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  1. Dry

    Conners Sewing Factory

    Has anybody got a ONE-PIECE OF ROCK ORIGINAL DENIM CAP -SHINER- 13.5oz INDIGO DENIM? The info on sizing seems very variable and it seems that some are being sold raw and some once-washed so presumably the raw ones will shrink and the once-washed will stretch! It is WW2 S series denim but I couldn't see any S series denim on the website. Anybody got any evo pics of caps or S series denim?
  2. Dry

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Mine don't have kanji on the front. FC online shop has now restocked raw 1101XX EXs . Mine are already showing some light blue after only a few days of wear.
  3. Dry

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Has anybody got any sizing tips on the raw 1952 stretch model? I would like to get some before the arcs go but don't know whether you buy actual size thighs and a bigger waist or whether you can allow for the thigh stretching and if so, by how much?
  4. Dry

    Full Count Denim Thread

    A great shame indeed. I have never bought any jeans which don't have arcs and am unlikely to buy any of the new models. Luckily a couple of pairs of Black Friday 1101XXs are currently on the way from Merv so I will have 4 BNWT pairs of 1101XXs in stock and 1 pair of 1108XXs. I also have 2 pairs of 1101XXs which remain unwashed and which I wear from time to time. Also I have 2 new pairs of the 1101XX EZs. My stocks should last me for a good while.
  5. Dry

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Son of a Stag says: FULL COUNT FULL COUNT 1101XXEXW 15.5OZ JEAN £349 Made to Celebrate Full Count's 25th Anniversary. Every 6th yarn is uneaven, giving the jeans an unusually slubby feel for Full Count. Red Selvage instead of the usual Pink. Made to replicate their jeans prior to the adoption of Zimbabwean Cotton in 1994. Deerskin Leather patch with with different illustration. Cinch back. Full Count's classic 1101 fit. 15.5oz Japanese Denim Exposed rivets on the back pocket. Period accurate arcuate. Raw. We suggest dropping down a size from your usual. https://www.sonofastag.com/collections/full-count/products/full-count-1101xxexw-15-5oz-jean But they are wrong about saying the denim is 15.5 oz as it is 15 oz.
  6. Dry

    Full Count Denim Thread

    This is what Fullcount Denim blog said about the 1101XX EXs in October 2017. I'm not sure what zara is but assume Serubitchi means selvedge. Anniversary. October 5, 2017 The Tokyo store where the arrival is continued. We introduced 25th anniversary items as well. 1101XXEX 1101XX_25TH_REVIVAL ¥ 26,784 This is the first full denim original reprint of 1101XX. As it is the design, it is an anniversary item which adopted technology which could not be done at that time, such as strengthening the feeling of zara from the time at the fabric . The patch used Deer Skin which reprinted the design at the time. Pleasurable needle stick buckle on buckle back. The hip pocket design also reproduces the stitch of the time. Bare rivets are also good feeling. The color of Serubitchi is red, you can see the strength of the zara feeling when you up the fabric.
  7. Dry

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Here are some 1101XX EX 25th anniversary revival jeans alongside my 1108XXs which I have been wearing evenings and weekends for 27 months.
  8. Dry

    Full Count Denim Thread

    My 1101 XX EXs have now arrived safe and sound from Joe's. Beautiful 15 oz raw denim. Stockists only seem to have 1 pair for each size where they haven't already sold out. I'll post some better pics when there is good light.
  9. Dry

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I couldn't find any L36s in the 1937s anywhere so I am giving them a miss. Someone said previously that they're not being made to save Cone denim. Waiting for my raw FC 1101 XX EXs 25th revival to pass through customs instead though they lack a crotch rivet.
  10. Dry

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Here we go again! Not convinced by the arcs but couldn't resist ordering 2 rigid pairs (size 30 and 31) while you can still get them.
  11. Dry

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Did anybody get the 1101 25th anniversary XX EX jeans. I have only seen posts on the 1108 EX. Having decided against them, wearing my 1933 LVCs has kindled an interest in 1101 XX EXs given the rear rivets and cinch and the fact that the 1101 fit is better for me than the 1108. I would like to see how that denim has evolved.