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  1. The Flat Head

    Some measurements, and a very bad fit pick. No one is home and i have to get ready for work tomorrow, no regrets lol. They need a hem, aren't missing much from the knee down fit wise. I can't seem to find a good way to photograph my backside (is that a good or bad thing?) Anyways... Pre-Soak, Size 34 Waist - 34 Thigh (At Crotch) - 12.6 Front Rise - 11 ish Back Rise - 15.7 ish Knee (13 inches down) - 10 Hem - 9.5 Inseam - 36 Post Soak (Wash) Waist - 16 Front Rise - 10.5 Back Rise - 14.5 Thigh (At Crotch) - 12.25 Knee (13 inches down) - 9.5 Hem - 8.75 Inseam - 33 They are very comfortable. Tons of hip room, I'm tempted to wear and wash these like normal mall jeans.
  2. The Flat Head

    Will do, they are drying now. One hot wash, the inseam shrank 3 inches, the waist two inches. I will post rest tomorrow when I can properly measure them.
  3. The Flat Head

    No, single stitching I believe from the description. I'm going to wash them this afternoon.
  4. The Flat Head

    Thanks, I wish 2nd had better translations, but from what I gather it's a special run, and maybe just for them? Inseam is 36 on the nose so definitely not designed for the western market I would say. After I wash them I'm expecting 32.5 ish which is good for me. All they need is a red tab now I suppose.
  5. The Flat Head

    I'm half tempted to throw these in the washer.
  6. The Flat Head

    I always thought they were dry clean only, but that is what Sun Surf recommends so I'm not sure. The new black FH rayon is a beauty.
  7. The Flat Head

    Got a pair of these that I'm going to pick up at the post office later. https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/2nd/item/fh-3005-s/ Not sure when I will get around to wearing them, but I wanted the old arcs with no suede and a button fly so these fit the bill.
  8. Stevenson Overall Company

    I have fully shrunk/post wear stretch on my size 32, if that will maybe help you gauge or scale up. SOC.com has one wash measurements, as does Cultizm if you email them.
  9. Vintage Sweatshirts

    I don't believe their website offers e-commerce unfortunately.
  10. Stevenson Overall Company

    The waist runs a bit large on my size 32 in the 727 fit. Nothing a belt doesn't fix. Kiya and Self Edge will point you in the right direction, they designed the fit too.
  11. Stevenson Overall Company

    I recently hot washed a new pair of 727's that are made from the same denim and got near .5 inches in the thigh and knee, and right around 2.7 inches on the inseam. The waist shrunk near 1.5 inches but very quickly loosened back up. I've read the denim can take a few soaks or washes to completely shrink.
  12. Iron Heart Jeans

    The denim doesn't look very Iron Heart like, and the patch is stiched down on all sides too. Couple flags to me.
  13. The Flat Head

    Looking good indigoslaves. Looks like the poly stitching is holding up great.
  14. Stevenson Overall Company

    How useable are the front pockets on the 727's or 767's? They almost seem placed at an angle that would make them easier to use.
  15. Stevenson Overall Company

    This is about all I could find searching everywhere, hopefully the Instagram link works. I would say they age very very nicely. Can't believe their sanforized.