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  1. Luckily, even if BiG drops the WH account, there are plenty of other retailers who'd gladly pick up international distribution...
  2. ^Damn, nice find, the Pogue is a vintage grail for me! Seiko also runs in my family a few generations, hence my leanings towards the brand. I'd definitely try to find a competent watchmaker/repairer to get it up and running again and would like to see it on instagram some day when you do!
  3. ^It's mesmerizing to watch, like a needle floating ceaselessly through the air...And I'm already saving up for a Hi-Beat and 9F quartz movement! Doesn't help that pricing is at an all time low due to an impending dial design change. Alas, I'm a Seiko man for life, much as I am a denimhead... Congrats on the award by the way! Will have to order some of that cider sometime
  4. lol damn pudas...... Though I haven't been on sufu much lately, just know that I still wear the jeans every day and I'm committed till the end. Hell, I'll still be wearing this pair for years to come until they're in tatters! And damn, just realized we've gone over the one year mark? Will try to get an "update" in soon, but in case anyone was wondering where I've been, or what I've been obsessing over the past few months, or why I can no longer afford jeans (mortgage aside):
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTQFaQeB9sb/
  6. ^Maybe they're similar due to having the same source material inspiration? Or perhaps Konaka-san worked for them at some point. They at least give him pointers and open up their knowledge to him, going by his social media (visits to WH). Then again, I feel the denim brands view each others more as contemporaries rather than competitors and are willing to support and spread knowledge amongst each other.
  7. Slight change of topic here, but I feel I need some denim confessional time... At the end of the day, I'm a denim head through and through. I wear all denim every day, all day, and don't think I could wear anything else. But have any of you ever gotten...fatigue...of it all? Maybe I need to switch it up, maybe my priorities and spending habits have shifted, or maybe I'm just in a drought period, but I no longer feel the same amount of excitement when I see the latest collections drop, or the latest seasonal brand releases. I no longer check the usual sites every day, and post even less frequently. Haven't purchased any denim items since maybe end of 2016, and generally even stopped scoping out vintage on the bay. And yet, I can't imagine wearing anything other than denim. Am I going crazy? I suppose innovation is difficult when the past is your inspiration, and chambray is chambray, wabash is wabash, etc, etc. Perhaps it is just a slump, or a temporary state of mind, but I wonder if anyone else ever feels the same. To this issue, I have no solutions, but hopefully I'll get that sense of excitement and inspiration back soon, as this is a blue life after all...
  8. Damn amazing update and progress...My kind of fabric!
  9. ^Looking forward to your updates and evo! 15th is a lot lighter in color and I think the DD may be a better fit for the 20s-30s cuts personally.
  10. ^Luckily I have a pair of 1004s in the 15th anniversary denim which are essentially the same (arcs and all) that I have yet to wear, otherwise I'd jump on the pre-order...
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4361898/124yr-old-Levis-lying-trunk-worth-loads.html
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4361898/124yr-old-Levis-lying-trunk-worth-loads.html
  13. Looks like there's going to be a 1937 DD-1004? Not sure if it's been discussed, but I found it on the gram...
  14. ^I'd venture to say that level of tightness was popular as recent as a year or two ago, so we aren't THAT far removed ;D
  15. TCB

    I've been burned so many damn times with denim shirts and jackets lately that I'm pretty much wanting to give it up (if trying on isn't an option)...But I NEED a new type one badly. If I was previously a size 38 in a Full Count type 1 but outgrew it, would I be a 40 or a 42 in the TCB 30's, considering I want to wear it looser and wash often?