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  1. ^love BigHeadTaco and bought a Fuji because of one of his reviews long ago
  2. ^What is going on with those jeans aquino?!
  3. ahaha guilty as charged...In my defense though, I prefer to mix it up. I'm the biggest denim head I know IRL, but even on a denim dedicated forum such as superdenim I don't mind seeing what everyone else is up to in their daily lives. Looking at dudes in denim can get kind of monotonous at times. And personally, I consider our niche pretty gluttonous (spending $300+ on jeans?!), so I like to assume we're all gluttons of other things as well, whether it be denim, food, boots, jewelry, photography, etc. If one were to look through my photos on my phone, it'd likely be 80% food, so only fitting I feel it worthy to share
  4. ^I've no doubt we'll see some dark horses come through at the end! And here we are at almost the one year mark. I'll have to get some full jeans pics up soon since I've only been doing macro/close ups!
  5. Here's to oversizing on the TCB 20's contest!
  6. ^Not even going to lie, I wear my pair with the top two buttons undone with only my belt holding them up; Winter eating and inactivity has taken it's toll
  7. ^Always thought he was a cool dude the times I spoke with him, etc. I'd hate to see them starting to cut corners or lowering quality; I thought they took over Denime to make it more of a "mall" brand? RMC shouldn't go the same way
  8. Do tell? I thought his son took over?
  9. One of the best: https://www.instagram.com/juke_kakui/
  10. ^We sort of have the What did your jeans do today thread which somewhat satisfies the storytelling, but for sure, it doesn't hurt!
  11. Sure you've all seen these beauties by now: https://bandanna-almanac.com/2017/03/05/ooe-yofukuten-double-wear-overalls-10oz-deep-blue-denim/
  12. My pair is looking nutso lately, I'll have to post pics soon. Here's what i've been eating this weekend! 5 Rabanitos, best Mexican i've had in a longggggg time, can't believe it took me this long to go. Chicago dogs at Wieners Circle. And my standby favorite restaurant in all of Chicago, Longman and Eagle which I always take guests to, we had some friends in town. If pics are blurry, apologies, pulling direct from iPhone!
  13. TCB

    ^TCB is repro and is necessarily wider than skinny jeans, but you're in luck...They're making a slimmed down 50s cut which you'll see a few pages back. Honestly though, I'd rather just get APC new cures or Nudie's if that was the look I was going for