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  1. SF2Turbo

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    NEWS ALERT: just purchased LVC 501 STF 1947 from American Classics London today and was told by the kind lady who served me that LVC line may get discontinued. So please stock up my pair is mad in turkey which is a little let down as i would prefer the Japanese made ones. But never the less i got one and also have my few years old 1966 cone mills STF in mint condition which will get stored away and im going to start wearing my 1947 once iv done the first soak. my usual size is waist 32 almost all brands. even the LVC 1966 i got the W32. as for 1947 I had to size up to Waist 33. So if anyone is getting LVC 501 1947 size up atleast one from say nudies,Lee or regular levis 501.
  2. SF2Turbo

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I completely agree. LVC 501 can't be beat for fit. my momotaros give of the flat ass look even though i have decent atleast average glutes, then when i get into my lvc 1966 it's a whole different look also how the legs go around. my wharehouse denim gives off that levis look but not as good but pretty close, the lot 900. too bad i sized down on them
  3. SF2Turbo

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    thank but im only after 501 though as i dont like zip flys
  4. SF2Turbo

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Anyone know which LVC 501 has deep front pockets. i have a pair of 1966 which i though was the perfect denim for me in terms of a classic fit. but when i put my phone in my front pocket it digs into my hip when i sit down which is very annoying to the point i have stored them away and gone back to my edwin pair. i trying to find out of the 1947 has deeper pockets even. I do not have this issue with my momotaro or edwin.
  5. SF2Turbo

    Chore coats

    I have already posted this on N&F blog but why not posted on the blog dedicated to chore coats. Below are two of my denim chore coats Lee Loco 101 11oz I think, Lee has slightly slimmer arms, N&F has way more room in the arm. and N&F 9oz purchased from online website Jean store.co.uk. I have worn the Lee jacket a few times but naked and famous is still new below are some pic. Just to help others out both jackets are M size and i usually weigh 160 pounds but here i have lost around 10 pounds hence why both jackets look slightly big. I also considered small but i feel like small will fit great only when i lose weight other than that when i put on a few pound from the gym it will be too tight. I'm a medium in all my other jackets every time i sized down i paid the price.
  6. SF2Turbo

    Naked & Famous Denim

    First purchase from N&F. I was after a chore coat a little shorter than my Lee 101 which is nice but can sometimes make me look a bit wierd. Below I have pic of both of the pieces. I have lost 1 stone of muscle lately as I have not been going to the gym so the fit will get better once I’m back to training. It is a 9oz denim the Lee is between 10.5-11 I am 5 9 and weigh 168 pounds but since I lost weight here I'm around 12 pounds lighter. let me know what you guys think I’m loving the detail although I do wish it was 11oz-12oz got a deal on jeanstore website for £111.00 usually £180.00 I think. On a side note does anyone know if the naked and famouse 9oz mainline selvedge shrink at all? I know sanforized fabric does not shrink much but if anyone knows about the fabric it would be helpful, as I'm in between two sizes if i went for small i would risk it becoming a little small mainly the sleeve length and by going for my usual size- medium it looks on the bigger side due to the style of cut on their chore coats. on the tag it says may shrink upto 3 percent and I'm hoping it does.
  7. SF2Turbo

    Edwin Jeans..

    Just an update on my ED39 denim been wearing them about 2 times a week since I purchased them. I only soaked once after the initial soak which is standard for me for all raw denim I purchase. They got maximum wear in the last two months almost every day. I am liking how they fade. My wallet and mobile phone have created some nice fades. Will do another further update in a few months with better detailed pics.
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