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  1. Just paid up, hopefully not too late. My paypal email is one I never really use/check so I just saw the invoice.
  2. Here's my Evisu no. 0s hang drying after a hot wash.
  3. Either hinoya or americaya had resolute when I was there last August. I forget which shop they were in, but they're right next to each other on the same street.
  4. I've been wearing a pair of 5507s for maybe 8 months of night/weekend wear. I'll try to take some pics soon and put em in the skull thread.
  5. I just ordered some Iron Heart stuff from rakuten before they stop selling it on there. The price difference is pretty crazy, $190 for a flannel vs $345 from US/EU stores, $145 for a pull over hoodie vs $295. Of course I'll buy from a store if I go there and try something I want on, but otherwise rakuten is usually way cheaper. I think shops that do a lot of collabs is the way to go, offering something not available from Japanese retailers.
  6. ESL means English as a second language
  7. Here's my shirt, size medium ' Raw: Shoulder-17.2 PtP-22.6 Length-30.6 Sleeve-27.25 2 hot soaks and hang dry: Shoulder-17 PtP-21.9 Length-28 Sleeve-25 Standing on its own:
  8. Got mine the other day and the thigh measures 11.5" when the size chart said 12", was worried about something like this as I opted for the hand felled inseam. Other leg measurements match the chart though. Not too big of a deal they still fit and I was going for a slimmer fit with this pair anyway.
  9. Got my tracking number yesterday
  10. Yep they sold out in under 15 minutes. I was refreshing the page all day and managed to nab a pair.
  11. My 0500s measure 7.75" at the hem after being hemmed to 30". Lot 15 waist 31, many hot washes and machine drys.
  12. Yeah I have to use 2 fingers, one to scrunch up the fabric so the other can reach the coins.
  13. Coin pocket depth. The Evisu's win by a mile at 11.4 cm, I can't even reach the bottom of them with my fingers. Warehouse 660-7.7 cm Samurai 0500-5.2 cm Skull 5507-6.9 cm Evisu 2000-11.4 cm Denime 66-7.5 cm BiG N-02-7.5 cm UES 400R-6.6 cm Denime WWII-6.9 cm
  14. Super scientific pocket depth study. Winner UES 400R at 19.9 cm Warehouse 660-16 cm Evisu 2000-18.5 cm UES 400R-19.9 cm BiG N-02-18.4 cm Skull 5507-13.5 cm Denime 66-18 cm TCB 60s-17.7 cm Samurai 0500-15.3 cm Denime WWII-16 cm
  15. I bought them off of beatle, unfortunately she didn't know the details on them. Here is a pair from Denime's website with the same patch. I've seen pairs on taobao such as this claiming to be 15th anniversary, but also shins era ones claiming to be 15th. Here in Denime's archive 2/4 of them have the same patch and are listed as WWII model. I don't know how anniversary models usually work but I'd assume they're only made for that one year, which would be 2003 in this case, when they were still made by orizzonti, so maybe when shins took over(2005 from what I can tell) they kept making them as a WWII model?