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  1. Far too kind! Jeans are really just getting started though, hopefully I'll have a better update in another year 🙏
  2. ^brilliant find @Graytrain 👏
  3. ^Best I can do is awkward fitting room iPhone photos for now 😅 Haven’t figured out a good setup with my actual camera all these years Fading around the circumference of my shin area is from tucking into boots during winter months*
  4. Will get around to proper photos some day, but wanted to mark my 2 years with this pair. About one hour of wear per day, around 4 washes
  5. Saw the IG post and immediately came here. I’m definitely in! That is my ideal sized up fit, so it’s really timely and I love the details
  6. Sorry lazy post but generally how is sizing on SC? Buy the same size as Warehouse, Ooe, etc?
  7. Just a really terrible picture of my 01’s at 18 months and two washes (one at beginning, another at 15 months) with about 1 hour of wear per day. They’re my dog walking pair, don’t mind the dog hair and cheap elastic belt 😄 Color is off due to indoor lighting, they’re darker/contrasty-er IRL. Pretty loose fit so no strong hige. Bottom of leg fading from tucking them into tall winter boots. Probably won’t wash for another year just to see how wild I can get them
  8. Man those are my dream Ooe’s but unfortunately I didn’t snag a pair. Dedicated to my current pair for the next year or so yet and need to save money 😬
  9. https://instagram.com/andynog_pan?igshid=NGVhN2U2NjQ0Yg== boomtime 🫡
  10. Grain of salt as I'll always continue to beat the drum for Ooe* I don't believe there is hype, outside of the US retailing circle/community. I've always been able to buy a pair whenever a new one was released either through Ooe direct (which unfortunately isn't an option now, as they don't have enough time to take care of shipping, etc. outside of making the jeans), or through their various stockists in Japan (Barnstormer, etc.). The latter often have sizes sitting for months after the initial drop, and are easy to contact via e-mail, or buying through Buyee (proxy) direct. At the end of the day, Ooe Yofukuten is two people, Ryo and Hiro. One does the patterning and cutting, the other does the sewing. The demand has increased to the point that they now have to work with stockists instead of a custom direct order system (man the early 2010's were the days...), but any perceived limitations aren't due to manufactured scarcity and hype building, but the reality of being two people making product by hand at a truly artisanal level. I can't name another jeans manufacturer doing what they do, as small as they are, in 2023 for the cost of ~$254 USD (when bought from Japan). Certainly, we've seen CSF grow, hire additional staff, and charge double, for example. In my book, Ooe would be worth it at double the price. But luckily, you can buy them for much less, and not have any issues getting a pair if you so desire. And to top it all off, Ryo and Hiro are some of the best/nicest people in general, who deserve the support. What's not to love?
  11. Yes there is a watch thread on the main Sufu page, but I like to think we keep it more interesting as denimheads (at least, in wearing watches with denim based outfits)...So what do you wear? Vintage? Divers? Field watches? All are welcome here, from quartz to automatic; What's on your wrist? My top daily wearer this year, the Grand Seiko SBGX117 9F quartz diver (the only no date diver by GS, and probably the last quartz diver for a while as it wasn't the most popular); 50 year service interval and +/- 10 seconds A YEAR. Haters gonna hate, but I'm Team GS FOR LIFE.
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