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  1. I'm a big fan of my Buzz Rickson USN chambray. Classic vibes all around.
  2. Nice fit! Interested to see how it'll develop over time, haven't seen too many FC jackets.
  3. That's too bad, I had to do an early crotch repair as well. This sloppy bit of threadwork has been holding up like a champ though!
  4. Yea, I need you both to get back on the EXs so I can see what the TRUE potential of the denim is! Forget this hiatus nonsense
  5. Quick and dirty pics of the 1108EX. 4 months, 2 washes.
  6. I agree with @EdwardBear, the Fullcount arcs are my absolute favorite of the repro brands. But whichever way you go, don't get too attached, those arcs definitely don't last long . I'm 4 months in on my 1108EX and the majority of my wallet pocket is now arc-less.
  7. ^ absolutely gorgeous. texture is perfect.
  8. 3 months in on my 1108EXs, just got their first wash. Starting to blue up nicely.
  9. whoa
  10. My two cents is to definitely not tailor your waist size to fit your desire for smaller leg opening. If it's too small raw, you're going to end up with pants you can't fit into that have an awesome leg opening size...
  11. I think the warmth difference between 13 and 15oz is going to be fairly negligible. Just get whichever one you like better . Personally, a denim jacket of any sort wont keep me warm through our cold winters, for me it's a fall/spring thing. That will depend on where you live of course.
  12. Perfect fit! Those look great, hope you enjoy 'em. Definitely won't get 8 inches of shrink out of the inseam, it'd be terrifying if you did.
  13. Looking good! Love how hairy they still are.
  14. Hovering over a certain user's avatar and selecting "ignore user" magically turns this forum into a discussion about denim again .