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  1. There may be a few reasons why people do this. I was thinking the most common one would be that people want to shrink their jeans a little bit after they've stretched out... I know that some peeps enjoy the crisp/stiff feeling of a fresh pair of jeans, and you can achieve that by soaking them and letting them dry in the sun. They may also feel like they're not dirty enough to toss them in the wash, especially if they're afraid of losing indigo, which can affect higher contrast fadez (this may be because some brands say "don't wash your jeans in the first six months or they're ruined forever"). He'll, I put my unsanforized jeans into a hot machine wash before their first wear. I've always just thrown my jeans into the washing machine with detergent if I feel like they're filthy. I don't think soaking without detergent will do anything in terms of cleanliness. Good riddle lol
  2. I've already posted this on the WAYWT thread, but thought that you guys might appreciate this LVC combo. Wore my Homerun Shirt, '76s and some PF Flyers today. I reckon this shirt's a killer!
  3. It was a long day for me today. Uni from morning till afternoon, then work from afternoon till evening, followed by a movie from evening till early morning. Watched the new Power Rangers movie with a workmate and I must say that it was a fun time! If any of you guys watched the '90s TV show then there are references that you'll really appreciate. Wearing an LVC Homerun Shirt, LVC 1976 501 and some MiJ PF Flyers.
  4. @rodeo bill Thanks for your advice! I measured a few of my well-fitting shirts and the armholes ranged from 9.5"-10". The shirts that I'm interested in are these ones: Obviously there are more items that I'm interested in though Chipping away at a uni degree, so I gotta pick and choose what I really (really) want.
  5. I'm finding that my fabric is still feeling a bit stiff, especially behind my knees. It has that "sharp", crunchy feeling when I bend my knees tightly (if that makes sense). I've only worn mine for around a week and the combs are setting in a nice way... same with the whiskers. Since I'm a student, I sit down a lot, so the ass fades are showing up first lol I'll post some fit pictures of my '76s later today. They're probably my favourite fit out of the current LVC 501 range, although I have a feeling I'll need to wear a belt later on.
  6. It's been a bit humid here in Melbourne, but today it was rather cool. Filson, LVC and PF Flyers.
  7. TCB

    Thought that was obvious lol
  8. TCB

    I noticed that there were no shoulder measurements for the '30s jacket on the TCB website. I contacted the man himself and this was his response. These are the shoulder measurements for the one-wash version, so keep that in mind when deciding! Personally, the size 40 is looking really tempting. I found the '50s jacket to have a long body and long sleeves, which wouldn't work for me since I'm 5'7".
  9. Hey, I was wondering whether I could get some sizing advice for the Wallaby shirts (both long and short sleeve). I'm typically a size M or 3 in shirts, but not sure what I'd be in these particular shirts. For reference, if I'm purchasing online, I usually go with shirts that measure 20"-21" across the chest, 17"-18" across the shoulders and preferably 30" or under for the centre back length. Do y'all reckon a size 2 would be the size I'm looking for? I'm a rather short bloke at 5'7" and that's why I prefer my shirts to not go over 30" in length otherwise I tend to look too top heavy. Understandably, the shirts are supposed to be loose fitting, but I'm okay with it not being as loose on me as it's intended to be. I should probably double check what my typical armhole measurement would be since I have had shirts in the past where the seams cut into my armpits. Looking to maybe pick up one short sleeve and one long sleeve in different colours. Thanks guys!
  10. Hey y'all, here are my '47s that have about a year's worth of wear. I bought them in September of 2015 and wore them daily for around five months before they felt dirty enough for a proper wash. They've gone through around nine machine washes since then, and they've had one crotch repair (more preventative than to fix any big issues). A hole has developed on my left knee, but not sure whether I want to darn it or hand repair... I'd say they're my slimmest pair of jeans and were definitely the "gateway" that eventually got me into straighter fits from other brands. Pictures were taken on my phone in my bathroom, so it's not the most accurate colour (shins are the darkest part but maybs not that dark). Hopefully I'll have time to take some fit pics! Here's to another year of wear!
  11. What size are you typically?
  12. That price is pretty ridiculous... I'd consider it if they were one of the twelve using the true deadstock fabric though lol
  13. @Maynard Friedman Oh thanks. Had no idea it was gone by the '60s. @Paul T Do you know the reason why they got rid of it? I've never really looked at pattern making for selvedge denim jeans, but why did it even exist in the first place? I'm assuming they wanted to make use of and/or not waste material... Did they use looms of different width that didn't allow for a selvedge coin pocket to be utilised or something? Sorry for all the questions, but never thought about this till now!
  14. @TheJPdude Ahh, I see. I'm only 5'7" and I've got long legs, so I usually like my inseams to be about 30.5". Most of the time I cuff my jeans to 28" or so, but having it at 30.5" gives me the option to have my jeans sit on top of my shoes with a break in the fabric. @Paul T Great info as always! I've also found that the '76s don't have a selvedge coin pocket. When and why did they get rid of that?
  15. Thought I might chime in, but my '76s shrank 2.5" after the first hot machine wash. Given that you like to wear them "as raw as possible", doing that method to shrink them would probably be out of the question. I've found that subsequent cold machine washes have still made my '47s shrink a tad more than 3" in the inseam, so maybe there's hope that your '76s hasn't arrived at it's final length. I, on the other hand, would prefer if my '76s don't shrink anymore since they started at around 33".