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  1. I'm keen on those waist overalls, but are those darts on the back of the waistband..? Not that it's a major issue, but I never knew of any 501s to have that. Does anyone have any pictures that show this on vintage pairs from the same time period? The jumper looks neat, but would like to know if it's coming in a rigid version. I've been lusting after one of Nigel Cabourn's POH shirts for a while now, and wasn't around to get LVC's earlier offering of the cotton duck jumper with two pockets.
  2. This isn't really anything to do with the shoes themselves, but rather the cardboard boxes they come in... Do you guys keep your shoe boxes, or do you throw them away once you unpack your new shoes? If you keep them, how do you store them (i.e. fold them flat or stack them up)?
  3. I agree that it's very odd. I was actually first made aware of Melbourne Central selling LVC gear through a customer. Luckily though, it was one of our regular, denim-savvy customers that told me about it because he knew I'd be interested or would have more info about what's to be expected. Unfortunately, I never saw any sort of announcement about it on our work forum... I haven't asked how popular the LVC line is, but I'm interested to know. They should at least have a post about it on the Levi's ANZ Instagram account, where I'm sure most of y'all would eventually see it pop up in your "explore" tab.
  4. Lol this will be true if y'all go with the first arc option. I was also taking into consideration that I probably don't need any new jeans at the moment since I'm already trying to sell ones I no longer wear. Even though I won't be wearing the jeans, I reckon option #1 is best. And although they aren't exactly alike, the cat arcs remind me of Diesel jeans... Maybe I'm just used to seeing asymmetrical Levi's arcs on early model jeans, but the cat ones look a little odd.
  5. Unfortunately, I'll have to back out of this contest because I don't think I'd be able to wear the jeans often. I'm still keen to see what the arcs will look like, especially since you mentioned that they can be unpicked to look like a certain brand...
  6. I have to agree that the patch looks pretty dreadful. The jean itself looks extremely tapered as well, which I'm not a fan of.
  7. Just a quick pic of the '76 denim. Doesn't represent the colour well, but you can see that it's rather hairy. More pictures to come when the weather clears up...
  8. @Sympathy-For-The-Denim Wow, thanks! I quite like the shape of the 1955 501, and the denim seems to be quite hairy. Do you know if this is the same denim they use for the 1953 Type II?
  9. If you were to go off the denim alone (ignoring the fit), would you choose the '55s or the '66s?
  10. TCB

    Hey guys, just doing another post here in regards to the TCB '20s jean back rise measurements. These are the lengths in centimetres after a wash. Hopefully this will help people that are unsure!
  11. Back rise measurements for the TCB '20s jean for y'all still deciding your size. These are the measurements after a wash. I'll post this in the TCB topic as well for those that don't check this one.
  12. Would it be possible to include armhole measurements as well? Sometimes I find that I am between sizes, and at times all the measurements feel fine besides a tight armpit.
  13. Hello guys, quick question. Do the current '44s have just the regular white pocket bags? I've seen pictures of older pairs with olive drab ones, and I'm aware of Unionmade having an "exclusively made" variant with surplus pocket bags. Not too sure why it's $15 cheaper than the standard pair, but yeah. Edit: All good. I did a little more googling, and I discovered that they no longer have the olive pocket bags... Just the plain white ones.
  14. TCB

    Hey guys, would anyone be able to shed some light on where I can find back rise measurements for the '20s jeans? Preferably for the raw/unwashed versions of the jean in a size 30 and 31? If there are any for the one-washed variant, then that's cool too.
  15. Is there any noticeable difference between a 100% melton wool and a 90% wool/10% nylon coat? I was thinking that I need some sort of peacoat or Mackinaw in my life, but I'm seeing that these two fabric compositions are most common. A part of me would prefer to get a 100% wool coat over something with synthetic fibres in it, but I don't know much about the benefits/cons of having a blended fabric.