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  1. Studio D'artisan

    With a back rise of 15" I understand why you have the feeling of a restrictive top block. Thighs are measured mostly from the crotch seam to the outseam and the hip just across the jeans, roughly at the lowest button.
  2. Studio D'artisan

    You got some measurements of the top block (waist, front and back rise, hip and thighs) for me?!
  3. Warehouse

    A year has passed and Maynard shares his fades with us?! Time flies by so quickly!
  4. The Flat Head

    Nice pick-up! They don't have the twice sewn front pocket openings and back pockets, do they?
  5. Warehouse

    So basically 7 months...They look awesome!
  6. Studio D'artisan

    Finally the fit pics of my new SD-108.
  7. RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I have the same feeling. Would like to add multiple 710s to my wardrobe in different inseams to match with different shoes
  8. Studio D'artisan

    Yes...that's exactly what I wrote in my post were I shared the measurements It's a slim tapered cut (I wouldn't call it skinny tapered because I can wear them)
  9. Studio D'artisan

    If you buy from Naoki you can chosse between the domestic and overseas patch Whatever you do, the SD-108 will be a good cut if you like the UES 400ST
  10. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    One-wash vs. Raw In the past I was a firm believer in only buying raw and do the soaking/washing on my own. To have the control and kind of a ritual. Nowadays, I so much prefer the one-washed jeans. No real surprises down the road with too much shrinkage. Less worrying if the jeans come out with faded lines after the first own wash. Be able to wear the jeans right away. Also the jeans are still crispy enough for defined fades (speaking for SdA, Denime and Resolute for example but also Full Count). So what is your routine these days?
  11. Studio D'artisan

    ^ That's correct. Might have been cheaper going through Okayama or waiting for Denimio to stock these but I like to support Naoki-san
  12. Full Count Denim Thread

    I was just about to ask if someone preordered them
  13. Warehouse

    That's a gorgeous pair of jeans and a great fit!
  14. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Awesome update! It makes me want to visit Japan again!
  15. Full Count Denim Thread

    The texture of this new R denim reminds me a lot of the new G denim from SDA. Maybe this new denim is also woven on old Toyoda G3 looks? At least the yarns look to be spun similarly.