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  1. TCB

    seen how [well] the 42 ranchman fits you I am pretty certain the 42 will work well for yourself. The chest is 21.5 inches, true. I shoot for 22 inches P2p or even 23 but somehow the tcb jacket fits me well and I can even layer under it. My fit pic above shows you how a 42 fits on a 40.5/41 inches bare chest.
  2. ^ pretty sure he could make you a pair without the pockets. bronson hat tcb duck jkt asos vest red cloud rc436xx rw8111
  3. wow Felonius and all! some great fades here, and the texture is quite unique too.
  4. I see no mention of photos picturing guys adjusting their sloppy, uneven and tremendously high water cuffs. Of course boots are RW moctoes, jeans are Shockoe Atelier Slim Kojimas (cuffed to narrow the hem) and socks are Chup. But first coffee! So the first pic in the morning is a cardboard coffee cup between the RW moctoes. On sundays it's a mason jar full of coffee, deliciously adorned by a leather strip to not burn the hands, probably the most practical coffee cup ever invented. Al that said, I still love Red Wing. I've only had two pairs, and both have served me very well over the years. I wouldn't buy RW at retail simply because it's easy to get them either discounted or second hand, but seen how much I've used them I could completely justify retail price as well.
  5. pics of the heel counter please! jokes apart, nice score. The slender shape looks great and I think it'll work well with many different solutions in a girl's closet, good choice!
  6. TCB

    I am thinking to reitre the jacket once I've received the type I. the cotton stitching is unravelling on several places in the back panel, some have been already mended (quite poorly to be honest), but several other places will need to be re sewn soon. It would probably quite expensive to rebuild it and mend a few holes on order to withstand more years of daily wear... On top of that I tend to like more a dark jean jacket, especially when wearing a denim tux. I don't like anymore how it looks with dark jeans... So since I don't really want to destroy It's about time to wash it and keep it for special occasions. I love it so much that I would almost like to frame it and hang it on a wall! The wife would be delighted to hear this! I'll post a big photo dump once it's washed and ready to be stored.
  7. TCB

    Even if you're considering to ask for a custom length I suggest you to always speak with Inoue about post wash measurements.
  8. TCB

    It could be dangerous to know, believe me. You can ask Inoue of course, but I bet a tenner that posting raw measurements here will automatically generate some sizing disasters. I'd stick with the after wash measurements. The same happened with the TCB 50's contest. Let the company calculate the shrink factor.
  9. TCB

    I am pretty sure something got lost in translation. Here's what Inoue told me:
  10. Mmh looks like the shop who did the hem ducked up the jeans to me...
  11. TCB

    from the base of the collar all the way down. The type I will have an appropriate length it seems. Short but not torero style! Check out thoroughly measurements, it seems that the p2p of the 30's jacket is wider than the 50's. You may not need to size up on this. Anyhoo I'll let you know in a few weeks... to Europe it's about 30 USD with EMS. I guess it's about the same for the US.
  12. TCB

    I've placed my preorder for the tcb 30's jacket. the measurements look golden to me for a 42, and the 42 will already feature the split panel T construction which is ultra cool. I believe Levi's type I's had it from size 44 onwards. Tomorrow I'll know more exactly, but I think the new models will go in production next week and will be sent shortly afterwards, so hopefully within 2 weeks I'll have my fourth TCB jacket for the collection! As for the 50's slim, if I was interested (and I am not, cause that kind of cut with mid rise, wide thigh and a significant taper looks bad on me!) I would double check those measurements via email with Inoue before ordering. I am a 36 on all TCB jeans but I would be a 34 on these ones. Measurements of all the other jeans on the TCB shop are taken flat and BIG style, and I guess such is the case with the slim 50's too. Can't hide my disappointment for the 50's slim original measurements...bummer. I hope they'll work as a gateway TCB drug for the lovers of modern fits though...
  13. great bit of advice. I am off to buy some sandpaper now!
  14. would you care to share the IG? just curious! I've joined here in 2012 or 2013, but started to wear raw denim in 2009. My gateway drugs were two pairs of Edwins, which I worn religiously adhering to the strict "no wash regimen" which was en vogue back those days. Even after washing (after 12-14 months) those pairs still look sooo filthy and dirty. I wouldn't never ever wear them again haha!
  15. TCB

    haha that's fine to me, although I won't wait the contest to wear the jacket...