlet.