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  1. TCB

    Well you'll soon have a repair wiz and most importantly an international mullet icon living in your neck of woods...
  2. TCB

    I'd love to see this pair repaired!
  3. TCB

    That's a fine fit right there. I like the rise of the 60s it suits my beer belly fine. Sizing is the same, I wear a 36 on both although the 50s are more of a relaxed fit so depending on how loose the 60s fit you could size down one, but I wouldn't suggest it personally.
  4. Contest start date will have to be posticipated to either Sept 15th or Oct 1st, depending how quick the shipping will be. Sorry about that guys...complaints can be sent to
  5. Hey guys sorry I've been missing in action, we're at the peak of the festival season now and I'm working like a slave... I've kept lurking here maybe once every couple days, but had no time to be active as usual, ilk be back at it once the festival madness ends... Although I'm glad to inform you that after a number of mafioso style threats I've managed to get Ed to send Inoue the definitive list, including all of us plus some friends and local customers of Regiment Store. Inoue received it 5 minutes ago. Within a few days you should receive the PayPal invoice. If you don't let me know, I have a few horse heads ready to be sent by courier to Manila.
  6. contratulations Louis!
  7. @bartlebyyphonics I have the very same pair, actually had two different pairs and worn the hell out of them when I was 20 to 25 circa. Still have the black pair somewhere. I've loved the brown version of it. Bob Marley wore the very same shoes in one of his musical videos, can't remember which one though...
  8. Hint of moobs Cheap polo tucked in for improved beer belly performance OG tcb 60s Sanders tassel loafers
  9. ^ in fairness I think that pair is some of the best fades I've seen in this board in the last 4 years, as far as I'm concerned. they're more than the bees knees, I would describe them as the pure breed Irish Setter bollicks
  10. TCB

    Inoue said half july..mmh I'll ask and let you know. I'll get a pair for my wife too...
  11. hey @Aho funny I just sent an email to Regiment Store now to ask an update. I've sent the full list exactly a week ago and never heard back. last I've heard from Inoue was two or three days ago and he still didn't receive anything. If I was in Manila I'd go straight to flog Ed's big ass now! Seriously though they've just opened a new shop so they may be busy. Anyhoo I'll make sure to torture them with daily emails til something happens...
  12. TCB

    ^ yeah true that. I have no time for taking fit pics as of late and my summer fits are a bit lame too. it's either chambray jeans sneakers when I'm on normal days or oxbd, cheap chinos and loafers when I'm in charge. Churchs are great quality and super comfy but I kinda regret having bought them, they look a bit too slender/pointy to my liking. My old Sander tassel loafers had a more masculine look even if there's nothing more gay than a pair of tassel loafers!
  13. TCB

    I can provide photos of my hands, feet and my penis close to a 1lira coin and a measuring tape for scientific purposes. paypal offers to volvoATenlargeyourpenisDOTorg
  14. TCB

    the first concert was full house all sold online which is fairly unusual for a Chamber Music Festival whose main audience are octuagenarians who may die any second soon . It only happens for the big jazz events we do, which cater for a different audience of course, and it's the first time it happens for chamber music. ; ) so yes we started well, volvo is well chuffed, though very close to a nervous breakdown too. thanks for your concern Bartleby.
  15. TCB

    haha actually it's not, it's a big advantage. I can play alto flutes which require a big hand span stretch with no discomfort while some of my colleagues can't handle long playing/recording session with the big flutes. Maynard now it's time for a line on big flutes I think....