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  1. SF2Turbo


    Thanks only prob is I need to allow maximum stretch as if they shrink just by 1 cm the waist will be too tight but after 1 month if unbearable I will def risk a second soak
  2. SF2Turbo


    Thanks for the response yes the denim fit very close but not tight. they are true to what they say and are slim as described. so the denim is def pretty snug around the thighs and have a subtle taper almost a straight leg. I do remember after the initial soak the first week they were even rougher. so hopefully they get a bit more softer to make them wearable. i don't mind stiff denim as that is to be expected but the bumpy texture i am not a big fan of. I'll tough it out for one full month of wear and see the result thanks once again
  3. SF2Turbo


    These are the lot 900 I own the inside I’m pointing at is the rough and bumpy so is it normal or does it soften with time if so roughly how many wears ? Thanks
  4. SF2Turbo


    Hi I need some help please i own a pair of Lot 900 unsanforized denim and after soaking to get the shrinkage out of the way the denim feels like a sand paper on my legs. i have been put of wearing them but been wearing them on and off. recently wore it 4 days straight and they feel a little softer but still very rough. They use memphis cotton. it is my second unsanforized denim i own. The only other unsanforized denim i own is Momotaro G004mb one wash size 30 waist 32 leg hemmed (interested PM me) as for that pair it's a one wash unsanforrized and feels extreamly smooth on the legs. What my concern is about the warehouse lot 900 is weather they soften up at all as they are very bumby texture on the inside and rough on my legs. As for the fit of the lot 900 it is almost near perfect other than the front rise being a little on the lower side but it is ok. the denim cut fit is near perfection but the feel of the denim is painfully rough. The momo's G004mb i have are too small in the waist and have been worn once with almost no fades anyone interested please PM me we can work something out. i have a 30 waist size availiable. Any advice or knowledge would be appreciated gents Thank you
  5. SF2Turbo

    Front Rise vs. Back Rise

    Don’t know what it is with a lot of modern cuts there’s barely any space for you private parts in the front rise and to make matters worse the back rise isn’t high enough to give comfort for example the way it is on Levi’s 501 which to me has a good front rise with a decent back rise. My ideal fit is like the 501 but with slightly slimmer legs. I will be trying out wharehouse lot 800 and LVC 1966
  6. SF2Turbo

    Front Rise vs. Back Rise

    i am 35 and have an athletic type of body more of a skinny athletic build if that makes sense. and of course being athletic usually means having some decent glutes. what i find is if the front rise is medium and the back rise also on the medium side, a lot of the times the jeans don't fit as good while of the rise is a bit higher in the back the jeans not only fit better but also feel better. Also when a casual shirt is tucked in you can still pull it off. but when done with denim that have near the same front and back rise the shirt tuck in simply does not work unless you want to look silly. i find that levis 501 and wharehouse lot 900 have slightly higher back rise making them very versatile. it is only a bit higher in the back, which is all that's required to give the jeans that bit of extra comfort. I have wasted alot of money on high end denim but now i have nailed it and i cannot go wrong with denim all i need to make sure is that the front rise is medium with a back rise of high/medium or just high. I find alot of the vintage style denim offer this and harder to find on modern cuts. Nudie jeans ued to do one called steady eddie which had a slightly higher back rise compared to the front not much but it made the denim a lot more comfortable. Back rise is under rated when it comes to overall fit.
  7. SF2Turbo

    Edwin Jeans..

    @VDC that looks nice I need to add a pair of Edwin rainbow selvedge to my collection I find that the rainbow pairs fade to a purplish/blue but the red selvedge ones just turn to a light blue. Def next pair will be rainbows and will go for made in Japan regular classic taper. Also anyone got any experience with them please comment, thanks
  8. SF2Turbo

    Edwin Jeans..

    These are my new ed75 sanforized red selvedge denim raw although I always give them a soak before wear, and no different here. This fit needs more attention in the community as I find these as good as ed 55 if not better with the back pocket placement. It has a slightly higher rise than ed55 which I love a bit of extra room in the crotch area always nice IMO.
  9. anything can be relative to the wearer but we are talking in genral a decent close fit without the need to use a belt. but belt is emotional as it adds to the look
  10. HI all denim heads. just wondering whats your routine to finding the best fit when you try a denim. I have in the last year given up on going with my size since im realising every brand has different sizing. and within the same brand each model has a different sizing. have wasted alot of cash. these days i try the size i think i am with two more going size up and one size down. so i im generally levis 31. so i f im trying say for example edwins ill try size 30,31,32 waist and knowing edwins run big i would even consider trying 29 if the 30's are to easy to button up. what do you guys do? anyone as mad as me trying 4 waist size since the shops think im mad when i tell them can i try 4 different size edwin ed55 please lol