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  1. No need to apologize I just wanted to clarify the reactions you got
  2. TCB

    I guess the first number is the size of the jacket and the second number is the actual measurement in cm.
  3. Perfect fit! Too bad even the 44 would probably be too small for me
  4. TCB

    Going by the measurement chart a size 33 would work for me. With my latest experience I would have thought I need at least a size 34 rather size 36 (as all TCB jeans I encountered shrink FROM tag size). I guess I will wait and see
  5. Well, you can now upload directly from your phone to Sufu so this might increase the amount of pictures. At least Maynard is now posting pictures like a mad men
  6. Of course, everyone can do what he/she wants with his jeans but if you want artificial fades it might be a better solution to buy pre-faded jeans. Full Count actually offers some pre-faded jeans. But yeah, if you want to enhance your own wear pattern this could be a solution but as you see by the reaction this is kinda frowned upon around here.
  7. But then what is ‘peak selvedge’ anyway? Raw denim became more and more common that’s why you encounter more people. But I really think the workwear trend (think lumbersexual) which brought a lot of people to raw denim is over and now you see a bigger focus on tech-wear. At least that is my impression. Maybe it was rather ‘peak selvedge’ around the forums? And forums are rather dying with quicker social media platforms like Instagram or Reddit. For a forum you need more time and the things you can talk about are limited. So by 2010 the “myths” were already solved to a large degree. Most talk nowadays is about new released. Technical questions are not that common anymore, at least on Sufu. As Reddit has a lot of traffic from novices you still have a lot of talk about the basics over there. Also the way Reddit works doesn’t help to hinder the repetitive questions. That said, I found the revival of the world tours and contest very surprising especially since they work again. Maybe it was just too much contests and tours in 2009-2013? But I am more than happy to follow those contest and tours!
  8. Me neither
  9. The inseam ended at 32"? I also think the fit looks very good especially the length is great. And you are still able to do a mini cuff.
  10. Full measurements please!
  11. @CrashTestBrummie I have probably missed it but where did you order them?
  12. and Volvo isn't even part of this contest... Shame on you, other contestants!
  13. raw denim

    You won't find many options of raw denim for women. Raw denim doesn't seem to be too popular among women otherwise there would probably more brands. Railcar Fine Goods does a good work though. Another source of information should be this thread:
  14. Very nice fades!
  15. That would be the same size I would take in a new pair of Evisu (if I were in the market). Please keep us updated regarding waist and inseam!