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  1. Shut up Ed It wasn't funny the first time and it doesn't get better
  2. According to Mr Monk they won't. Check the last post on the previous page. I'm curious if it is really a new denim. Their latest WW2 model from 2016 also used a 14.5oz denim.
  3. Update: Bears just answered me that my reservation has been accepted. Now I only have to wait for the jeans to be delivered
  4. Like @Broark said, delivery is around mid of March. And I still don't know if Bears really delivers.
  5. TCB

    I'm surprised you pair is 2" bigger than tag size. I was uder the impression all TCB jeans shrink from tag size. You learn something new every day
  6. Here is Mike's SugarCane 40300 worn for 2 years. Hank dyed denim is stubborn...usually the jeans desintegrate before you see strong fades
  7. Different denim, different leather patch and probably single needle construction
  8. I still hope my reservation with Bears went through! Looks like not all sizes are available anymore...and that for a pre-order! Hype!
  9. Not on the fit pic but hey still talk about the 25th anniversary pairs. Since the silhouette stay the same I don't think they would take new fit pics?!
  10. Lovely! And you didn't even wear them every day. Those gonna be beautiful!
  11. You can contact 2ND directly via email and order this way. You used to write them in Japanese though
  12. That’s really awesome! I’m looking forward to the pics and your opinion on those jeans. I’d be very surprised if any of these 12 deadstock pairs are up for sale actually. I assume they stay inside Levi’s, Cone and affiliate persons like Paul. A comparison between the deadstock and the repro would also be cool.
  13. With today's activity on Sufu another thread probably wouldn't hurt but I agree with you, I don't think we 2 would generate enough content to warrant such a thread
  14. I usually take SutoCorp as I simply write them a mail and they take care of the rest. How much is their fees and commission these days? Foxy seems to use Tenso ( which should be cheaper