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  1. volvo240thebest

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Long time no see
  2. volvo240thebest

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    Primo! Happy new year peacocks! N1 X Warehouse sweat X Tcb ww2 X White's
  3. Hello beautiful people of Sufu finally we are ready to launch the TCB X SUFU S40S contest (WW2 model). Order page S40’s Jeans S40’s Jacket Price Contest Jeans JPY 23,650 Size: 28/29/30/31/32/33/34/36/38/40 WW2 Jacket JPY 25,300 Size 34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50 The fade contest will be only for the jeans but we make the jacket with the contest patch as a memorial to the fade contest we’ll hold with much help of Super Future. Target Model: S40’s Jeans Contest Ver. Estimated Delivery: Mid ~ End of August wherever you are Duration: Sep/2020〜Feb/2022 Rules There’s no specific rules for the contest. Just wear the contest jeans however you like. You can repair however many times, you can paint on it, or anything is fine. We’ll see whose pair will look the most gorgeous at the end of Feb/2022. Simple as that! Please let me note that the participation to the contest is not mandatory at all. If you’d like to sign in for the contest, please let us know in the note section when placing an order on our Website. I suppose there will be much more contestants from Japan this time. In order to keep everyone updated with how other contestants’ fading process is going, Ryo from TCB will be uploading the photos of each contestant on behalf of all the JP contestants. The contest is an opportunity to share your passion with other likely minded folks from every corner of the world, so we invite as many possible of you as possible to join the Superfuture forum and be actively involved in the TCB S40’s official thread. Prizes 1st Place 1 Jacket and 1 jeans 2nd Place 1 Jacket OR 1 Jeans 3rd Place 1 Shirt 4th Place 1 Shorts OR 1 Bag 5th Place 1 Hat or Cap Terms of judgement Each member of the TCB Crew will decide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd favorite pair and 1st counts as 3 pts, 2nd as 2 its and 3rd as 1 pt. The person that ends up with the most points wins! Fabric After careful examination and analysis on the WW2 fabric, we’ve reached the answer, 14 oz fabric made of EMOT blended cotton(Eastern Memphis, New Orleans, and Texas). Hard twisted yarns with so much of neppiness gives a solid texture to the fabric, which Hajime Inoue felt as the first impression when he first touched the original WW2 fabric. This hard twisted yarn is one of the key points to keep the indigo color not fully penetrated to the core of the yarns, which makes this fabric really true to how the vintage looks and eventually fades. The unevenness on the threads is carefully reproduced by the setting on the vintage Toyoda shuttle looms and the recipe of the cotton blend. Nowadays the definition of good cotton is often regarded as the whiteness made possible by breed improvement but this time we have focused on the creamy tinge on the fabric which is an iconic detail of the WW2 fabric. How jeans are measured please refer to Tcb guide Jeans S40ʼs Jeans Fabric:14oz EMOT Blended Cotton Details:Steel made Laurel wreath button/steel-made rivets/ Deer Skin patch Threads:Cotton threads (5 different thread counts) (Proudly Designed and Made In Kojima, JAPAN) Jacket S40ʼs Jacket Fabric:14oz EMOT Blended Cotton Details:Steel made Laurel wreath button/steel-made rivets/ Deer Skin patch Threads:Cotton threads (Proudly Designed and Made In Kojima, JAPAN) Special features Limited edition patch Ladies and gents here's the final draft sent to the printers. All the credits go to @Nayuta - well done! Lottery pocket bags In true S501XX spirit, pocket bags will be made with ten different fabric scraps, left and right pocket bags will be mismatched and no pair will be the same! No one can choose his/her pocket bag fabrics, that's why it's called lottery bags. Here's the fabric samples: blue wabash from Ranchman shirt Dark indigo wabash from Tabby's vest Hickory stripe from Handyman overalls Mottled brown denim from Tabby's jacket Mottled denim from Tabby's coat Olive and brown canvas from Black Cat chore coat Olive back satin from tropical pants Olive herringbone Random hickory stripe from Wrecking Crew overalls [willl further edit and fix later - sufu won't let me upload pics right now]
  4. volvo240thebest

    66 type jeans

    here we go! we could use this thread to compare different kind of 66 style inspired jeans cuts by various makers, geeking out on details and differences in cut, fabric etc etc. 1966 jeans details are widely known by just to sum it up: silhouette: clean silhouette with mid rise, a regular top block and a slight taper from knee to hem denim: the denim used for 60's jeans has usually a pale blue hue and should fade to a nice royal blue details: - bartacks in lieu of rivets on backpockets - square coinpocket - no selvedge hidden in the coinpocket, which is usualy chaintitched - double chainstitch waistband construction - paper patch instead of leather patch - absence of the V-stitch at the top button 66 models in the market nowadays: LVC 1966 http://levisvintageclothing.com/product/1966-501-jeans/ Denime 66 http://www.denime.jp/realbasic/archive/?category=4 TCB 60's https://tcbjeans.stores.jp/#!/items/54a65f9c552f2f097d0020d8 Sugarcane66 http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/frisbee/item/10004578/ Porky's http://www.porkys-jeans.com/original.html Studio d'Artisan http://www.dartisan.co.jp/web_shop_detail.php?item_cd=16&cate_cd=2 Resolute 710 http://www.resolute.jp/710.html Warehouse 1100 http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/ot-emens/item/mwa99-1100/ Pherrow's 466sw http://global.rakute...lo/item/962623/ Fob Factory F161 (possibly discontinued) http://www.fob-facto...ucts_zoom&pk=11 Boncoura 66type (http://maidens.shop-...p/?pid=47371645) Fullcount 1800 (http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/very/item/fullcount-1800/) i will update the list when time permits and add photos of details too. there seems to be a fair bit of variation between all the different takes by different brands on this classic cut. let's compare them.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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