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  1. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    It's a 12.5 oz (pre wash) 8x8 denim, USA Memphis cotton. So after wash it'll be a bit more heavy. I have the same denim in the 30s jacket and to me it feels lighter than what it is. It's a gorgeous fabric. I know that the original it's lighter, but didn't ask why. it's a very soft denim.
  2. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    tcb 30s jacket cheap vest The Ritestuff chambray Warehouse 1004 (suspenders hidden ) RW 8111
  3. The Rite Stuff

    Apparently sleeves of the buzz are done that way on purpose, the reproduce the original cutting of usn chambrays. Same here I can only wear it with rolled sleeves. Not a big deal as I wear shirts with rolled sleeves 90% of the time though..
  4. The Rite Stuff

    I have big arms and it suits me fine, it's the only chambray I have which actually has the correct sleeve length. I can rlcuff the the sleeves twice comfortably, a triple roll it's possible but becomes tight. Hope it helps. I'll try and post a few pics once I've washed the shirt over the weekend. It's a great shirt, very happy with it.
  5. TCB

    Hope they'll work out fine to you. I worn my pair again over the week while I was in tour in Germany and they're ready again for repairs round 3... I will buy another pair in the future for sure. For now I'd better just retire them and concentrate on the pile of less worn jeans. No matter what I seem to keep coming back to either these or my first pair of 60s, there's something so satisfying in wearing a really well worn pair of jeans..
  6. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    tcb duck jkt deluxeware sweat sugarcane 47 white's nomads
  7. TCB20s contest interest check thread

    dear @Bobbo the contest hasn't started yet and you succeeded to make a volvo pic, things are promising considering that you haven't made me a single one in the last contest hahah. Wonderful 1976-1978 volvo 244 in what Volvo called mörkblå, beautiful color. on a volvo related [off] topic... I'm broken hearted now while I say that I had to sell one of my volvos, my daily driver the 1993 245 Polar. I now drive an approx 30k to 35k kms per year and it is really too much for an old lady. The radiator and MAF (mass air filter) both broke together in the same day (what a day it was) while I was driving some musicians to the airport in Nice a month ago. Thank goodness I had one spare MAF in the car and I bought a stopwater in Nice, it was a funny journey back nonetheless.. last week I've finally bought the new car, guess what? It's a Volvo again, XC70, and funny enough Volvo calls this color "denim blue metallic". Hope it won't fade too fast... It took me a month to find one with a tidy service book and well maintained... It doesn't have 1/10 of the romance a 240 has, but I like it so far, super comfy... I still have one 244 gl, I still think they're the best, so won't change my nickname!
  8. TCB

    under 80 would mean a 10% shrink ratio and I'm pretty confident these won't shrink that much...
  9. TCB

    hey Tiger sorry I've completely forgot how much my pair shrank, it was ages ago. 89 cm to 84 means a 6% +/- shrink ratio which sounds very likely to me. Definitely the 50's denim it's not a 10% shrink denim. Maybe just try a lukewarm soak + 30 degrees wash before nuking the jeans! You should fine I think. If in doubt re email Inoue.
  10. Ooe Yofukuten x S&S: Official Contest Thread 2016

    Wowzers guys, so many great pairs, just had a glance at the final thread and super hyper mega repped as much as I could haha! Felonious, Corporal Clegg and Pudas your pairs are just ridicolously good!
  11. TCB

    Sweet fit, and yeah one size down would look not as good. 50s slim?
  12. TCB

    Just write in English and try to write in an easy way. He'll Google translate if he doesn't understand
  13. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    ^ yeah it does. Made by a Korean brand called Fallbreak, distributed in UK by Allbluesco in Leeds. It's a great vest, double side (the other side is quilted). It's super toasty. Now they make it in dark grey with army green quilted side and I'm mighty tempted to buy it too..
  14. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Tcb 30s jkt Fallbreak vest Tcb ranchman shirt Porky's 66 Whites sd
  15. I'm very happy with my pair of Bronson chinos, they come super cheap and with a nice vintage cut (high waist and super loose) but with all the hassle for getting them thorough taobao you may as well not receive them before you leave for France. The Buzz Rickson officer chinos are a good choice if you still wish to buy from Japan. They're still not very expensive if you buy from Rakuten, Hinoya has them. Good vintage cut. can't comment on the US brands but I kinda remember left field had some nice chinos, but perhaps too expensive for your budget.