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  1. Haven't spoke with Ed re parcel value but he did it already for the 50s contest so I guess it's not a problem.
  2. sound!
  3. Ciao everyone updated the list. So we have 18 confirmed so far and two on the fence, plus others like Broark and a couple more who expressed an interest and haven't confirmed as of yet. It hurts my denim heart (I almost feel like Ruedi saying this) to not have Paul T on board... @aho @frost should I consider you in? Do you need more time?
  4. @Hendsch yeah the guys of Nifty do are quite good at showing well how TCB jeans fit. To be honest, as much as I love the tcb blog photos if the whole thing was handled by someone like them I'd say that TCB would be more popular, people outside Japan are ashamed by their typical fit pics wearing one size too big jeans worn low on the hips.
  5. ^ hey @Cucoo the 20s denim it's fairly new to me so I can't guarantee anything. I have it on the 30s jacket and that jacket stretched almost 1 cm P2P. I tried to ask Inoue about the potential stretch of the fabric but his reply is not very helpful... and as a general rule of thumb he'd never suggest to anyone to size down, ever... If I base my guesstimate on the other TCB fabrics I would say the jeans will shrink 0.5 under tag and then stretch 1 inch to 0.5 over tag, BIG style. With the 50s there is no chance to stretch them 1 inch, eg my size 36 will stretch max to 36,5 BIG style. hence why I wouldn't suggest to size down. I don't have any pair of SDA jeans yet, but from what I see the SDA sizing is pretty similar to TCB, what size you are on SDA's?
  6. That's music to my ears! Look forward to see those old ladies.. The 34 will stretch to 34,5 I think, but the 33 won't stretch to 34, so I'd go with a 34 which inseam?
  7. Bronson hat Stache Madras by De Paz Bologna Tcb 50s Marina militare surplus sneakers
  8. Fit pic of the 20s provided by nifty do. That rise looks just as high as I'd personally like it to be.
  9. yeah my taper was done badly and was too much for such a loose pair of jeans. I undesrtand that when done properly it can be a good thing...
  10. ^ I did the same to a pair of LVC 333 dungarees, back then I was an uneducated heathen... They're a nice pair of jeans, which I never wear now because of the taper.
  11. ^ cheap braces reccomendations: UK RAF surplus (grey with natural leather fittings) CZECH ARMY surplus (amry green with bronw leather fittings) many Lee 101 jeans come with a free pair of suspenders, sometimes people put them up on Ebay. They're nice, I bought a job lot of three pair on Ebay for 20 eur. My favourite pair of Lee suspenders, worn with wh jeans. I'm pretty happy that the TCB are going to have 2 cm less rise btw.
  12. ^ you can see it as you like, I do find it's a pity to order a special pair like this and not get the full 20's homage packaging, especially considering that a belt can be worn over the braces buttons. The buttons are iron, they start ultra shiny but they'll get dull and eventually will rust with wear, they should look very good after 18 months of use. But I guess that if you're 100% sure you'll never ever buy a pair of braces then it makes sense as well to avoid the buttons, hence why I've asked to Inoue to offer this opportunity as well. As for the front rise, this is an homage cut, so a few wee things here and there had been adapted by Inoue according to his own preferences. I do have the Warehouse 1004xx (another 22's style cut) and although the huge high rise I'm not sure it can't be called a true repro neither, the cut looks too trim and the hem too small to really be a repro. It also lacks a few little features that are there in the TCB 20's (lighter weight denim belt loops, back pocket zigzag sewing details at the corners). Re arcs, I've told Inoue that general preference goes to the OG inspired arcs, you'll all see pics of a prototype well before the deadline.
  13. Hobo and Sailor tee Lee braces Warehouse 1004xx Chucks
  14. Not a word yet from Inoue, it seeks likely that we'll get it done outside of Japan unless Ed finds a different solution
  15. I don't think so I've been wearing a bit my warehouse 1004xx with a belt and didn't notice any mark on the belts.