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  1. SF2Turbo

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    So this is the waist stretch of my momotaro 0305-v 15.7oz denim ( sanforized fabric) after wearing 2 months mainly weekend I can safely say there is a full stretch of upto 1 inch in the waist. As long as the denim is snug it will stretch out. There is a lot of talk of how momotaro’s do not stretch but I can conclude that is not true for the sanfirized versions of their jeans. as for people buying wrong size do not expect Edwin jeans type of stretch where they stretch nearly 2 inches. Expect LVC type of stretch. If the waist fits snug on the tighter side then they will stretch out 1 inch with wear. Sometimes I find people size down expecting the stretch to make the size correct. IMO that’s not the way to buy denim, it should fit comfortable from day 1 but a very snug fit, the stretch u get just adds to the comfort. Below I have pic of the waist where u can see proof that the waist does stretch. U also get 0.25 in the thigh and overall the top block will also loosen up. The calves area u get little to no stretch as there isn’t much pressure there. the shrink after first soak is very minimal to none. I am not talking about the unsanforized version here, for that I’ll have to buy a pair and see. even though i had g004mb that one i sized down wrongly. showing off the nice pink stitch
  2. SF2Turbo

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    Just a few more pics of my 0306-v fit pic only worn a few days still waiting to really break them in properly as they are super stiff even after soaking. Was worried initially about waist being a tad too small but glad I did not size up to 33.I can already tell there will be a bit of stretch in the waist but also seems tough. There isn't a lot of detail as it’s taken using iPhone 7 sadly. Still trying to fill out the legs at the gym. I think in about another 2 months with a bit more mass on my legs they will be perfect. In a way this pair of jeans will be telling how my leg gains are coming along.
  3. SF2Turbo

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    I never go one down from my size but buy the size that fits snug and able to do the top button with a slight effort. If there was a size between 32 and 33 it would be perfect but the little stretch I get from 32 should do the trick all I need is 0.5 inch. It’s the sanforized momotaro and they do stretch a little. I also have momotaro g004mb in unsanforized denim and that pair did not stretch past even a cm or 2 but i also sized down one stupidly. Being a 15.7 oz denim I am sure it will take a bit longer for the waist to stretch.
  4. SF2Turbo

    Pure Blue Japan

    My first pair of PBJ XX-019 first time buying denim with this much character looking forward to wearing them. I got the one wash version to save my self the washing process.
  5. SF2Turbo

    Superdenim community sale thread

    This is the measurement highlighted for the 0405 above. the inseam is obviously different as these have been hemmed to just over 32. i would say 32.5 by rivet and hide.
  6. SF2Turbo

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Sorry my mistake it’s W33 L32 hemmed at rivet and hide chain stitch the actual measurements are on rivet and hide website. these denim did not shrink at all and lost minimal indigo. I never soak any of my denim more than 20 mins. expect 0.5-1 inch stretch depending on how much stress is on the waist band. here’s some photos taken in my room hopefully the lighting is ok. 30 mins ago
  7. SF2Turbo

    Superdenim community sale thread

    I have a pair of momotaro 0405-V 15.7 oz for £160 only worn once not even a full days worth of wear soaked once to get the shrinkage out of the way. I have come to accept i got one size too big so just want to get rid of them purchased from Rivet and Hide London. near zero fades almost new. still very stiff and a second soak can be done by the buyer. will post some pics this week. if interested please message me on the forum or email me on [email protected] i cannot post and based in London and happy for anyone to take a look zero pressure to buy. I am near 5'10" and weigh 160 pounds
  8. SF2Turbo

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    @Lalafufu no clean bulk as my belly is on the bigger side ( need them abs back) so will bulk with good quality whole foods and focus on legs to add mass. Need to focus on mid section so I sadly can’t do a dirty bulk.I’m hoping I get a little stretch on the waist. Judging by my 0405-v model which stretched 0.5 inch in the waist which led it to become too big. I now need that for my 0306-v. 0.5-1 inch is more than enough for me.
  9. SF2Turbo

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    Just added this pair of momo 0305-v size 32w purchased from rivet and hide London. Had them hemmed to 32 length. I'm 5'9" and weigh 160 pounds here. i already own 0405-v in the same fabric which is a relax taper I got that pair size 33w which fits super relaxed a slight mistake from my part I could have easily got the 32. It was Christmas time and gained some bad weight at the time ( I will store them for now only worn once) I also got a pair of pbj x019 relax taper size W32 to replace my momo0405 as the pbj back pocket placement is better imo these are some fit pic of my 0305-v sorry for the lighting.( soaked in bath tub to get some starch out) I’m back at the gym now, so the fit will only improve with a bit of work on my legs. The hammer strength v squat machine will be used a lot.
  10. SF2Turbo

    EU Lee 101

    thanks for the info helps me out a lot. looks like i will have to pop into a lee store and try a pair out to see if the lower back rise works for me.
  11. SF2Turbo

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    what a rip off at that price not long ago i got my cone denim LVC 1966 from american classics for £160 made in usa. now not made in usa and levis are selling it at £210 what a joke. and its 12oz denim
  12. SF2Turbo

    EU Lee 101

    Close up of rivet on the sleeve
  13. SF2Turbo

    EU Lee 101

    This is a recent pick up off lee rider jacket regular lee EU line it’s not a part of the 101 line but still pretty decent quality light weight. Feels like a 10 oz jacket will be wearing in the coming summer months alternating between this and my chore jacket. I also have a chambray from lee regular line which I will also post soon. I took a close up of the rivet detail on the sleeve and pocket as well as the jacket itself sorry for the lighting poor image quality once again
  14. SF2Turbo

    EU Lee 101

    thanks for the info. so i can't expect the back rise of 101s to be close to the LVC 1966 is what your saying.
  15. SF2Turbo

    EU Lee 101

    thanks for the posting these, 101z look great i will add a 101z or 101s for my next pair for sure. personally im more of a button fly guy but if the front rise is too low on 101 s i will choose 101z
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