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  1. Conners Sewing Factory

    Very nice broark! How many months in them? Any damages?
  2. Conners Sewing Factory

    They look fantastic Ryan! @Flash
  3. Conners Sewing Factory

    I should probably stop pulling my jeans up before pictures are taken...but k agree with you
  4. Conners Sewing Factory

    Current fit pics of my S409XXX M47 in size 36 And the pre-soak pictures of my S409XXX M47 in size 38
  5. Conners Sewing Factory

    I already own the '47 model in size 36. When I bought them I was a tad bigger and had to stretch them out quite a bit (you can see the initial fit pics somewhere in 2016 I think). Also the fly was pulling open. I haven't worn them in a while and thought it would be best to just get a bigger size and shrink them down, so shrink-to-fit and not stretch-to-fit. Now after I bought the size 38, I took them out of the box just to find they fit quite well But I still have to factor in that they are stretched out to the max and after a wash the situation will change. So the size 38 washed would probably fit right from the get go and maybe I will simply wash them hotter and more often to make them fit properly. Maybe size 37 would be my ideal size but I'm not entirely sure Konaka-san offers that size. I hope I can take some pictures for comparison today.
  6. Conners Sewing Factory

    I expect at least 2" in the waist and 3" in the inseam. Haven't washed them yet. Trying to take some fit pics today in their raw state. Funny thing is that my size 36 fit quite wel these days due to losing weight. Maybe the w38 turn out to be quite loose
  7. Conners Sewing Factory

    Hey @Broark , here are my measurements of the S409XXX M47 in size w38 l36. Raw Waist: 37.4" Front rise: 13.8" Back rise: 18" Hip: 21.5" Thigh: 13.6" Knee: 10.4" Leg opening: 9.5" Inseam: 36"
  8. Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    No, they don't. Their workshop is near Nagoya but it's not a real shop. If you contact them they might let you visit their workshop but as I said, it's not a real shop.
  9. Conners Sewing Factory

    Out of rep That was also a very quick delivery
  10. Conners Sewing Factory

    Will have them send to my hotel in Tokyo. But I will measure them when we are back from holidays! It's so awesome that he see them so quickly for me. W.H. could take a note j/k
  11. Conners Sewing Factory

    Konaka-san is really an awesome guy!
  12. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    You guys know I would rep you all, if I could!
  13. Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    @redragon no I haven't. They have them in stock but I'm not so interested in that model. Are you also already here? You should check the store out! Tomorrow we will go to Osaka
  14. Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    First mini haul, bought at Real McCoys in Kyoto. Never experienced such a meticulously way of folding a t-shirt as they did in that store
  15. Studio D'artisan

    I saw it on still owe you an answer! You are already back from Japan? Agree with you, I wanna try the standard denim, too.