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  1. Recently purchased LVC 501 1947 model unwashed (made in Turkey). size 33w 34l After soaking it only shrank 1 inch in the leg with zero leg twist now compared to my cone mills 1966 lvc which shrank 2 inch in the leg with decent leg twist also the denim feels way more sturdy. and it is also 12 oz denim which is the same as the made in turkey 1947 also 12 oz. I have given it a second soak with warm water today will see if it shrinks a little more and if there is any leg twist at all. I am disappointed with LVC made in turkey last time i buy the made in turkey LVC 501. I have yet to try the made in japan when they stopped making it in the usa. -Avoid 501 LVC made in Turkey-. i am going back to made in japan repro of the 501 from brands like TCB, and Wharehouse.
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