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  1. aho

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    This is some XX4 fabric left in my washing machine for around 3 months. I'd describe it as among the fastest fading of any of the fabrics before it, and less stiffer/hairier than XX3 (which I found a bit too stiff/heavy feeling). The original O.A-XX fabric is still my favorite (XX1 if following the same format) as it yields some crazy good vintage fades, but I'm excited to see how my XX4 fabric will turn out. I'd rank them as a faster fading O.A-XX, and my second favorite of the four (followed by XX3 and XX2) for whatever it's worth! Past fabrics described by Neil and S&S: "These are done up in an all-new XX3 fabric, which, typical for OA, is very subtly different from their previous XX2 denim. The XX3 fabric feels a bit hairier and stiffer than the XX2, but the shrinkage is the same between XX2 and XX3 fabrics. It also has a grey weft compared to the white weft on the XX1 fabric." "Speaking of the fabric, these are made from Ooe's new XX4 denim. The product of years upon years of research, these are a 13.5oz, 100% cotton, 7x7 selvedge denim with a white ID, loomed in Japan exclusively for Ooe, and to their exact specifications. The warp threads are dyed with a green-cast indigo, specifically chosen to age like sample fabrics from the 1940s - with gray weft threads selected for the same purpose. Slightly hairy and surprisingly soft (even while raw) these are a comfortable mid-weight fabric that fades relatively quickly and can be worn almost year-round."
  2. aho

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Really excited about these jeans for some reason, maybe because they remind me of the old days when everything was new and unknown. This will be my next pair to break in starting late summer
  3. aho

    Watches and Denim

    We’re all just filling a void somewhere, somehow
  4. aho

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Good stuff @Broark! Mine arrived earlier today and I threw them in the wash (twice + dryer to get all the shrinkage out up front). Went with the non-craft version so it'll be fun to compare hardware with age. That said, after washing, they did crock a bit more than I expected given that all the pairs on IG are all 10-20+ years old with good/deep color still remaining so careful if you throw them in a machine if you're leery about that kind of thing. Not a ton of color loss, but I think they'll have standard (if not a touch faster) fading speed as most Warehouse or Fullcount fabrics. Overall really like my pair as well from fabric to finishing. Perhaps a bit too clean for WWII as you mention @Broark but I think it's a good balance. They somehow have this vibe of high-ish/mass production like Warehouse, but with a certain CSF small run vibe that's hard to put my finger on, without being so handmade that you can feel the hard work put into it (like Ooe, for example). Probably not making any sense, and of course this is all pointless without pictures. Will try to get some up when I have daylight! Also big fan of the flasher; The three step recommendation was fun, essentially: 1) First wash water only, 2) Wear for three months (I'm assuming no wash here), 3) tiger mustache/whiskering should be set after three months. I've been going the 'no wash as long as you can handle' route with my current pair of Ooe's (6 months so far with only the initial wash, aiming for at least 12) and figure I'll do the same with this pair to really set in the whiskering, which is tough when you wear jeans as loose as I do. Anyways, really excited about these!
  5. aho

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Stuck in customs sorting facility hell the past few days lol
  6. aho

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    @Broark wow! lb certainly wins the packaging game with all that! You're making me regret not buying a pair
  7. aho

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Finally ordering a pair of WWII Rockets, breaking my streak of not buying in some time. https://www.instagram.com/rockets_toyota/ Will be sure to post when they arrive. They seem to be among the best repros out there in general, it's always hard to tell which is real vs. which is their repros on IG.
  8. aho

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    Any good T-Back's out there these days? I know FC has a pre-order out but it's too rich for my wallet: https://fullcount.co/collections/denim-jackets/products/pre-order-s2108-tokyo-shop-anniversary-t-back-ww2-model-limited?variant=43657398452471 Seems jean jackets in general are unavailable the past few months! I was lucky to pick up a 2107XX (heavier oz type 1 from Full Count) in Tokyo last October and have been wearing it pretty much daily, but would love something lighter for the warmer months
  9. aho

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Maybe one of the best faded jackets we've seen on this here forum
  10. aho


    I'll always regret not picking up a pair of WWII DSB's. Amazing denim! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q75m43caZM8&t=193s
  11. aho

    Full Count Denim Thread

    I'm biased as I've been lucky to meet Tsujita-san a few times and he's always been a chill cool guy, happy to talk denim, etc. and even pose for photos (lol). When the TCB drama went down, I was definitely annoyed as my pair were broken in satisfyingly at that point, but in hindsight it was a bit bogus for us to emulate the arcs as contestants, even if, as we know, FC arcs are just copies of Levi's arcs to begin with. As a brand, I still enjoy the product, mostly down to the standard denim itself, which is probably my favorite manufactured standard fabric of any of the big names for its soft hand and comfort, and of course, those FADES. I recall it was Tsujita-san's love for how soft broken in/super worn vintage Levis felt when he was thrifting back in the 80's etc. that led to this brand MO. To this day, the Full Count shop is my only MUST visit for denim shopping when in Tokyo, and I even picked up a few items there this past October (heavy oz type 1, 1880's cotton duck jacket, chambray). The staff is always a pleasure to speak with, and very helpful as well, vs. shops like Desolation Row who will eye you and decide whether or not to approach you or not if you're worthy enough lol
  12. aho

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Great work! Ironically, I'm holding off on washing with my latest pair of Ooe's, I may make it to a year yet, no wash (going good since starting them in July)!
  13. aho

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    @Broark much appreciated, added to the wish list!
  14. aho

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    ^Most excellent! Got me wanting a pair now! Noticed we're typically the same size (I think?) and you went with the 36; Does it wear tight in the waist at all?
  15. You may be sick of it @Jared_Lee but you are definitely killing it
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