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  1. Full Count Denim Thread

    Well, it was an accident in that it hadn't occurred to me before. When I thought about it it was obvious it would work: FC size 30 snug tailored fit with long inseam, LVC 1937 size 34. Looser fit with short inseam.
  2. Full Count Denim Thread

    I think it's a trick of the light - nothing had been spilt and they were both bone dry!
  3. Full Count Denim Thread

    Putting my LVC 1937 cut-offs over my Full Count 1904 shorts has (accidentally) created the result I was looking for. The 1937s from 2003 were the 2nd pair I bought at that time with flaws which emerged in the denim after a short period of wear. The 1st pair I exchanged at American Classics (sadly with 1955s as the 1937s were no longer available) and this pair I sent to the Denim Doctor in Manchester to be converted into shorts. The length of the inseam was determined by the location of the flaw in the denim.
  4. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    And an unworn brother pair....
  5. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    My most faded LVC's 1955 501 Valencia Street 1996.
  6. Nudie Jeans

    Nudie Roger Overalls
  7. Full Count Denim Thread

    The imagination is 1 thing, how it works in practice is another lol
  8. Full Count Denim Thread

    This is sort of what I meant - joking of course!
  9. Full Count Denim Thread

    Has anybody got any experience with the raw 1952 stretch jeans? How much do they stretch? Do you buy smaller than usual eg thigh size and allow the stretch to bring it up to fit you?
  10. Full Count Denim Thread

    Here are the size 34 - with SDA shirt. They are much more roomy. Although I would normally wear the smaller sizes there are occasions for the larger size
  11. Full Count Denim Thread

    The look - dark shorts over faded tight jeans.
  12. Full Count Denim Thread

    I've now got size 34 and neither the thigh nor the hem is tight so there is definitely no 'vacuum-packed' effect. I expect they will stretch as per usual with Fullcount and will end up loose. I rather like the idea of wearing the shorts over a pair of tight jeans to give a rugby player effect. Has anyone tried that?
  13. Full Count Denim Thread

    Well that was 1st time on and they've stretched a bit since them. They're not as tight as they look, though I can feel the hem (same width as on size 30) when seated. Unlike size 30 there is enough width for them to be turned up to display some selvage. It will be some time before they fade nicely ... Unless @Max Power discloses his secrets.
  14. Full Count Denim Thread

    Here they are: