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  1. TCB

    Denimio has the slim 50's you could ask them to measure you a pair. On another note I've asked Inoue to set up a 'how we measure' page in their website, hopefully this will help to clarify things.
  2. Tcb x3 Cheap flannel White's semidress
  3. vans us 10.5 converse all star us 10 (although it's funny as they mark the same pair of shoes US10/UK10/eur 44 which doesn't make sense, it should be US10/UK9.5/eur 44) Whites, these are a perfect fit on me and they're a US 9.5 E width Anyhoo my size usual size is EU 44, very often I size up half size to accomodate my extra width.
  4. I seem to be blessed with a amazing good luck at finding second hand pairs of White's. Just received these. Semidress, standard brown dress leather, standard heel heigh, vibram 700 sole. Superb boot alltogether, with a lovely patina. Just the right amount of upswing toe I like.
  5. I personally like white denim it works well with many different things including blue denim! That's a S C O R E! Lucky you!
  6. TCB

    this is my second pair of 60's, which I've started to wear in june last year. They don't have more than 6 months of actual wear. Washed 12/15 times I think. At this stage they start to look real nice and get that ocean blue typical of "nach 1960's Levi's 501" repros, which I really love. Another three months of real wear and I'll keep them for special occasions, don't want to destroy them the way I did with the first pair, and I have a third pair ready to be worn in!
  7. Tcb 30s Tcb ranchman Tcb 60s Santalum lace to toe boots
  8. you're not alone GGIS, I wish to express my deepest sympathy by posting this. The third eye.
  9. That's a fine look Saisen. I'd love to try a pair of overalls but not sure I could rock them, as I am perhaps a bit too big for them. You look great on them.
  10. how those breeches look when not tucked into boots?
  11. nice one! look forward to see them. A few days ago I've scored my second pair of second hand White's too. Semidress this time. Will post pics when I have them...
  12. ^ #boozeconnoisseur More partial to the ole beer +whiskey combo but perhaps afternoon it's a bit too early for that!
  13. too kind chap, too kind. this photo makes quite clear that I need to go on a diet for a couple months.
  14. TCB

    Couple pics of the 30s jacket. The iron rusting buttons are crazy, wonder how they'll end to be in a few years... The macro texture pic is quite true to color irl.
  15. TCB

    Welt sole plus midsole plus Dr sole Composite full outsole