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  1. Reminds me of a post I saw on Reddit a little while ago. A guy ironed artificial creases into his 501 STF because he wasn't seeing progress after two months.
  2. Does SDA do any denim jackets that are perennial? I haven't done much research, but it seems like a season-to-season type of deal in terms of what is offered. It would be cool if they did a standard type I, II and III on top of special seasonal denim jacket drops. Just a thought if this doesn't exist already...
  3. Just reread... Damn it. Sorry guys.
  4. I could be wrong, but I believe this is the shirt.
  5. Have you guys heard of a channelled insole Goodyear welt? I was on the Viberg website recently and I saw this. I don't know much about shoemaking, so I'm not sure what to think of it. I googled it and Yuketen came up as a company that uses it on some (or all?) of their shoes. @mikecch, I'm sure you've heard of this. I'm guessing this construction will be more costly as it is supposedly more labour intensive than typical gemming practices. I wonder how much less likely welts will be prone to failing using this method because I haven't been wearing boots for a long time and can't say from experience.
  6. The reason why someone would want to buy shit-stained jeans is beyond me. I think pre-ripped/distressed jeans have their place in fashion, but these are real poopy. Also, those jeans with knee panels reminds me of some see through sneakers I saw on TV where you could see the condensation building up lol
  7. @kevypf597 @Syncd86 Sorry guys, I didn't read the post correctly! I edited the post so people won't be confused. While I'm here, a 38 in the denim shirt would suit me if those were the one-washed measurements. I don't mind a boxy cut, but it's not a fit I'm used to in shirts.
  8. @kevypf597 I believe that this is the same shirt. Here's the size chart that's from that page, so hopefully this helps! Edit: Please ignore. Wrong shirt, so look below for correct measurements...
  9. Just a heads up to those that missed out the first time, but the book "The 501XX: A Collection Of Vintage Jeans" has been rereleased. The Real McCoy's London/ has them, for example, for around USD100. It's a fantastic book that you don't even need to read (if you're not much of a reader) because the pictures are denim porn-esque. Just looking at the sewing variations of the WWII jeans is enough to make you sweat.
  10. Still waiting till an Okinawa Ranch Blouse is released.
  11. Back to uni after a week off, but I'm done for the day and I'm pretty pooped. RMC M-65, 3sixteen work shirt, SDA D1723, Red Wing 2906.
  12. @bradl Your jacket is looking great! I'm being lazy and can't be bothered looking at older posts, but is that the 2000 1st Type? If it is, I've been looking into getting that jacket, but I'm not sure about sizing... What size did you take and what's your approximate height/weight if you don't mind me asking?
  13. We should create a GoFundMe campaign to get you to wear them haha!
  14. Anyone planning on rocking the full Supima X Giza kit by getting the D4410? If they had a matching jacket for my D1723 then I would do it haha
  15. Who has seen these Vetements X Levi's jeans with the crazy zips? If you haven't, then here's a look... They are approximately USD2000. A part of me thinks they are cool in a fashion-forward kind of way, and I can see people that are into streetwear rocking them at certain trade/fashion shows (think Highsnobiety/Hypebeast type of shots). They remind me of Adidas poppers lol