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  1. @Broark How’s the sizing on the 506xx ‘42? I noticed that this jacket measures bigger than the ‘46-‘47 version. My size 48 ‘46-‘47 in one wash is around 60 cm chest and Hoosier’s measurements of size 48 in the ‘42 come in at 65 cm chest.
  2. Just measured with the waist pulled: 17 1/4 inch. I’m assuming the one wash measurements were indeed 18 inch with the waist pulled so in that case the waist shrunk 3/4 inch (1,5 total). Let’s say it will stretch out with wearing, so I’m left with 1 inch shrinkage as opposed to when I got them.
  3. @Duke Mantee Double-checked: I made sure the before and after measurements were taken the same way: waist laid flat and spread out but not pulled while measuring. So the amount of shrinkage would be the same, pulled or not pulled. But the end measurement might be a little bigger when pulled.
  4. It might be a little less drastic as it seems now lol. When I got them they measured 17 3/4 inch flat. Now, after wearing them around a year and with multiple soaks and 2 machine washes at 60 degrees celcius they measure just under 17 inch. Still, some notable shrinkage? Ofcourse they will stretch out a little but not to 17 3/4 I’m sure. Here’s an image, I can’t get it to show here, don’t know why: https://imgur.com/a/eG5Q52b
  5. @frank I find them TTS as well. I own both ‘47 and ‘51 models and both are pretty TTS. However, my 36x32 ‘51 shrunk a little further after two machine washes on 60 degrees celcius. They measure a little under 34 inch now, will probably stretch to 34 or a little over with wearing. When I got these they measured just under 36 inch. Inseam is now around 31 inch.
  6. Yeah for this reason the ‘42 is still in my mind. And I never had something prior to ‘47 from any brand, fabric-wise it will be interesting. Maybe I’ll try the 90 celcius wash, not too attached to the patch 🙂 But I’ll try a few 60 celcius washes first, might already to the trick. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Thanks @Broark for sharing that video, enjoyed that! Hard to not give in and also get the ‘42 tux. Then again I already have the ‘46-‘47 tux so it would be difficult to explain to myself that I need both. But, I saw Speedway has options open to pre-order the ‘51 jeans and jacket 😬 I might go for that. I have the ‘51 jeans but it’s a little big on me since I lost some weight. Love the cut though. Any experiences with boil washing jeans on 90 degrees celcius?
  8. @tjsma Happens to me as well with various denim. Some more than others. Also jackets where the front placket turns to the left or right (left hand twill vs right hand twill). I like it personally. I have a Wrangler 24MJ that really pulls to the left when I wear it.
  9. Wouldn’t the 506 46-47 model be the jacket to pair it with?
  10. Hmm I had my eye on the Gemsa shirt as well. God there is too much good stuff around.
  11. I was an LVC fan until I discovered Japanese denim brands years ago. Now all LVC just look like toys to me, some exceptions. I can’t for the life of me understand why people pay so much money for these limited editions. That hand drawn thing, I mean 😆
  12. I saw this. I wonder if it’s a complete coincidence for it to happen at the exact same time as FW introduces theirs. 125,000 yen though… And they kept the horrible leather patch 🫣
  13. @shredwin_206 That’s the appeal of cotton threads to me 🙂 I would just handstitch it with a simple running stitch. Leave the rest of the chainstitch as is. Do a couple extra stitches where the chainstitch ends and it won’t come undone any further that easy. Best to use a dark blue thread to match the denim. Keeps the worn in / broken stitches look.
  14. @shredwin_206 I figured 😁 Good you found it back! Happy days. I also like the broken chainstitch on the other side of the placket.
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