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  1. TCB

    @oomslokop unfortunately jeans was washed before hemming. I lost beautiful roping on the original hem, but I hope I will have some with additional washes.
  2. TCB

    Double post
  3. TCB

    @volvo240thebest Thanks, Volvo! I'm from Ukraine. The guy who made hemming from Kyiv. His instagram page - www.instagram.com/headges.ukraine After checking his instagram found the detail of jeans he made for my wife
  4. TCB

    Got my TCB 50s hemmed. Managed to find a local guy who made the job on a vintage Union Special for a great price. Fit pics soon.
  5. TCB

    Great fit @istewi I’m short guy so I don’t think even fat fold will work. Will see after soak.
  6. TCB

    @Bobbo @nycsurfer530 @HGS @volvo240thebest Thanks for the advices. Looks like I have a lot of washing variations. Jeans was bought on Denimio so they are super long. But I think I can find proper chain stitching hemming service locally. Will post more pictures after washing.
  7. TCB

    Just received my first pair of "real" jeans. It's a raw TCB 50s. They are amazing, texture and hairiness of denim is fantastic. As I understand before hemming I need to get rid of shrinkage since jeans are raw, not one wash. Should I soak them two times in a very hot water, then throw them in washing machine to be 100% sure they do not shrink? Or it's too much?