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  1. Just washed my pairs yesterday. 4 month and maybe 6 machine wash
  2. Hi everyone I have a brand new un washed w38 OA01XX that I want to sell. What do you think would be a fair price?
  3. Longines 5045 1952 on Cordovan navy strap and SC1953 type 2 jacket.
  4. Received my 220 today and I am impatient to start wearing them. @beautiful_FrEaK my pair is also two-tone lol
  5. Now I fully understand the use of this one
  6. After one week of wear...
  7. Some sweater to come?
  8. Raw LVC 501XX 1933 made in USA 38x38 Waist 49cm Front rise 34cm Back rise 45cm Inseam 93cm Hem 25,5cm 300$ + shipping
  9. Or also try Zen Market or Buyee proxy. I use both of them.
  10. It seems that Crossover will get some more OA01XX
  11. Thank you for the anwser. I think even 48 will be too small for my 1m96
  12. Very cool book I received for my birthday in 2003. I was happy to find it back two years ago at my mother place.
  13. Baracutta G9 Jelado Type 1 Sugar Cane Chambray shirt Ooe Yofukuten OA01
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