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  1. serotonin flood

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    These posts are amazing haha I love the Colonel Kurtz imagery. May I ask what drew you to 80s 501s?
  2. serotonin flood

    iconic denim photos

    i loveee these collars. also known as loop collar, johnny collar, camp collar etc. japanese seem to refer to them as open collar pretty much across the board. i first fell in love with them watching 11.22.63 a couple years ago on hulu lol and then went on a vintage hunt. you can find em for pretty cheap on ebay and etsy. i have one sun surf aloha shirt but i've been meaning to pick up some new japanese repro ones but just haven't got around to it. i don't know why but to me that's how a collar should look. i would be very interested to know any information about them at all if it's out there. also i was in japan a few months ago and these are very popular just with the general public. you see tons of people wearing them walking around and i saw some for dirt cheap in this like knock off H&M/uniqlo (even cheaper than those places). also at least 4/5 kids in that pic are wearing one haha just how shirts were made back then pretty much. it even looks like there's a loop on collar of the kid who is wearing the polo and jacket combo haha
  3. serotonin flood

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    i thought this denim sounded familiar, chrome (the messenger bag company) has used it, or a similar type before: https://www.heddels.com/2016/05/chrome-industries-wyatt-8-dyneema-blend-denim/