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  1. Some serious knowledge being dropped bartleby! Thank you for that; Unfortunately all that I know/have seen is mostly surface level collected from countless hours scouring various archives without direction or any actual research being applied (more inference than anything). That said, I will check out your recommendations, and certainly hope you'll be able to dig up some more!
  2. ^Genuine 20's fits are indeed hard to come by, though I posted a few somewhere on denimbro a year or so ago? This remains one of my favorites, and my conclusion was that all others are hard to verify that they're actually Levi's:
  3. Slightly off topic, but I always question many a brand's usage of "Navajo" prints per the Indian Arts and Crafts Act: https://www.doi.gov/iacb/act Always irks me when I see "Navajo" shirts, etc. when it's pretty evident the fabric wasn't made by Navajo craftsmen.
  4. ^I legit thought it was an article from 2007...We have some time travelers in our midst! Seriously though, its hilarious to see all of that "advice" being replicated STILL almost a decade+ later but it helps one get an understanding of where someone is at in their denim fandom.
  5. Count me tentative my friend! My latest hobby and new home ownership is at odds with future denim purchases, but you know I've been tempted on these since the idea was first floated...
  6. Going to Tokyo next month...Don't need new jeans, but will likely pick up some Duck Diggers...
  7. Nowhere near pudas, but happy with the progress so far
  8. Apologies, a bit lazy to reupload and post on here, but here's my updated fit pic from instagram: They are a bit more contrasty/faded in real life due to the bright lighting in the photo, but I'll have some evo pics up soon!
  9. I think the most exciting blue dial model recently will be the SPB053, which comes out November-ish. It's a modern take on the classic 62MAS (which is getting a limited edition homage re-release under the SBDX019 moniker), but answers many of the common complaints people had in the sub-$2K range, namely, lack of sapphire. USD retail is $800-1000, but I've seen pre-orders on Japanese sites around the $650 range, and it'll likely settle around there, or $750 max. Definitely never pay MSRP for Seiko! It may remind you of the SKX, but only because the 62MAS was the very first Seiko diver from the 60's, and all divers since share that same DNA. If I was in the market, this would def. be the watch I'd buy! On the turtle, I love mine and it was my daily wearer until my GS came in. I feel that 70's/Vietnam War vibe sort of matches you volvo!
  10. Thank you! Going to be my daily driver! It's the SBGX117, though the white dial SBGX115 is more popular. Both rumored to be discontinued soon...
  11. Continuing the watch talk from above...Took delivery of this fun little quartz Seiko today. What can I say? 50 year service interval, +/- 10 seconds per YEAR...Yup, "Just a Seiko"... ;D
  12. What's surprised me most about this fabric, is how much it holds on to it's dye even with frequent washing...