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  1. specialchild


    Does anyone have any experience with the TCB 60’s jacket? The measurements on Denimio tell me I should go for the 36, but my gut says 38 just by judging off fit pics of people 50’s jackets who are my same dimensions (5’11”, 155lbs). Does anyone know of the one wash version shrinks even more after washing? Thanks!
  2. specialchild


    And here is a link to some images if you're curious b_F ! https://m.imgur.com/a/Mn7ZT
  3. specialchild


    Thanks for the info! I'm trying to get more info from the seller right now, but from my estimate they have been worn for about 3-4 months, maybe one wash. I'm a pretty skinny dude so I'd prefer thighs on the slimmer side anyways, but I really couldn't manage if the waist got smaller than 32 inches. Obviously they might right after a wash, but I'd need them to fairly quickly stretch back out haha. Might just pick them up anyways, give em a try, and just sell them if they won't work out. The price is too good to pass up.
  4. specialchild


    Don't know if anyone is looking at this thread anymore, but I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of 66xx Shins era, but I need some sizing help. These pair are a size 31 and the waist is measuring 32 inches, but I would love if I could eventually get these to stretch closer to 32.5 to 33 inches. Does anyone remember how these used to stretch back in the day? Thanks!
  5. Bump! P.s. These are Dry Broken Twill in case you weren't sure.
  6. I am selling a pair of Nudie Slim Jims, tagged 29x34, hemmed to a 32, with the waves taken off. The hem was done by a great tailor, and since these are straight leg, the result is nice and natural. Worn three times, absolutely no fading or stretching. I need the money soon, so I am letting them go for $90, free shipping. You will not find a better price for some quality dry denim. If you need measurements or more pictures, feel free to ask! Rogue Territory Stanton 30x34 I bought a pair of Rogue Territory Stanton's indigo 14.5 oz size 30, but have decided that I should have gone with the SK model instead. Unfortunately, I wore them for a week and chain stitched them to a 34 inseam, so I can't return them. I'm just looking for a simple trade for the SK model, same size (and not hemmed super short). Very lightly worn is fine. Will also consider a pair size 29 Stanton's that have been stretched nicely, or a pair of Pure Blue Japan XX-011 or XX-013 size 30. My Stanton's are essentially new aside from maybe half an inch of waist stretching, but if you're interested in trading, I can definitely send pictures and measurements!
  7. specialchild

    FS: APC New Petit Standard sz 28 never worn

    Hello! I was wondering if you would consider trading for a pair of Petit New Standards in size 29. Its the updated fit of the Petit Standard, so the rise is slightly higher and the leg opening is slightly wider. I have only worn them twice, so they are pretty much brand new. If you're not interested, let me know soon so I can possibly sell my pair and buy yours. Cheers!
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    Price drop!
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    27 cures are still available. offers?
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    bump, and pictures are working again!
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    prices lowered! offers?