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  1. Vulcan

    The Flat Head

    Those are some lovely jackets, sir. Love the sleeve crinkles in a nice leather jacket.
  2. Vulcan

    The Leather Jacket Thread

    Go with your feels mate. I'll be honest, I have a Perfecto-styled jacket that doesn't get that much wear because I feel like you do. I love the look but I often feel self-conscious that people will think I'm going for that "tough guy" look. That being said, if you won't feel self-conscious, that jacket is super versatile and much more classic looking - which may be more your style. The James is more like a modernized cafe racer w/ a spread collar. Less classic but much more subtle. I will say that a leather jacket is a loud statement in itself so I find that more subtle may be the way to go if you feel similarly.
  3. Vulcan

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I think it looks good Dude. That's how I like my denim jackets to fit w/ the bottom hitting right at the beltline. As long as you have full range of motion in your shoulders, it's money. That's the one dealbreaker for me, if I feel restricted - it's too tight. But if it feels good, it is good.
  4. Vulcan

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    That chain stitch runoff on the cuff is interesting. I'm not really a fan (I always just cut itoff) but I've never seen that done before.
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