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  1. aho

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    This explains it way better than I could: https://www.meridian.net/2016/9/28/13093838/japan-tour-onomichi-denim-project
  2. aho


    Would larger sizes in the type 1 come with a T back?
  3. aho

    Chore coats

    ^A fine line to walk for sure; I think so long as you don't do denim on denim, (or any mix of blue on blue) it may be fine. Or mix it up without going full on engineer boots, vintagey hat etc.
  4. aho

    Chore coats

    How could I forget?! Much appreciated @goodrain , Cone denim too, maybe that was my subliminal cue to pique my interest...
  5. aho

    The wabash / Stifel thread

    Nothing to add other than that this is such a strong thread. Please keep it going ladies and gents!
  6. aho

    Chore coats

    Really feeling Chore coats again lately (super bump). Any leaders of the pack (repro)? Looking at TCB per default but interested to see what else others vouch for: https://tcbjeans.myshopify.com/products/tcb-black-cat-jacket-denim-10oz
  7. aho

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Nah looks good, you wouldn’t want skinny jeans. I say you could even single cuff them for a good warm weather look
  8. aho

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Here are my Rebuilts, handful of trips through the washer/drier. They could certainly have more roping but I don’t mind. The denim itself isn’t super shrinky which is also a factor. Construction all around is nice esp. considering price and customizability
  9. It’s that quirkiness and accuracy of quirkiness that also makes it interesting really. Lot’s of companies were trying to outdo each other or create something newer or stronger, but ultimately Levi’s hit all the right notes. Reminds me of Jeans of the Old West and all the patents filed during the gold rush etc
  10. For many of those reasons, the '47 is often thought of as the perfect iteration of jeans and I tend to agree. I love a good cinch, but even I cut mine off for the TCB contest back in the day (a look I admittedly love as well). Similarly, Type 1 Jackets are my favorite, but it sucks when you lean back and the cinch digs in to your spine if anyone can relate
  11. Any good leads on face masks? Am aware of 45rpm and Kiriko (the latter I found hard to breath); Looking for something breathable yet sufu approved. Not denim, which is def too thick EDIT: Went with the Railcar Wabash: https://railcarfinegoods.com/collections/mask/products/mask-type-1-wabash Will report back on comfort and fit
  12. aho

    Field Jackets - vintage, repro, whatever

    M43 is my favorite field jacket as I consider it the perfect in between of the shorter/dresser/less all arounder M41, but with classic 40's styling that's not yet an M65 that's more commonly seen. Model I wear is from At the Front, and while not made in USA, I think it's great value given the quality and attention to detail whereas I haven't been able to drop $ on JPN repro equivalents: https://www.atthefront.com/M43-Field-Jacket-p/usujm43.htm
  13. aho

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Yeah the McCoy's setup is always my favorite at Inspiration, insane deals to be had. Tsujimoto is probably my favorite personality of the Osaka 5 (admittedly haven't met Yamane or the WH twins though); Love his DGAF happy go lucky style and he's got great humor. Whenever I'd bump into him he'd yell "Chicago!" since that's where I'm from, and he'd also pass out the freebies/candy if you cross paths. Complete character, nothing but respect for the guy.
  14. aho

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    Will likely be a bit for hearing back from Ooe. I've already rustled those feathers so I'm curious to see how it'll pan out. Rebuilt is still a nice option, would be cool to do a 40's WWII with them, would probably be easy for him to just make jeans without the cinch and leave the other details, though the back pocket/hidden rivets would be an issue ( haven't seen him do anything other than 20's). Bonus points for Ooe is we'd likely get our own cool new fabric.
  15. aho

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    Glad to hear sufu traffic is up, I'm happy to be back as well! @Broark I'd love to see an Ooe contest happen because I love the brand, and S&S. I pinged Jeremy a couple days back, but something new just popped into my head, involving a certain special fabric...
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