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  1. propellerbeanie

    The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    Thought that was an apron upon first glance haha
  2. propellerbeanie

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Interesting, I do remember that being the general chatter (regarding the denim) although never quite confirmed. We'll have to wait and see where they're cut/sewn! @bartlebyyphonics I recall reading that in various jeans descriptions a little while ago which somewhat strengthen my speculation. Not too sure why they wouldn't include similar info in the new rigid jeans since these buzzwords tend to attract customers.
  3. propellerbeanie

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Yeah, I saw these on Instagram. I could be wrong, but I think the entire jean in made in Japan (denim, hardware, cut/sewn) to celebrate Japan's initial release of 501 reproductions. It kinda feels like more of a collector's item like the Cone tribute jeans, but maybe this one more so because of the Japanese pocket flasher/tags. For me, It says 71,280 JPY which I assume includes tax.
  4. propellerbeanie

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Hey all, End Clothing has released some of the 501 cuts in a colour called “Rigid V2”. Does anyone have information on the origin of the denim and where they are cut and sewn? On my end, the pricing also seems to be slightly higher than the ones from previous seasons.
  5. propellerbeanie

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    The fact that they're slim tapered is a blessing in disguise... Temptation eliminated! The buttons look quite nice on these, but I also have enough Black Seed to last me a while. It's a good thing, however, for those that have wanted a pair in the past but weren't keen on the straighter legs.
  6. propellerbeanie


    Took a couple of quick phone pics of my DD-1001XX (1947) jeans. I've had them since May 2018, but didn't wear them all the time. Washed only a few times because I didn't do any strenuous work in them. I went for a size bigger (32 instead of 31) and have been wearing them with a belt as you might be able to tell from the waistband folds. It's made them a really easy pair of jeans to wear, especially in the summer time! Would liked to have nabbed the 1946 jeans in the newer denim, but opted for a pair of IH jeans for the winter time.
  7. propellerbeanie

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Excuse the mess, but here is some new jeans. It's the PIH10ANS =) I'll give them a wash today. Just a quick edit; gave these a 50C soak then a cold wash in the washing machine (low spin setting). The water was quite deep in colour, so I was initially worried that I should have been lighter on the washing style. The jeans are still very dark, so I probably just limited the initial rub-off. I had these hemmed by IHUK to 34", but could have chopped a bit more off because I'm a shorty. Also, I'll remember for next time to specify including the cutoffs in the package because it would have been nice to have it for future colour comparison. PS, probably best not to put these suckers in the dryer. I spent a solid amount of time scrubbing the inside of the dryer because it was so blue! I eventually soaked an old T-shirt in water and threw it into the dryer for a spin. Saved me some effort. Before -> After (size 31, btw) Waist: 41.5cm -> 40.5cm Front rise: 28cm -> 27.25cm Back rise: 40.5cm -> 38.75cm Thigh: 32.25cm -> 31.75cm Knee: 23cm -> 22.5cm Hem: 22cm -> 21.75cm Inseam: 86.25cm -> 83.25cm I could have managed a slightly smaller waist, but I don't think my legs would have been comfortable. Overall, I'm very happy with these!
  8. propellerbeanie


    Just to update on post-wash measurements of the Lot 1082 trousers. I soaked them in some hot water, rinsed them in the washing machine and then dried them in the dryer. Size 31 btw... Waist 40.5cm -> 40cm Front rise 29.25cm -> 28cm Back rise 38cm -> 36.5cm Thigh 33cm -> 33cm Knee 25.75cm -> 25.5cm Hem 22cm -> 22cm Inseam 86.75cm -> 82.25cm The trousers basically shrank most noticeably in the length as opposed to the width, which was pretty negligible. The back rise is quite a bit shorter than what I usually wear, but it's not actually uncomfortable. My guess is that the back rise will stretch a teeny bit when I wear it with my belt. I think that the width of the legs somehow make the shorter back rise more manageable to wear. Maybe some pictures next week when I get a break from uni work!
  9. propellerbeanie


    Hey all, haven't been on sufu for a while, but recently bought some chino trousers in green. They're unwashed and should shrink a bit (I'll post again once I've done it). The current measurements for the size 31 are: Waist 40.5cm Front rise 29.25cm Back rise 38cm Thigh 33cm Knee 25.75cm Hem 22cm Inseam 86.75cm Hopefully some better pictures to come... Including a fit photo.
  10. Just a quick question for those that wear chino trousers. Do you prefer buttons or a zip?
  11. propellerbeanie

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    There are some new pictures up on their Instagram profile where the dye looks less patchy and more even. It could be due to the lighting, but I wonder whether you'd be able to request one that's the least distressed looking out of the lot. Dye distribution along the lines of the jackets you see on Leather & Things Motor's Instagram would be preferable.
  12. propellerbeanie

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    A couple more photos of the leather jacket. The overall cut and shape of the pockets look nice, but I'm not sure if the dye looks too uneven for my liking...
  13. propellerbeanie

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    From this post, larger sizes should be showing up this season. I believe @kicks79 works at Big Trouble Store in Sydney, which is a stockist of LVC, so I guess he's got a bit of the inside scoop. It was presumed that only the 1947 and 1954 cuts were going to return for the SS19 season, but we should be in luck! I'm not sure if the SS19 lookbook will be able to shed some light if anyone has been able to get theirs hands on one...
  14. propellerbeanie

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    If that's a jacket that's coming out in the same fit as the new Cossack jacket then my wallet better watch out!
  15. propellerbeanie

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Saw these 1966s on Heddels a little while ago. They're not mine, but I thought they were worth a share here!