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  1. SmokeStackLightning

    Vintage Sweatshirts

    May have to get an RMC. How does the fabric compare to a Buzz (newer version) or Strike Gold? Both of those have lost some softness due to washing and drying. The SG is almost too thick at times.
  2. SmokeStackLightning

    Vintage Sweatshirts

    Anyone familiar with Real McCoy's sweats? I want to get a new loop wheel sweatshirt. Currently have a Strike Gold, Buzz, and my favorite being a Stevenson. The Stevenson is on an entire different level.
  3. SmokeStackLightning

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Yes they do @julian-wolf and I believe they don't charge sales tax either if I remember correctly. I've ordered a couple times.
  4. SmokeStackLightning

    The Flat Head

    Agree with @Cold Summer. The 3009 I had awhile back was tighter at the waist than the 3005 in the same tag size. Pocket openings were a touch smaller on the 3009 and the thighs a touch bigger.
  5. SmokeStackLightning

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume all of the arcs and styling are exageratted to better differentiate between the years and models.
  6. SmokeStackLightning

    Buzz Rickson

    @mlwdp I see now missed that completely. I hot washed and hot dried mine looking for shrink, not much happened.
  7. SmokeStackLightning

    Buzz Rickson

    What item? Recently got the BR13573 "Slender" MA-1 for winter. Bang up coat.
  8. SmokeStackLightning

    The Flat Head

    Thanks @cjfergs. Only worried about the inseam as I have room everywhere else. Was your original inseam 37.5 then?
  9. SmokeStackLightning

    The Flat Head

    Is anyone here familiar with how the natural indigo blend denim shrinks? I wanted to hem my 3005-AI before their first soak/wash, but wasn't sure if I should expect typical 3 inch inseam loss, or less than the Pioneer denim. I am assuming less than the standard denim but don't really know.
  10. SmokeStackLightning

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Those look great. Wish I paid more attention to them changing the styles completely and got a pair.
  11. SmokeStackLightning

    The Flat Head

    @Geeman you can try DC4 Berlin. Or Corlection. But my email for PayPal is different than my email for Rakuten, interesting.
  12. SmokeStackLightning

    The Flat Head

    @Thanks_M8 if you were looking at the 3001 or 3009 I would suggest thinking about sizing up. The top block on the 3001 and 3009 fits feels more restrictive than the 3005 in the same size for me. Also, the 3009 actually measured under tag size for me when raw vs the 3005 which measured at 34 or so before a wash. On my 3005 I wear my normal size of 34. The waist will stretch back to raw, but can take a little while to do so. All personal preference really.
  13. SmokeStackLightning

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    As a smoker I rarely get to use breast pockets for smokes. Only a small handful of brands offer soft packs, and their commonly old or dry as not many people buy them. A hard pack in a breast pocket sucks.
  14. SmokeStackLightning

    The Flat Head

    They have always been easy for me, what happened?
  15. SmokeStackLightning

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    A pet peeve of mine is tonal stitching on denim. Can't explain why I don't like it, but it's a deal breaker for me.