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  1. Thank you so much for confirming my suspicion The one you linked to, might actually fit me…
  2. Did Denime at some point produce some 101j Leepro jackets? With a shortened DNM on labels and buttons Google isn’t giving any useful results, but I remember seeing something like it many years ago I found one locally and I’m thinking about picking it up, despite it being a little too small, but I could always gift it to a friend
  3. Just received one of the new Denime raglan sweatshirts produced by Warehouse. Always very excited to see raglan sleeves. It’s very fluffy on the back and it’s very thin which could work well for the coming warmer months It definitely has a vintage feel - very similar to old 70-80s Healthknit sweats that you could find pretty cheaply on eBay years ago. So I kinda like it, but I’m not blown away by the quality. Also sizing is a little bigger and longer than most regular Warehouse sweats, but I wouldn’t size down.
  4. I don’t have a lot of actual experience with Jelado, but I like some of their offerings and the price point seems decent in Europe. I know this is impossible to answer, but how would you rate it in terms of quality compared to say Warehouse, The Real McCoy’s, Buzz Rickson etc etc?
  5. Excellent - thanks for the wonderful recommendations. Will definitely check them out
  6. Can anyone share their experience ordering directly from Warehouse with oversea shipping? Or can you recommend any Japanese shops with a large assortment of sweatshirts and t-shirts? I usually buy from the European (and UK) stockists, but I’ve already missed out on a couple of pieces that I really wanted. So now I’m considering a bigger combined order directly from Warehouse
  7. I think I got my first pairs from Alpha shadows in 2017 or 2018 and has since then been buying a few pairs at a time from Japan, after AS closed its doors. Living in Denmark, our customs system is crazy expensive, so you better order a few pairs to spread the costs. Hatski became the only jeans that I wear - to compliment other pants and trousers from mainly Orslow (another favourite) I haven’t seen the wide tapered that you mention. I’ve only seen the wide model, which didn’t seem too interesting considering it’s a fit that many denim brands offer. I mainly buy the loose tapered and have some “regular tapered” and their “regular” - I think the regular tapered would work the best for most people, but I have very muscular thighs, so I need the loose tapered model to look somewhat normal.
  8. Tom was first to introduce a lot of brands to the west from Japan and South Korea. Way ahead of his time and unfortunately didn’t get the recognition and traction that his shop needed. I think covid was the final spike in the coffin.
  9. Hatski became my go to brand for jeans after getting my first pairs from the now defunct and absolutely brilliant shop Alpha Shadows I now own around 20 pairs or so - some too worn in/out to wear. I also like their different washes and really miss their overdyed indigo. I’m around the same height and weight as you and the loose tapered fit suits me amazingly - high rise, loose around seat and thighs and perfectly tapered. Some will probably be a little put off by the short inseam, but I think it works well for me. I’ve always preferred a shorter inseam. So I consider them some of the best and most interesting jeans around - but I don’t think they’re for everyone
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