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  1. Dealing with a bursted pipe in our bathroom which will require some demo and maybe new pipes...So no rush at all!
  2. ^Worst case scenario you can pick them up in person?
  3. Also in no rush to pay another bill and my Ooe contest jeans are happy in the mean time!
  4. Went to the beach today...(more of a watch picture but what can you do...)
  5. Insane patch! Interesting how different leather will turn out based on the wearer and conditions. Here's mine as of yesterday (another IG post), which has taken on the shape/fading of the waistband crinkles underneath it, perhaps accelerated by wearing a belt:
  6. Beautiful pants, beautiful price...If I wasn't doing the TCB contest I'd def. be riding that Saddle, so to speak...
  7. Great updates, really enjoyed it! HK heat/humidity is no joke. I recently came back from Arizona (record highs in the low 120's Fahrenheit) but still would prefer that over Hong Kong summer nights even lol Crazy to hear about RRL closing, though honestly I don't know how they could stay open (any of them really), as I was always the only one in the shop anytime I visited, and it's such a niche style to begin with. Still, it was a pretty iconic shop, across the street from that famous staircase/wall art. HK is among my favorite cities in the world, and I honestly do like the mall culture (if not only for the air conditioning lol) but I'm just a consumer-millennial after all! Great hiking spots as well outside the city proper
  8. 8-9 additional contestants sounds good...Miss the days of Ordo where we were all photoshopped into World Tour photos, etc.
  9. Any and all of northern Japan for the nature!
  10. Sorry this is turning into a Japan thread... I seem to have different interests every time I visit (watches this time around), but I usually AT LEAST make it to Berberjin and Full Count when in Tokyo. The first for the pilgrimage, and the second because I always end up buying a few things. Not that you won't be able to find amazing other stores (because there are tons whether vintage or repro you seek), but I guess it's become my tendency and I get along well with the FC crew the most for some reason. And also be sure to check out Bryceland's, even if it's not your style, ethandesu is a true master of the industry and great to chat with. I also enjoy BEARS in Shimokita albeit small, the staff are awesome. Hinoya is great for the overload, but I don't prefer trekking out to Ueno since it's usually a hike IMO! Not sure where I'm going with this, but either way, enjoy your time in Japan!
  11. How we lookin?!
  12. So lazy have I gotten at posting, that I recently considered posting my final contest pictures as an Instagram link....Good to know you can scroll through photos within a sufu post! lol
  13. About a month and a half to go?! I'd say any and all Ooe jeans will develop train tracks due to the perfect amount of fold they give along the selvedge, coupled with the amount of shrinkage their fabrics tend to get, even on this LHT that hasn't shrunk as much as say the OAXX. Chainstitch roping is also a safe bet
  14. Just realizing we're over 15 months in! Time to get some more pictures up...Here's mine from a month ago, they've lightened up a bit more: