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  1. And some fit pics. Quite a high rise and wide leg. And with t-shirt tucked in I got mine from Mercari but I saw that Naoki also has some old stock of these: https://pants-shop-avenue.com/item/De178-79506/
  2. That's really once in a lifetime find!
  3. Something for the warmer weather. These seem to be mis-tagged (hang tag say W34, inside back pocket says W36) but I went by measurements anyway.
  4. They look great! That waistband puckering is something else.
  5. The fit is defenitely better than it was in 2015. Considering I was even heavier back then makes me wonder why I squeezed into them. But I wore a lot of pairs too tight back then (in hindsight). Waistband is still a bit tight but I am happy with the rest of the fit. Compared to my other jeans, they are of course quite "loud" with the very neppy fabric and the sashiko pattern. I reduced the double cuff to 2" so it it's smaller and less high. I think I'll keep them
  6. Considering past-bF had a raw pair which he (only) soaked (?), he might not be able to wear them anymore after he washed themn. Present-bF has a one-wash pair which shouldn't shrink too much. Yeah the length. I hoped for a smaller double cuff for this summer look and a bigger single cuff for normal look. Maybe some more shrink is in the fabric length-wise. Hem is still an option. Not a fan of the "Tokyo Turn-up" or how they call it these days.
  7. Who wore it better? Sugarcane Okianawa in W34 Past-bF from January 2015: or Present-bF from July 2024:
  8. All done by our very own @Duke Mantee
  9. @Broark your jeans were involved?! Congratulations also throug this channel
  10. @Broark Hem your damn jeans you hippy!
  11. @JohnM I am glad the W34 worked out for you as it did! Really a good and comfy looking fit. On another note, the SugarCane Okinawa is said to be dyed with a small amount of Ryukyu natural indigo (never found out how much, probably jst 1% or so ). Anyway, it might be this indigo from this blog entry: https://amakuma.ryukyu/en/ai-en/
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