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  1. Vulcan

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    For my black denim folks - does sulfur dyed denim transfer onto other clothes the way indigo does? Just ordered my first pair of black denim from Left Field. Pretty stoked.
  2. Vulcan


    For those of you that are into the "vintage" fades that TCB is so great for, at what point do you start washing your jeans more regularly? I like to try to keep a balance between maintaining some interesting lines/whiskers but I also love the heavily washed/dried crinkling and texture that really highlights these jeans. I'm always tempted to start chucking 'em in the wash more often but try to hold out to maintain the lines. I think I typically try to go about 1 year+ w/ very occasional washing before I start increasing the wash frequency. Now that my 50's are approaching the 1 year mark I'm starting to think about it... Obviously, everyone will have a different experience due to their unique wear patterns but I'm just curious as to what your methods are.
  3. Vulcan

    man stain on jeans??

    I came back looking for this thread, so bummed the original pics are gone. Still think it's time for a bump. Classic.
  4. Vulcan


    @radfad2000 Here are measurements from my size 32 50's (washed and worn for about 6 months so this would be fully stretched out): Waist: 16" FR: 11.5" BR: 16" Thigh: 12" Opening: 8.5" Hope that helps. I def recommend ordering TTS.