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  1. Does anyone know if Paul + Williams is still doing the photos for LVC's collections? If so, do you know when they usually upload the album's because there's nothing there for the current FW17 stuff.
  2. Controversial lol
  3. @Paul T, thank you for the info! Yeah, I see what you mean by the slots with the edge of the patch still intact, and that's the first time I've seen something like that. Repro or not, I have to agree that I've found LVC's fabric to be really nice. I'm really liking the '76 and '55 denim! It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall when they decide to make certain compromises/decisions.
  4. Hey @Foxy2, I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. Do you mean that the machines they used to produce the patches automatically created these notches and that it wasn't a design choice (back in the '50s)? If you see the Instagram post below, that's my mate's LVC '55s although I'm not sure what the production date is. You can see the notches at the top, and the bottom ones are most likely not visible due to the bottom of the patch being slightly folded upwards. If anyone knows, I was also wondering which font for the lot number, waist, and length is correct i.e. whether the number 1 is supposed to have the short horizontal line at the bottom (second pic), if the number 4 should have all the lines connected (second pic) or have a gap (first pic), and if the Xs should have little horizontal lines at the top and bottom. From pictures that I've seen, it seems like they number 1 and the Xs should have horizontal lines, but I'm not too sure about whether the number 4 is supposed to have all the lines connected. I never took notice, but thanks to @Maynard Friedman, I'm also interested in knowing whether the "PXR-8" code is supposed to be there and what it means. I know peeps might say "well what do you expect from Levi's", but these things kind of bother me. I know that from reading other forums that Levi's does less faithful reproductions of their own products than their Japanese counterparts, but don't y'all have a whole archive at your disposal?
  5. Hey, does anyone know when LVC changed the patch on the 1955 501? In the first pic, you can see four notches on the patch, but in the pic below, there are no notches. I've had a skim through some photos of 1950s 501s, and I've seen both appear. If I've been looking at the right stuff, then I believe I've also seen jeans where some patches only have three notches. Maybe @Paul T will know, but do you know any reason why they were there in the first place? Thanks =)
  6. Oh man, this is what I've been waiting for. The only thing is that I find the Lot. 64 to be a bit too slim to warrant the need for a cinch. The jacket, on the other hand, is something that I've been waiting for. Not sure if they're only available through email purchase or if other stores and their own website will have them up.
  7. Even Heddels reposted this news. I wonder how someone managed to just take them from their archives though... Considering that they're so valuable, you'd think their security would/should be top notch. I did, however, find it funny that people worth saying that it's in the hands of the Japanese now lol
  8. I think I somehow measured my '76 501's inseam incorrectly. Mine is a bit shorter than setterman's at 79cm (31.1"). If you're usually a 33" inseam then they'll be too short in my opinion unless you plan on rocking the high water look. Here are some impressions after wearing these jeans for a few months since I wore mine while I was in the European summer for around 3.5 weeks. Under sunlight, you can see streakiness and subtle slub, but under incandescent lights, it kinda looks plain. I'm still a firm believer that denim from Cone looks rather boring to start out with, but gets significantly better with wear. I know that my gauge for "significantly" is different from others, but I'm into the vintage fades and denim that doesn't have excessive character, which may be considered blasphemous amongst denimheads. I'm still disappointed with the stitching quality. I'm not aggressive with my jeans, and pretty much just do normal things in them (walking, retail work, sitting, but not cycling or extreme activities). I usually cuff my jeans, and the inseams rubbing against each other have caused the stitching at the fold to deteriorate at a rate that I haven't experienced before with any of my other jeans. Even the overlock is dying, but if you don't cuff your jeans then you probably won't notice this flaw. To me, the threads are plasticky in both look and feel... Fit-wise, I'll be using the '76s as a guide for the future when I'm looking for jeans that aren't too slim or sloppy. Now, if I could somehow get this denim in multiple fits and in a jacket...
  9. So summer sales made me lose my mind, and I ended up getting a few things for around 50% off. It's basically an LVC '50s kit: 1953 Type II, 1955 Sawtooth, and 1955 501. I've managed to hot machine wash the jacket and jeans, and I cold machine washed the shirt. I measured the pieces to the best of my ability using the BiG method, but since the jacket was quite stiff after the wash, it was a lil difficult. Here are the measurements in centimetres. I've worn the shirt a few times, and the jacket and jeans have been worn for two days. I'm still considering doing the 2017-2019 DWC, so I'll continue wearing my '76s to keep these '55s under the 30-day limit. So far, I'm really liking the fit of the jeans. They feel only a bit looser than the '76s, and it's most noticeable in the crotch/thigh area. The denim feels rougher, but it also seems slightly less hairy to me. The front and back pockets are shallower than the '76s, so it is probably going to take a bit to get used to (my phone sticks out more when it's in my back left pocket, and when I put my hands in the front ones, I pretty much have to make a fist so my palms don't peak out the top). I wouldn't call this a negative, though, because it doesn't bother me. The buttons feel kinda cheap and lightweight, but I honestly didn't expect much since I'm relatively familiar with what LVC produces. Seam puckering is looking promising, and the left leg has twisted a fair bit while the right leg has only shifted a tad. I'm sure that subsequent washes will make it better, but right now the hems are lacking in the roping department. The jacket is pretty rad. After the first wash, the front placket has twisted to the right slightly. There's some good wrinkle action and seam puckering throughout, which I find visually appealing. This is probably a weird part to like, but I really like feeling of ridges in the fabric where the cuffs are sewn onto the sleeves, especially the inside lol The extent of hairiness is not dissimilar (oh yeeaahhh, double negatives) to the jeans. Some of you might be wondering why I bothered to wash the shirt when it's sanforised... I found the denim to be rather flat, and I like it when the front placket is more uneven. After the wash, the denim is still a bit uninteresting, but I like the fit. My phone + gloomy weather = shite pics, so I'll post some when I think I can take a nice shot. For now, I hope this info helps those that may be unsure about sizing! =)
  10. Yeah, pretty sure I've been blocked then, but it's probably a bug and not an intentional block. I feel like I'm part of an exclusive club now haha
  11. Not that it's important or anything, but if someone's Instagram account is unsearchable (and only reachable through tagged photos), and unable to be followed, does this mean you've been blocked? Tapping the "follow" button makes a loading symbol appear for a split second, and I know it's not my Wi-Fi that's playing up. The pic below is related. lol
  12. I live in Australia, so shipping is USD 60 (no joke). Even if they have a sale going on, there's kinda no point in me buying anything from them when other stores allow me to shop tax-free on top of free worldwide shipping. The only time I've ever bought from them was when they had a sale on the PF Flyers X Gitman Vintage sneakers, and the total I paid for the item + shipping ended up being as if I had purchased them for retail price.
  13. Regardless of the level of participation, @setterman is numero uno (my opinion, obviously). I'm a fan of less contrasty fades (his are on the higher end of what I'd consider "moderate" contrast considering the number of washes), and to be fair, his tracks and roping are better. The hand repairs and rips add a personal touch, and you can tell this bloke's been doing some serious leg-crossing. Not to mention, the fact that the red tab is destroyed looks cool. I'm not hating on any of the winners, but I just thought he was going to win.
  14. Hey man, I would say the T-shirt is quite a thin material. I don't own many T-shirts from LVC, but my 1940s one also seems rather thin as well. I feel like the material wouldn't be very resilient if I were to get it caught on something, which means I'd probably only where it on occasion when I'm not doing anything too physical.
  15. Just crossposting from the WAYWT 2017 topic. I'm wearing a couple of items from LVC's most recent offerings: 1960s stripe T-shirt, and the usual 1976 501. I'm no good at reviewing pieces of clothing, but I got the T-shirt because I liked the colour of the stripes. The fit is quite pleasant as well because it's not too long for my short stature, and the shorter sleeves are something different - as you can tell, I have a mad T-shirt tan as most of my T-shirts are a bit longer. The fabric itself really isn't anything to write home about having handled T-shirts from the likes of Merz b. Schwanen, TFH, Lady White Co., and some others. I've been asked why I buy LVC gear when there's better quality clothing out there, and most of the time it's because I like the designs and can't find the same ones from other brands. For example, the graphic T-shirts from the Homerun collection were pretty cool. It's not noticeable in this picture, but my '76 501s are fading nicely. Whiskers, combs, and roping are developing, but I do have a dreaded phone fade on my back pocket (unavoidable at times). They feel dirty, so a wash in the near future is inevitable. Also, I'm pretty impatient when taking detail pictures, so please forgive me when I say I'll post pics and don't post any. They'll eventually happen when I'm in the mood! =)