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  1. Just one month of wear, right?
  2. Fingers crossed that it'll work for you!
  3. If I were you I would take size 34. But keep in mind that the leg opning of the 711 will be a tad bigger than your Levi's 511 and especially after you have hememd the 711 (if you are doing this though)
  4. Yeah Paul already said that the deadstock fabric only lasted for 12 pairs. And I higly doubt any of the deadstock jeans are for sale at all
  5. Thank you for that!
  6. Thanks for your insight! Isn't the Japanese VAT just at 8% ? So don't save that much money if they deduct Japanese VAT. Oh and by the way: you don’t have to quote the whole post every time you answer
  7. Probably but I don't know it.
  8. Full Count 1108EX 25th Anniversary Full Count 1108XX keeping it simple
  9. First of all you should measure your best fitting pair of Levi's 511 according to this guide and tell us what the measurements show:
  10. The jeans are Left Field's Xinjiang cotton
  11. Ah too bad, I didn't receive any mails from you But good to hear you picked up a pair! I'd love to see some more pictures of the denim. On the pics from Okayama Denim the denim looks super dark and great! I picked up the Memphis x Zimbabwe some weeks ago and while the denim sounded great, it doesn't look that cool as I hoped it would. It has also a very pronounced twill, a ligther shade of indigo and very greyish blue. Also with a tiny bit too much weft showing through. I guess the D1728 would have worked for me (although the waist is smaller on them than on the D1712) but I am full into my Full Count fever
  12. So did anyone pick up the Supima x Giza model D1728?
  13. Shut up Ed It wasn't funny the first time and it doesn't get better
  14. According to Mr Monk they won't. Check the last post on the previous page. I'm curious if it is really a new denim. Their latest WW2 model from 2016 also used a 14.5oz denim.
  15. Update: Bears just answered me that my reservation has been accepted. Now I only have to wait for the jeans to be delivered