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  1. No guarantees that the complete pattern will be very similar but this is the Cats Drive (size 31 on 6’3” 170 lb body) on me, which the size chart suggests should be rather similar in dimensions as the No 2 in case this is helpful at all for gauging potential fit
  2. In honor of the TCB No. 2 release - LL Bean Sherpa flannel overshirt, Kirkland t shirt/ TCB Cats Drive jeans/Rancourt Ranger Mocs. These jeans have grown on me with wear. I actually quite like them now. The before and after versus my first try-on photo is pretty amazing
  3. The jeans are slimmer than I was expecting. The size chart for my likely size is almost identical to the Cat's Drive except for a 0.5" lower rise for the No. 2 and a 0.25" wider leg opening, which is more of a slim straight in my mind. I really like the idea and the effort that went into these. I'm leaning towards passing because I worry about how they will fit and the single back pocket and suspender hardware would make them a bit harder to wear to work or my day-to-day. Pure curiosity for trying the denim itself though could sway me to still snag a pair for the novelty and occasional use.
  4. Something a bit different today. The bright sun blew out the highlights some unfortunately. Vintage Patagonia hemp workshirt/Jungmaven hemp t shirt/ Buzz 1942 chinos/Rancourt boots.
  5. yung_flynn


    These are looking great! I may add my own pics once I wash my own in the next few days, probably once my Denime 232 jacket arrives. The roping, seam puckering, and pocket areas are all great on these. The crotch stitching is no joke though. I've also had to repair the stitching a few times from crotch to just under the bottom of back pockets - crotch almost completely separated while I was in the AMS airport a couple of months ago. I love my pair as well, but they may need to be relegated to lighter wear soon or else they will fall apart before they finish fading
  6. That makes sense. I just looked at Bear's measurements for Resolute 710 and they are very similar for a given waist. Resolute 710 is actually even 2 cm higher rise, 0.5 cm wider in thigh, and 1 cm wider in leg opening. I'm concerned that even the Resolute would be too tight for my frame, so the Kyotos are a no-go for me. I did end up snagging a Denime 232 jacket from Celluloid to solve my Type 2 fix. It was a hard choice over WH 2002xx, but I figured that it was a good chance to try out Denime. In reality, it probably won't be hugely different from the 2002xx based on the Denime by Warehouse jeans - will probably grab a pair of 220a when back in stock or new 1954 when it arrives.
  7. Are the Kyotos pretty low rise and narrow through the thighs? These actually should fit my waist and inseam, but I fear that the rise and thigh would be too tight for me.
  8. Great this all sounds good. I don't necessarily want a slim jacket just one where the sleeves will fit my arms without a truly massive chest from sizing up 2-3 sizes. Sugarcane 1953 in size 40 should work for me, just need to doublecheck body length. Drop shoulders of Type 2 actually work great since narrow shoulders are what limit a lot of Japanese made tops for me
  9. Yeah, Badlands is one of the few films that I distinctly remember the denim. Cruising of all things is another (also great leather jacket and engineer boot inspo). Although, I still have yet to see Rebel Without a Cause despite loving other Nicholas Ray films.
  10. What brands sell denim jackets that are agreeable for taller and slimmer frames? I have a good grasp on shirt and blazer sizing, but for some reason I can't quite wrap my head around correlating denim jacket size charts to real life fit. For reference, I'm usually a 34 - 35 inch sleeve in shirts depending on how wide the armhole and shoulders are and a 39" chest for typically a 40 L blazer (21-22" p2p). I'm looking around at Type 2 repros for spring - fall. Sugarcane 1953, the new Denime 2002xx (or WH 2002xx if it's restocked), and TCB 50's jacket all seem like they would work in theory - enough sleeve length without a massive chest
  11. Martin Sheen in a Type 2 in Badlands. Jeans seem more like 60's Levi's though.
  12. yung_flynn


    Yeah I think that this is a great way to put things. Any time that I've ever worn a blazer with jeans it is to dress down the blazer and not dress up the jeans, so things like the leg twist and paper patch fulfill that goal well. If I want to dress up a blazer, I'd be better off in chinos or wool flannels in my mind. The comments on the article that bF linked are interesting though. Several people complaining about the "cheap" paper patch and "poor" QC of the leg twist and misaligned back yoke seams on a $300 pair of jeans (another huge US markup vs. Japanese domestic at $150). A pair of CSF would probably send them into palpitations.
  13. yung_flynn


    I'm still curious why leg twist bothers some people so much. It's not uncomfortable and nobody has ever noticed unless they are deep in the game and looking closely at photos
  14. Sorry my bad - I missed the line with the actual measurements. I revised the original post to include them
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