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  1. specialchild


    Hey, what the heck! Are these 50’s? I’ve never heard of double black TCBs. I need them.
  2. specialchild


    Odd question for everyone. My beloved pair of 50’s got their first wash the other day (gentle cycle, no spin, top load machine, air dry), and the came out with a faint yet dreaded vertical crease. It’s hard to get a good picture of it. I’ve tried ironing it out a few times, but it seems to come back after a day of wear. Any tips on how to squash this crease before it starts to set in deep? Or worse, develop fades?
  3. specialchild


    So, after a couple weeks of wear and stretch on my 50’s, the waist was just still a bit tight. Just the the thought of washing them hurt my hips. So I did what any sane person would do... I got the waist expanded! Fortunately, I have a shop in my hometown of Long Beach, CA called The Academy (P.S. I’m not sponsored haha), and the owner does chainstitch hems, tapering, and even makes his own jeans. He did some sort of wizardry I still don’t understand. I needed less than an inch of space added, so I guess that was just small enough to do the expansion beneath the paper tag without screwing up the alignment of the waist too much. I also got them hemmed, so he used that excess fabric to get the job done. So anyways, I feel like I’m taunting god or something by altering the original measurements of such a fine product, but they turned out perfect and I’m so pumped I don’t have to say goodbye to this amazing fabric. I was considering replacing these with Warehouse’s, but there’s no fabric like TCB’s.
  4. specialchild


    Hey everyone. I just struck out on sizing some TCB 50’s and have decided to drown my sorrows by trying a pair of 800xx. I was wondering what anyone’s experiences are with how much thr one rinse XX waist will stretch? I’m trying to size it so after stretch, the waist will sit between 16.5 and 17 inches across. Looks like 33 may be the way to go, but just wanted to confirm with the experts! Appreciate any help!
  5. specialchild


    Fit pics have arrived. After a day the waist hasn’t stretched as much as I was hoping. Scared to even think about washing them. I love the loose fit of the legs, though I fear sizing up would make them too loose. Might give it another couple days, but sad these may not work out I wonder if a size 33 in the 60’s would be a compromise, or just got a different route and get size 32 505’s
  6. specialchild


    I just got some 50’s in the mail today! Definitely glad I didn’t size down. Shout out to https://www.clever-luck.com/ for all their help. Always nice to support a local retailer.
  7. specialchild


    Hey everyone, long time lurker, here to bug everyone here with a newbie 50’s sizing question. After hours of combing through old posts, I thought I was set on a one wash 32, maybeeee a 31 since I’d prefer these to be as slim as possible (without killing my waist). I’m a 32 in most other pants, my best fitting pants are a hair over 16 inches when laid flat and pulled. I was lucky enough to find a new pair of 32 one wash 50’s on Grailed. However, when I asked the seller to take a measurement of the waist, they came back to me with a 28.5 inch meausurment. I thought I was going crazy, so I went to the TCB site, and they even list the size 32 one wash 50’s as a 37cm/14.57 inch waist. Is the waist expansion really that extreme? Will 14.5 really stretch out to 16 inches? I always though that after all shrinking and stretching accounted for, the measured size would end up the same as tagged size for TCB 50’s. Any advice?
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