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  1. ^Much appreciated! My favorite part of contests is seeing how the same fabric can produce such different results, which are often super specific and particular to each wearer. I can't recall how many I've been in at this point, but it's clear to me now how similarly all of my jeans wear in, attributed to how often I wash and dry from normal wear, and foregoing any "setting the fades/whiskering in" phase during the first few months for more contrast. I also love contrast, but it's not natural or indicative of my lifestyle, and so my jeans don't reflect that. Looking forward to the next contest, but it'll be terribly difficult not putting these on every day anymore once the TCB's arrive!
  2. Disappointed with the image quality, but had to get something up sooner rather than later! Most accurate color: And finally....a rare fit pic! Thanks again to the folks at S&S, Ooe, all of the contestants, and everyone who's been following along!
  3. What a ride! Sorry for the poor image quality, but here is my final entry! They appear too dark in some images due to my iPhone and indoor lighting, however the color is more vibrant light blue. It's been a pleasure wearing these the past year and a half+, and I look forward to breaking them in further as they're just getting started in my opinion. Cheers! Most accurate color: And finally....a rare fit pic! Thanks again to the folks at S&S, Ooe, all of the contestants, and everyone who's been following along!
  4. Gah! Finally took pictures today and will post later tonight...Kept waiting for "perfect conditions", but that never came, so indoor carpet iPhone pictures it is!
  5. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    ^My only regret in the denim world (outside of sizing wrong), is selling my Roy Contest jeans.....Luckily I kept the boxers that came with it, and have a boxful of scraps from Roy's very first run of publicly sold jeans, and from the Roy Contest itself, which has IMO some of the greatest Cone fabrics ever produced. Sad to read about the closing....
  6. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Anyone know how much Cone denim Roy has left?
  7. That'll be awesome to follow...I have my sights set on the TCB contest but this will be the first time in maybe 3-4 years I haven't worn a pair of Ooe's In fact, I think it was only a pair of Warehouse 1001XX that pulled me away (last dedicated pair before that was the FIRST Ooe contest lol)
  8. Might have to wait till Thursday I think to get some good pictures up, been busy during the day with work and no sunlight by the time I get home (Fall is here!). Love seeing all of the entries so far, it's definitely going to be hard to decide. @Felonious, I wouldn't blame you if you voted for your pair! If I remember correctly, this was indeed the last batch of the #17 denim, we tried to use something rare that had just enough fabric for the contestants. That said, there appears to be a new OAXX denim according to the Ooe instagram feed which looks mighty interesting! Thanks again everyone, been a wonderful ride so far...Wonder if anyone will come out of nowhere with a final mind blowing entry?
  9. Final fit picture! Just waiting for better lighting to take my final submissions pictures though...
  10. Thanks for working your magic! Looks like everything is back to normal
  11. Blargh! Looks like Sufu was updated and it automatically closed the contest poll?! Will see what I can do, but it seems editing has no effect
  12. Thread is up everyone! You have until October 25th to post, at which point the polls will be closed! https://supertalk.superfuture.com/topic/161122-ooe-yofukuten-x-standard-strange-2016-contest-final-submission-and-voting-thread/ha Thank you all!
  13. And here we are everyone! It's been an amazing ride with this pair of jeans, and I'm sure you've all enjoyed yours as well. But unfortunately as all good things must, we are now at the end of the contest. The Rules: The poll will remain open until October 25th, 2017, at which point Neil and Jeremy at Standard & Strange will choose the winning pair out of the top three highest voted. That said, the earlier you post your pair, the higher the chances of you getting more votes! The Prize: Our lucky winner will receive a brand new pair of Ooe jeans! The details of the pair are not yet public, however, it will be an OA01 cut exclusive to S&S. I want to thank everyone again for their participation and camaraderie during this contest. I'm excited to see how they all turned out after this past year and a half of wear, in which we've all undoubtedly become connected with these jeans and experienced so much. Thank you so much to Ryo and Hiro for willing to do such contests and limited runs for jeans we couldn't get otherwise; Thank you to Standard & Strange for sponsoring the contest and supporting the denim community with overall awesomeness; and Thank you all for your participation and viewership of this thread, which helps the denim community make the world a little bit more of an interesting place! Note: Please keep this thread devoid of comments until after polling ends as we'll want to focus only on pictures from the entrants!
  14. Alright, I don't think there's a way to activate polls on a live thread, so I'll just create the final thread with the poll...