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  1. Looking forward to reading review from whoever copped the P24A- KI, curious to hear how the standardized cotton compares to stotz. First time this fabric has been used?
  2. Gotta wonder if someone intercepted your package in shipping, knew what it was, copped your P38's and replaced with shitty sweatpants? This is one big problem with shipping in original ACR box...
  3. Thanks for trying, I am the idiot who fell for it. Pretty ridiculous considering how much ACR I own actually...laughing at myself for being such a dumbass. Maybe between all this noise Grailed will help me out, I did hear from them and emailed them all the photos etc as they requested. Can't help to wonder if the guy who bought the CH jacket got a real one? Paid $6K ..were there reps of those? Pretty obtuse, old piece but the internet is made of some wild wild west as shit. Also wondering if this guy runs the Fashion Reps page on Reddit and made it private so they can all hide and think they are doing something cool
  4. PSA on Grailed/ Reps/ getting screwed: DO NOT BUY FROM RC8X / David Ionita I recently bought a P23TS-CH on Grailed from RC8X who has tens of thousands of dollars worth of ridiculously priced ACR pieces on the site. We went back and forth for a while and finally came to an agreement on a piece I have wanted for a long time. I unboxed them yesterday and was really psyched for about 30 seconds, until I realized they are reps...mother fucker I have submitted a claim through PayPal and will probably also do so with my credit card. I just got a reply back from Grailed so hopefully something can be done there. According to PayPal the guy's name is David Ionita [real?]. His profile on Grailed says shipping from Hong Kong but the package actually shipped from Saddle Brook NJ with the return address as my address. Ultimately it's my fuck up for not looking at the photos with more scrutiny; now in the rear view I can clearly see that I missed details that are obvious. What got me is the exhaustive list of high end pieces he has with lots of photos, so I ASSumed [you know what they say about assume...] that this would be authentic. He also has a handful of good reviews for pieces that don't seem likely to be reps but who the F knows. He sold some P33-DS and SAC J6-011 which I can't imagine there are reps of but anything is possible Maybe he is just trying to slip a few reps in the pile and hope they go unnoticed. The rep list of differences in case it can help someone else [many of these are on a Reddit reps page but it recently went private...wtf]: - cuffs are some shit ass Lululemon garbage and not DS, also too short - missing vertical stitch line by the button at the fly - size tag is stitched through the tag....E would never do this shit - size tag is not thick and plasticy, it's much thinner material and most likely screen printed, also font is fading / scratched - cut is way off, waist is not a cinch down, it's like normal size - movement is restricted when trying to kick caps off of bottles, which is obviously the biggest problem - stitching on ribbon is not the same, ribbon is flimsy - pocket fabric lacks sheen found on the diagonal stripes of authentic items I am fuming over my mistake but more so on the fact that people are trying to pull this shit off. How do you sleep at night? What will you think on your death bed? Pretty sure he lurks here or is a member...help me out community...anyone know this guy? Aliases? I am open to an honest solution, I don' want or need to go to war. That said I have copied and pasted a very terse message into most of his 88 listings in Grailed. Copy and paste can be your friend. DAVID if you are reading this get your shit together and work with me. Which means: he refunds me and I send him his pants back. Or light them on fire. Overall, it sucks but I have conducted many transactions on Grailed and have a 97% happy rate so, eventually, shit happens. If anyone has input on the above, I appreciate your time. TL/DR; do not buy from RC8X, check details on a purchase with exhaustive attention to detail, reps are stupid.
  5. P24A-KI sold out in seconds. You come for the jackets, stay for the pants
  6. PSA: Boyos beware, Reps are lurking. Many of you probably know about this problem. I inadvertently bought a rep S21-DS on eBay a few years ago when I was just beginning my addiction/collection. Sold it on Grailed and the buyer figured out it was not genuine. I confirmed thanks to some handy advice from @1i1i1ii1 and refunded the fellow. Recently another one appeared on Grailed so I thought people here might want to know about it. Easy to spot features are the size label uses A with a cross bar, whereas genuine articles have a specialized font that does not. Also label corners are much more rounded on rep. There are other differences also but these are the most obvious. Fabrics are very close to real DS so that is hard to tell. Image provided for contrast viewing. Hope this helps people steer clear of those who are trying to sell fake shit. TLDR: Reps exist, check your sources, check your tags.
  7. Anyone with experience dying RAF to black? Does it work or just turn out like shit? Specific dye recommendations? TY for input.
  8. Shoutout to @denimjeans for a flawless transaction, speedy shipping and working with me to add some CH to my wardrobe. Gratitude.
  9. EDIT to add photos of LA6B-DS BUMP *BLOWOUT PRICES* , adding some new pieces. Now is your chance to strike. Time for this stuff to have a new home. Add shipping and PP fees. WTS: P10A-S small black $925 $700 8.5/10 no flaws SOLD P10A-DS small black $1050 9/10 no flaw P23A-S medium RAF 8.5/10 no flaws [forgot price before, $950/1000 on Grailed] $750 P31A-DS XS Alpha $850 $500 9/10 EDIT size: P16A-S small medium black 9/10 $750 $550 SOLD J94GT XS black $600 $350 NIB S26-PR small white $200 $100 NIB 3A-MP2TS White / White Coated $95 $75 reintegrated into my Rofmia ecosystem SC-6 small black this is the thicker one, not the Nemen one, 7/10 some piling but otherwise no flaws $250 All of the above are on Grailed. Some of this is on Reversible also, I am always FlyingShiba. SOLD S27-PR small black I cut out the tag but have it in the bag $200 $150like new S27-PR small grey with tag $200 $100 like new J47-GT XS black 9/10 $1800 $1400 SP9-CH small grey/denim Dragon Seeks Path $550 SOLD LA6B-DS medium Alpha 9/10 $900 $700 P9-S Khaki 8.5/10 slightly tapered, added ribbon to him to allow cinch $350 P9-S Green 8.5/10 slightly tapered, added ribbon to him to allow cinch $350 P9-S TS Black 8.5/10 slightly tapered, added ribbon to him to allow cinch $400 WTB: P15-CH small but not for $4999 PXX -CH small or medium [most models considered but no P25’s] Most any Loro jacket in small
  10. I have absolutely no idea what any of that means
  11. CH is about 49% less synthetic fibers than DS, technically
  12. I need less plastic pants , not more edit: actually I don't need any more pants. But I like them
  13. Thanks for sneak peek. Material for cropped pants? [P17?] Praying for CH but it looks like DS
  14. Looks better on you than on MS +1 for Five Fingers!
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