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  1. beautiful_FrEaK

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    @propellerbeanie Thanks mate! Na, W32 is too small for me
  2. beautiful_FrEaK

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Yes A 710 with a tagged inseam of L32 has an actual inseam of 76 cm = 30" on a one-wash pair.
  3. beautiful_FrEaK

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    @penrose it shouldn't matter if one-wash or raw. In the end they end up all at the same size. Since your pair has been washed a lot it surely reached the final size. So if that size works for you, no need to take a different size. We don't know if the previous owner put these in the tumble dryer. If he has, the inseam definitely shrank some more. So yes, even the one-wash jeans can shrink some more. If you want roughly 3" longer, I would buy a L32 if I were you.
  4. beautiful_FrEaK

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    @penrose if the waist and thighs fit, just take the same waist size. As for the inseam, how much longer do you need? The 710 comes in 1" increases, so if your L29 is too short, just take L30 or even L31 depending on how much longer you really want. Maybe you have another, longer pair which you can cuff to the desired length? Measure the length you want and buy accordingly.
  5. beautiful_FrEaK

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    LVC 501 1976, made in the US from Cone denim. Size 34x36 BNWT. Sell them now or wait to get an even better price for them?
  6. beautiful_FrEaK

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Hej 711 owners. How long is your L32 inseam in reality?!
  7. Great progress there! Went on a little walk some days ago. Started in this small, pittoresque village which is also a healt resort. First views when leaving the village Over fields Passing a small church Perfect place for a small snack, best part of a walk Passing the backside of the church of our walk back This house is called the Swiss House A glimpse of the castle which is in the village Arrived back at the village directly at the castle. It's still inhabited by the family Fürstenberg
  8. beautiful_FrEaK

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    You think LVC really cares about this besides making money? If I saw it correctly they retail for 60.000¥ so probably 500+$
  9. beautiful_FrEaK

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    @bartlebyyphonics I was merely starting a thread to start some kind of organisation in the various ideas. I never considered to enter a new contest being in the GBG001 contest and also being an easily distracted jeans wearer IMO, the rebuilt.jp option sounds the most interesting outcome of all this. A totally unique choice if you guys can make it happen. Exploring a new path.
  10. beautiful_FrEaK

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    The lowest rise would be the 713. But smallest let opening will be on the 712 so I guess that's the right model for you then.
  11. @Foxy2 is doing fine the last time I wrote with him (couple weeks ago). I'm sure he lurks here from time to time and I hope he will return again. And Eigg looks like an awesome place to seek shelter from the storm
  12. beautiful_FrEaK

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    IMO those Japanese brands play all in the same ballpark regarding quality. That said, Resolute is getting that "run of the mills, no frills jeans" vibe pretty good. The details are not so exaggerated and feel more true to the original. Belt loops are only slightly raised, back pockets aren't. The model you look for is called 711. It has hidden rivets, a leather patch. It's a 50s inspired cut. Full legs but a rather short rise. For me, Resolute is about the fit, style and simple aesthetic. And I just love the designer, Hayashi-san.
  13. beautiful_FrEaK

    Field Jackets - vintage, repro, whatever

    I looked through Sufu but couldn't find an appropriate thread so thought I just start one. Just received these. A French M47 jacket. They were made in 1951 if I see it correctly and they are in deadstock condition. The size is a 26. They are somewhat of a short size medium. The fabric is very neppy and irregular, orSlow would love it Show me what you guys have!
  14. beautiful_FrEaK

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Anybody knows what the guys were up to?
  15. beautiful_FrEaK

    Cone Mills (last US denim manufacturer) is shutting down

    The denim looks rather nice but the poor model...that is a low rise. Jeans you don't want to sit in. https://imogeneandwillie.com/collections/men/products/barton-slim-indigo-rigid-usa-lot-1
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