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  1. Nearly the same measurements as my 47 just a tad wider so I have my fingers crossed. They are in the machine now
  2. I got the skinny straight cut whereas your pair should be the relaxed tapered cut aka lifter's cut On a more serious note, raw measurements as folllows Waist: 36" Front Rise: 13" Back Rise: 16.75" Thighs: 13.25" Knee: 10.1" Leg opening: 9.25" Inseam: 34.25"
  3. Conner's S409XXX M-WW2 Santa Cruz just arrived. Red flannel pocket bags Paper patch
  4. All pairs definitely have grail status! And I really like the graininess of the 14.5 denim
  5. Keep wearing them!
  6. The 510 cut doesn't have that measurement in size 36? My size 34 has 12" front and 16" back rise pre-soak. So a size 36 might work in that cut But since you nearly owned every pair Samurai ever released you shoud know this best
  7. Well, that's what sells right now and that's all Denimio cares about I guess. But I agree with you The patch really looks quite uninspired.
  8. The new 511 would have a stronger taper but I don't think the rise is higher. And the 0510 would have a higher rise but is generally wider than the 0500 as you certainly now. So you might be out of luck.
  9. If my translation from Yoshiaki's IG was correct and if I can trust this website, Conner's Sewing Factory will be in Milano this coming weekend! @volvo240thebest, you gonna check them out?
  10. Samurai isn't normally available as one wash version. Except the shop washes them for you.
  11. @Broark and how does the 711 fit you? And how is the denim?
  12. They are at 15.6oz But yeah, the S0500XX is the slimmer one of those two
  13. Thanks mate! We took advantage of the heat wave at the end of May Weren't prepared at all for this kind of weather in Scotland... @jewellben: Hej. I'm back from my holidays and measured my size 34. The hem is exactly at 8.25" and I don't think it will shrink much more.
  14. Thanks for the link. But just to clarify, the documentary which was talked above is to my knowledge a different movie. The above is a documentary from 2008 by a French team whereas the new Blue Gold movie has been released recently. Dunno why they named the movie the same.
  15. 1108 in Scotland. Gonna wash them after the trip and post an update.