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  1. Pherrow's

    The guys from Take 5 Taipeh answerd me,they recommended true to size but i was not sure because the pics of some japanese models was so confusing, some guys wearing size 34 with 65 kg Body weight,othe guys w 32 with 60kg in Body weight or so hahaha. true to size will be correct or one size up for a extra looseness.
  2. Pherrow's

    Nice irregular stitched arcs
  3. Pherrow's

    Hello gents,bought me the pherrows 500 sw ,wide leg and high waist model.Here are some impressions. I am wearing w32 in tcb 50ies, 33 in samurai 510xx 15oz,so i decided to choose w 33 in this model.Got no right infos about the size,pheb international didnt answered my question.So i bought this with some risk. This model is one washed so i wear this right out the box. A little loose in waist,but correct in hips and yoke area.Not a fan of chinch back,so cut off.No signs of washing,looks like soaking only.The denim is a touch lighter then tcb but feels nicely rough.
  4. TCB

    Berlins ace 50ies Rockabilly/RocknRoll musician Axel Praefcke in 1950ies TCB's.
  5. Pherrow's

    Hello,has anybody experience with the sizing of the 500SW model ? I am correct when i size up two sizes? W 32 is my size in tcb 50ies ,lvc 55`s etc... thanks !
  6. TCB

    oh sorry ,its a 32 .Volvo was right . here is one for sale :
  7. TCB

    After many washes my tcb 50ies is exactly 32" in waist,a little over 11" in front rise,back rise 16"and 12 " in thighs...i hope it helps.
  8. TCB

    Hi,i`m a little under 32 and the 32 is perfect for me. First what is your style? Do you like traditionell cut jeans and wear boots or do you prefer sneakers with slimmer fitting jeans? the tcb 50ies . i like the looser cut with little hip flares and loose butt ,thats the character of this jeans.Watch the guys wearing the jeans on tcb website ,i think they are wearing two sizes too big. I had tried size 33 which was okay in waist ,but a little too high in rise.I´m weight 73 kg and i`m 173 cm high.
  9. TCB

    i switch between iron rangers and carolina engineers ...cuffs are allowed
  10. TCB

    its size 32 in waist and ,true to size ! I dont know if more shrinkage when i wash the jeans with 60 degrees but i`m very happy now with the cut,nice loose !! @ Bobbo ,NO HEMMING ! Love cuffs and i`m wearing my jeans now for over 20 years in this style.
  11. TCB

    my new TCB 50ies ,two days old . One wash with 40 degrees ,Love the greyish blue of the denim !
  12. TCB: happy jeans contest

    fine,thank you very much volvo :-)
  13. TCB: happy jeans contest

    Hi guys , after reading this contest and watching the tons of cool pics i will order a TCB 1950ies. Again one question about the waist. After many washes are these still true to size or should i one size up ?I `m wearing size 32 in all of my jeans . Thank you very much !
  14. Full Count Denim Thread

    i think the 0105xx is the roomiest in top block .
  15. Full Count Denim Thread

    hello,my name is Martin, I`m from Berlin, Germany . I want sell a Full Count 0105 XX in size 31 /34 . if anyone interested ,here is the link. http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/156938-for-sale-fullcount-0105xx-3134/