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  1. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    @Paul T Thanks. It sounds as if we will never find out the secret of the button codes, sadly. I seem to remember Peter at American Classics, Endell St talking about you or the book, back in the day! I bought so much LVC there that I would qualify for discount and Cinch let me rummage in their storeroom for Valencia St LVC once! I've still got it all, much still deadstock, too!
  2. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I've just got myself a pair of non-repro deadstock BNWT (stapled) 501 little es 66 cut which the care label says were manufactured in May 1975. The button code is 16. Does anybody know which factory this is? Unusually for this era there is selvedge in the inside of the coin pocket. The denim is similar to my 5/98 Valencia Street LVC 201's but the colour is duller. Here they now are between 2 pairs of Valencia Street 201s, 10/97 and 5/98.
  3. Full Count Denim Thread

    I normally wear my size 30 1101 XXs to work which are less faded and smarter than my size 33 1108 XXs. On the way to work I thought they had loosened up a bit: then I realized that I was wearing my 1108XXs lol.
  4. Full Count Denim Thread

    I think I will have to resist getting these as I won't get enough opportunity to wear them. The cut looks wider than the normal 1101 cut and I would size down quite a lot to get a snug fit. I prefer the normal FC arcs too and have bought 10 pairs of FC and 4 FC jackets in the past 12 months. Still breaking in 2 x 1101 XXs, 1108s, and 21 oz. Also loving some faded IH 634 UHRs and have a couple more pairs of them and IH 25oz to resume wearing. Spoilt for choice
  5. Full Count Denim Thread

    Anybody seen these? They look fantastic. Perhaps you should get a pair, Max, ASAP and see what they look like after a bit a nice Evo? http://www.fullcount-online.com/category/C004/1101XXEX.html
  6. Full Count Denim Thread

    I am wearing them under my raw 1101XXs (also size 30) today, to soften them up. Denim over denim is also good for evo . More pics hopefully some time over the weekend. Personally, I like the cycling shorts look of them, and don't like them loose, falling down or flapping around my knees. The next size up from 30 is 32 and judging from my size 33 1101XXs (my first FCs), they would be too loose for my taste. I will see how they go down in Germany towards the end of June, in Spain in early July and in Sardinia in September!
  7. Full Count Denim Thread

    My one wash size 30 shorts have arrived and are quite a tight fit! The thighs are OK but the waistband is tight. I can do them up, though and I guess, given the propensity of the 13.7oz denim to stretch, I won't have my gut hanging over the waistband for too long - or at least, that is what I hope!
  8. Full Count Denim Thread

    My last pair of 1101XXs had a belt loop that was not attached at the bottom. I was able to match the thread and repair it. There was batch of 1937 raw LVC 501s in the early 2000s which would spring random holes. I had to exchange 1 pair (for 1955s as American Classics had run out of 1937s) and have another pair made into shorts by the Manchester denim Dr.
  9. Full Count Denim Thread

    Pleased for you @Max Power a situation we all dread has been averted! Any news about your problem @jewellben ? Has Mervyn sorted it out? By the way it is the rigid Full Count pics which I like in the Pronto material though the Type 3 jacket looks nice. I don't buy distressed or treated denim. I am only buying once washed shorts as I am sure they are not available in rigid.
  10. Full Count Denim Thread

    Just love this Pronto Full Count promotion: http://prontodenim.com/blog/new-arrival-fullcount-3/
  11. Full Count Denim Thread

    Have any of you guys got the 1904 shorts? They're one washed and based on the 1101 in the 13.7 oz, so I've sized down to 30 to allow for the stretch. I'm waiting for mine to arrive.
  12. Full Count Denim Thread

    My Type I and Type IIS are the XX denim.